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Dumaguete Travel Guide: The City of Gentle People

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#DumaGetMe in Dumaguete

To date, Negros Oriental is my 31st province and is my first time in the City of Gentle People – Dumaguete. My interest grew in this city as it is home to various and notable tourist attractions, namely the Silliman University, Manjuyod Sandbar, and Apo Island and Coral Reef Reserve, to name a few. I never expected that Dumaguete will “#Duma-Get-Me” – and this city truly delivers.

As attractive and noticeable as its hashtag, the City bustles in every turn you make. Approximately (land area) in area, Dumaguete is big for surprises. Each attraction you might (want to) visit makes you think that Dumaguete, or Negros Oriental at that, is more to its name. A short visit to this province is no justice to its various attractions. A week visit or staycation here would be recommended. Without keeping you further reading, I will let you feel what I have experienced in this City.

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Duma-Got-Me (Travel Guide)

Going to and from Dumaguete is easy. If you are that traveler who always want the rush, you can ride an airplane and it will bring you to Dumaguete in an hour or so. As the City is quite crowded and traffic is really expected, I also advise that you bring with you a lot of patience. J If you are devising an itinerary of some sort, make sure to have flexible travel times and ‘visiting / staying hours’ in a place (or consult Google Map for the estimated travel time) for you to budget your times of visit.


By Air

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To date, only Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines fly in and out of Sibulan Airport in Dumaguete City. Check the website of these airlines to see their flight schedules to and from the City.

By Land

Iconic Tricycles of Dumaguete | Turista Boy

Iconic Tricycles of Dumaguete City

As in any other parts of the Philippines, exploring Dumaguete can be easy! I personally recommend you to ride on a Jeepney (minimum fare at PhP 8, depending on the route)* and ask the driver/s for directions. Another popular mode of transportation is the tricycle where you can have a more private space while exploring the City (minimum fare at PhP 8, depending on the route.)* You can also hail taxi cabs in and around the City for extra comfort (flag down rate starts at PhP 40.)

*note that these rates may change without prior notice. 🙂

By Sea

Dumaguete City Port | Turista Boy

Dumaguete City Port

Schedules at the Dumaguete Port | Negros Oriental Turista Boy

Schedules at the Dumaguete Port (as of July 2018)

Dumaguete Zamboanga Del Norte Dapitan City
Pulaan, Dipolog City
Zamboanga Del Sur Zamboanga City
Cebu (via Tagbilaran, depends) Liloan
Bohol Tagbilaran City
Siquijor Siquijor

*Click on the links on the routes plying to and from Dumaguete City.


Listed below is a comprehensive guide and schedule on how to reach this famed City.


Ticketing Office: Port Area, Looc, Dumaguete Website: www.oceanjet.net
Mobile Number: +63 923 725 3734 Hotline Mobile Numbers:

+63 917 638 0000, +63 917 631 7824 (Globe);

0918 898 2188 (Smart); 0922 857 3500 / 5500 (Sun)

Oceanjet Landline Number: +63 35 226 1085
E-mail: dumticketing@oceanjet.net
Dumaguete Dapitan 1000 H Daily
Cebu (via Tagbilaran) 1420 H Daily
Cebu Dumaguete (via Tagbilaran) 0600 H Daily
Dapitan Dumaguete 1220 H Daily
Tagbilaran 0800 H Daily



Ticketing Office: Port Area, Looc, Dumaguete Cokaliong Landline Numbers:

035 225 3599; +63 35 225 3588; +63 35 422 7663

Cebu Dumaguete 1900 H

(MV Filipinas Iloilo)

Monday, Wednesday, Friday
1900 H

(MV Filipinas Dumaguete)

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
1200 H

(MV Filipinas)




George and Peter Landline Number: +63 35 225 4337
Cebu Dumaguete – Dapitan 2200 H Monday, Thursday, Saturday
Dumaguete Cebu 1000 H Thursday
2300 H Friday
Dapitan Cebu (via Dumaguete) 1600 H Friday
Zamboanga 1500 H Wednesday



Ticket Office: Port Area, Looc, Dumaguete Montenegro Lines Landline Number: +63 35 422 3632
Dumaguete Dapitan 0600 H

1400 H

Siquijor, SIquijor 0700 H

1000 H

1400 H

Larena, Siquijor 1800 H



Ticketing Office: Flores Avenue, Looc, Dumaguete City Aleson Shipping Lines Landline Numbers:

+63 35 225 8169 / 422 8762 / 225 5673

Mobile Number: +63 927 206 7008
Dumaguete Siquijor 0800 H / 1530 H

(MV Ciara Joie 1)

1000 H / 1800 H

(MV Ciara 3)

Siquijor Dumaguete 0600 H / 1330 H

(MV Ciara Joie 3)

1130 H / 1800 H

(MV Ciara 3)

Dumaguete Dapitan 0400 H
1530 H
Pulaan, Dipolog 0400 H
1530 H
Dapitan Dumaguete 1030 H
0330 H
Pulaan, Dipolog 0330 H
1030 H



Dumaguete Port Mobile: +63 918 908 6995 Dapitan Port Mobile: +63 918 908 7019
Dumaguete Dapitan 0600 H

1400 H

2200 H

Dapitan Dumaguete 0200 H

1000 H

1800 H



Super Shuttle Ferry Mobile: +63 917 705 9676 E-mail: feedback@supershuttleroro.com
Dumaguete Dapitan 1700 H Daily
Dapitan Dumaguete 0500 H



From Sibulan Wharf (Dumaguete) From Liloan Wharf (Santander, Cebu)
0630 H – 1730 H


0600 H – 1700 H




Cuadro Alas Landline Number: +63 35 419 8280 Mobile Number: +63 922 985 8234
From Sibulan Wharf (Dumaguete) From Liloan Wharf (Santander, Cebu)
0500 H – 1700 H (hourly)

1730 H – 1830 H (hourly)

2000 H

0430 H

0500 H – 1800 H (hourly)

1930 H

*Fare rates are not included as it may change over time. Contact the desired shipping line for more information. Schedules and Ferry Lines may also change without prior notice.*

Dumaguete is very reachable as far as transportation facilities are concerned. Exploring this bustling metro can be easy, but expect a warm, humid weather all year round. Negros Island has so much to offer that an excursion here will not really suffice – there is so much to discover!

Want to discover Dumaguete now? Head to this link to see the sights and things-to-do in the City of Gentle People!

Negros Oriental Travel Guide | Dumaguete Turista Boy

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