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Binanga Falls – DIY Guide to La Trinidad’s Nature Trip!

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Binanga Falls – The waterfalls you did not expect

The capital municipality of La Trinidad in Benguet is full of surprises, and is the least you would expect in the land of strawberries. One of which is Binanga Falls in Barangay Shilan, one of the farthest Barangays in La Trinidad. This mountainous barangay is home to some not-so-hidden waterfalls and other tourist attractions that you can enjoy. Binanga Falls is a bit of a surprise, for me at least, as this is the first time I have heard of this natural attraction.

Binanga Falls - Shilan, La Trinidad, Benguet | Turista Boy

Derived from the root word “banga” or pot, the name was derived from the lagoon from which the water cascades. The basin is believed to be around 20 meters deep. It is not the only waterfalls that can be seen and explored in the area but this is the most convenient to visit among the others. Being hidden in the mountains between La Trinidad and Itogon, this wonder is an attraction that should be explored. The falls was opened publicly in 2010 and is now one of the up-and-coming tourist attractions outside of Baguio City.

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Traversing through several plantation of lettuce, beans, and basically all about nature, the trek going to the falls is somewhat easy (it depends on your experience). The falls is situated way below the drop off point and you will encounter different kinds of terrain along the way. From grasslands, to farmlands, to rocky terrain, it is an adventure on its own. But once you get to see Binanga Falls, all our tiredness will be swept away. Also, if you are adventurous enough, you can dive from several points within the falls as there is a deep lagoon down below surrounding it. The waterfalls is just around 10 – 15 feet / 3 – 4 meters high. (*FYI, there are no available water equipment / gears in the area so jump at your own risk!*)

How to get to Binanga Falls

Binanga Falls - Shilan, La Trinidad, Benguet | Turista Boy

The falls can easily be reached when you are coming either from Baguio City or downtown La Trinidad

1. From Baguio, Binanga Falls can be reached by riding an Acop-Shilan-bound jeepney. Travel time is around 25-30 minutes from Baguio (Magsaysay Terminal near Baguio Center Mall). Fare is at ₱ 21.00 each, one way.

2. Drop off at Tacdian Elementary School (right side of the road)

Tacdian Elementary School - Shilan, La Trinidad, Benguet

3. Contact any Barangay Official upon arriving at the Elementary School Waiting Shed (our Contact was Sir Aries Sotel at +63 921 654 5686). Coordinate with him or with any other Barangay Kagawad and Tanod in the area. As the area is generally not yet open for tourism, please make sure to have a contact person in the area for proper coordination.

4. Car rentals per group range from ₱ 80 (from highway to turning point, one way) – this was option during our visit; and ₱ 120-150 (from highway to Bito River, one way).

5. There are no established guide fees yet as of this writing but you can give any amount to the kagawad or tanod who was your contact. There are also no environmental fees imposed as of the moment but try to minimize your waste! Remember, leave no trace!

Binanga Falls - Shilan, La Trinidad, Benguet

6. The trek going to Binanga Falls is approximately 20-30 minutes from the drop off point, depending to your pacing.

What else can be seen along the way

Aside from trekking the falls itself, there are a few more attractions that you can visit along the way, especially after that long (and winding) journey.

Ayonna Mini-Gallery

Ayonna Mini Gallery - Shilan, La Trinidad, Benguet | Turista Boy

This mini art gallery can be accessed first when you are going to Binanga Falls. By foot, it can be reached within 5 minutes. There is a signage by the road so you can easily see the gallery. This quaint establishment is promoting local art and appreciation in the Cordilleras and showcases pieces from local and renowned artists from Benguet.

Ayonna Mini Gallery - Shilan, La Trinidad, Benguet | Turista Boy

Inside Ayonna’s are contemporary art pieces which you can purchase upon visiting. Note, too, that upon visiting, there is kamote (sweet red potatoes) and Benguet coffee that will be served. The gallery has a minimal entrance fee of ₱ 20 (students), ₱ 30 (adults), and they also have picture-taking fees with their inabel costumes at ₱ 20. They are open from 0800 – 1700 H. You can visit their Facebook Page here for more inquiries.

DarJane’s Garden

DarJane's Garden - Shilan, La Trinidad, Benguet | Turista Boy

(Photo from DarJane’s Garden’s Facebook Page)

This garden is a sight to behold in Shilan. Having a generous view of the nearby mountains, this place is picture-perfect. Just tell your guide if you will be going to DarJane’s as the way to the garden is different. Their entrance fees are as follows: ₱ 150 (adults), ₱ 120 (students, Senior Citizens, and PWDs), ₱ 50 (children 8-10 years old), Free – for children 7 years old and below. You can visit their Facebook Page here for more inquiries.

Payogpog Falls and Payaspas Falls

As part of the network of falls in which Binanga Falls is part of, there are also other waterfalls that you can visit in Shilan. Two of the more visited waterfalls in this system are the Payogpog and Payaspas Falls. Coming from the same river as with Binanga, these waterfalls are much higher and are farther from where we went and explored. (We will update you as soon as we get there!) These falls are also more popular to locals, especially during summer.

Binanga Falls - Shilan, La Trinidad, Benguet | Turista Boy

Trail going to Binanga Falls – Shilan, La Trinidad, Benguet

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