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Hull & Stern: Reasons why this is your dry bag of choice

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Whenever a person travels, it is impossible for one to not bring a bag or two. (Like, where the heck will you put your things, right?) Thank heaven for the invention of a dry bag – a bag that sure is waterproof and easy to carry. That bag is named Hull & Stern.

Hull & Stern in Mount Timbac

Hull & Stern in Mount Timbac, Atok, Benguet

An adventure dry bag like Hull & Stern is best for travelers that are always on the go. Well, we cannot always say that water and dust can’t ruin our holiday trip but now fret not, Hull & Stern will save the day.

With my recent experience in using this dry bag, I have come up with several reasons why this dry bag should be your bag of choice when exploring the world.


Reasons for you to love Hull & Stern:

1.) Light and easy to use

The Hull & Stern adventure dry bag is very comfy to use and is very light you cannot even feel that you are carrying one! Its design is simple and you just have to roll the bag up to three times for the bag to “poof” and take its cylindrical shape.

Ready for an adventure in Minalungao National Park - Hull & Stern

Ready for an adventure in Minalungao National Park!

Upon purchase of the product, it comes in a simple packaging with instruction at the back on how to use the dry bag. It is just composed of a tarpaulin bag and an adjustable sling. As simple as that!


2.) Ergonomically friendly

The bag is designed to bring comfort and ease to anyone using it. When traveling, this bag is very efficient as it can hold all your things dry (especially when on a water adventure or during the rainy season!) and it assures you that everything is just in place. It also protects your gadgets and other travel stuff from other harsh elements while traveling! This product, though, is not recommended to be submerged underwater but it floats! 🙂

Working on a Blog Post with Hull & Stern In Astoria Current, Boracay

Working on a Blog Post in Astoria Current, Boracay!


3.) Suits any kind of style and personality

With many colored designs, Hull & Stern will surely fit every personality – be it for the adventurous or for the timid ones. Its unique design lets you steer true on every travel adventure you would be plunging in.

They also have a “design-your-own” adventure dry bag to customize and really capture the real you when traveling! (See the mechanics on their website!)


4.) Innovative design

Hull & Stern’s design is one-of-a-kind. When not in use, this dry bag and lay flat and can be rolled up thus consuming minimal space. When using the bag, just stuff and secure your travel essentials inside, roll the bag up to three (or more times) until it takes shape. Lock the bag in and secure the adjustable strap at your own comfort!

Voila! Now you have your unique Hull & Stern adventure dry bag and remember, always #SteerTrue!


For more information about Hull & Stern, visit their social media accounts, website, and e-mail here!

Facebook: www.facebook.com/hull.stern

Twitter: www.twitter.com/hull_stern

Instagram: www.instagram.com/hull.stern

Website: www.hullstern.com

E-mail: hello@hullstern.com

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2 thoughts on “Hull & Stern: Reasons why this is your dry bag of choice

  1. Arni says:

    I got my husband a dry bag for Christmas. I think I might get myself one too. I just checked their website. I like the ones with quotes. They look pretty cool.

  2. Marge says:

    I used a gobi roll when I go mountain hiking but I think I can also use hull & stern, why not, it’s also water proof and can also be used by the beach so yeah, it’s quite functional. Imma check their site and see if I can afford it. I like your color of choice by the way, white.

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