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Alaxan FR – Combining Health and Active Lifestyle

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Alaxan FR – you go-to partner

As people get more interested in physical activities and traveling to different places, it is also a fact that we get tired and body aches can happen in an instant. As an active individual, I always make sure to be at my best and healthiest whenever I am on the go! Good thing Alaxan FR is always a nice companion – making all my pain go away in a jiffy because it is safe and fast-acting.

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What exactly does Alaxan FR do?

Being a travel blogger for the past five years, I have always encountered body aches and pains wherever I go, especially if I came from a long trip or if I climbed mountains. Honest to goodness, having a medicine like Alaxan FR is very convenient for me. This FDA-approved medicine acts fast and takes my body pain away in minutes. Contrary to what others think that Alaxan FR is not safe to take, this Ibuprofen-Paracetamol tandem help ease body pain – especially when you are always on the go. When traveling, I always make sure that I have Alaxan FR with me as my hobby of traveling can sometimes be physically demanding.

In this day and age when information is almost everywhere, it is about time that we indulge ourselves to verified information so that we may not mislead others. Medicines have become an integral part in every person’s well-being, more importantly now that new diseases emerge and we must boost our defenses in order to combat these up-and-coming diseases.

Alaxan FR | Turista Boy

Continuing Unilab’s Legacy

As Unilab is one of the most trusted brands in healthcare, their products are made with the highest ethical standards in mind – popularized by their tagline, “trusted quality healthcare.” The 50-year heritage and legacy of Alaxan in providing safe, effective, and fast relief has been proven through the years without a doubt.

With one of Unilab’s most innovative products yet, Alaxan FR is tried and tested to hasten body aches such as stiff neck, shoulder pain, back pain, and leg pain. It can also alleviate rheumatism. I have come to trust the product even more as it has been my companion in my every travel. As all of us try to make ends meet every day, our body strength is our investment and we should always take care of ourselves to deliver what is expected of us. Priced at only P8 per capsule or tablet, it is affordable and it can deliver to meet the demands of our active lifestyle.

For more information, you may visit www.unilab.com.ph and know more about Alaxan FR and their other products and advocacies.

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