Who is Turista Boy?


Aldrick likes it more to be called “Chiki.” He’s an up-and-coming travel, food, and lifestyle blogger from Baguio City. He loves to eat (and doesn’t get fat), he loves to travel a lot and oftentimes poops awkwardly in places he has been for the first time (really.) He aims to travel to all the 81 provinces of the Philippines before traveling the world.

He is currently affiliated – as an Alumnus – with the Saint Louis University Marching Band (former flutist and Public Relations Officer), and with White and Blue (The Official Student Publication of Saint Louis University) as a former Writer and Editor.

He is now a certified member of World Youth Alliance – Asia Pacific (bragging rights!) and Mensa Philippines (he’s getting there!) 🙂

He has a degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management, Magna cum Laude, at Saint Louis University, Baguio City.

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