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Capiz Province: 1000-Peso Challenge

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Capiz – PH’s Seafood Capital

CAPIZ – Many of you do not know, but Capiz (specifically Roxas City) is dubbed as the “Seafood Capital of the Philippines.” When I visited this province in the northern portion of Panay Island, I honestly was not expecting much – only seafood galore! (Hehehe!) But kidding aside, this province, like any other, also has many things to offer than just their main ‘attraction’ – seafood. In this blog, me and my partner challenged ourselves to spend more or less than 1000 pesos on our trip to Capiz. Let’s see how we did our #1000PesoChallenge!

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I <3 Capiz | Turista Boy

1000-peso Challenge: Capiz

More than just seafood, this province is also known to be the birthplace of former President Manuel Roxas, hence, the name of the province’s capital. This uncharted province is also home to the famous Capiz Shells, locally known as pi-os. It is also home to several beaches, caves, and interesting attractions – including their delectable seafood! The province also became an early Spanish settlement during the Spanish colonial period. If you are looking for an alternative destination to ‘busier’ attractions like Boracay (Aklan) or Islas de Gigantes (Iloilo), this laid-back province will give you a more relaxed vibe. I was just amazed that this province is yet to be discovered as there are a lot of things to do and places to see whenever you are here! Let’s #CaptureCapiz

Upon arriving, you can check-in on your preferred accommodation so you can rest and freshen up a little bit before exploring Capiz. The earliest flight to Roxas City (as of this writing) is around 0445 – 0545 H from Manila. You can opt for other flight schedules, too, whatever fits your schedule and itinerary!

Here are some of the places I recommend you to see when visiting Capiz!

Seafood Court at People’s Park Plaza

Seafood Court Baybay Capiz | Turista Boy

This Al fresco seaside food court has a series of food stalls offering fresh seafood selections that are ready to be grilled when ordered – from crabs, squid, seashells, lobsters – you name it, they probably have it! Located at the People’s Park Plaza in Baybay Beach, it is a perfect spot to dine in especially after a long day of exploring Capiz.

The Edge of Roxas City

I’m on The Edge of Roxas City’s Glory! 😅

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Posted by Aldrick ‘chiki’ Zabala Agpaoa on Friday, September 20, 2019

Located in Barangay Culasi in the Northwestern part of Roxas City, “The Edge” is literally on the edge of the city as it is near the Culasi Port. Just a few minutes walk from the port’s entrance, we passed by a narrow strip of houses that led us to The Edge. The place is simple and ‘Instagrammable’ spots can be found upon entering. The Edge opened last April 2019 and it is on of the newest attractions in the City of Roxas. There is also a way leading you to the Culasi Lighthouse, which gives you a generous view of the Jintotolo Channel.

Address Culasi, Roxas City, Capiz
Business Days and Hours 0600 – 1800 H, Daily
Social Media Account/s Facebook: The Edge of Roxas City
Contact Number/s +63 916 728 2961

Culasi Point Lighthouse

Culasi Point Lighthouse Capiz | Turista Boy

Just a few steps from The Edge is lighthouse of Culasi. Serving the main waterway in northern Capiz, this modern lighthouse is perfectly secluded and only nature is what you would see. The breeze would also greet you upon arriving but be sure to visit the place in the early hours of the morning as it can be very warm by midday.

Ruins of Alcatraz

Originally planned as a seaside resort, the abandoned ‘Ruins of Alcatraz‘ in Barangay Nipa is now one of the tourist spots that people go to because of its eerie appearance. Resembling the original ruins in California, the ruins seem to be neglected overtime. Though the view is great and is Instagram-perfect, you just need to ask permission from the nearby houses near its gate if you want to visit the place.

Manuel Roxas Shrine

Manuel Roxas Shrine Capiz | Turista Boy

This National Historical Shrine is where President Manuel Acuña Roxas was born, this simple house is just located near Roxas City’s Central Business District. Its simple façade is sometimes mistaken as ‘just one of the old houses’ of Capiz. There is an entrance fee of ₱ 50 when visiting this place and the reward of what you will see inside will bring you back to olden times. It is located at the corner of Rizal and Zamora Street, near Spanggo Restaurant.

Spanggo Restaurant

Spanggo Restaurant | Turista Boy

This homegrown local restaurant found in downtown Roxas City offers special Spanish-Ilonggo cuisine, hence, its unique name. This restaurant also offers unique Capiznon delicacies, especially their pies!

Manuel Roxas Monument

Manuel Roxas Monument Capiz | Turista Boy

This monument in downtown Roxas City serves as the symbol of the province’s tribute to one of its illustrious sons – Manuel Roxas. Located just beside the Roxas City Hall, this monument-slash-park is simple as it seems. It is a reminder that the province is also home to one of the great leaders in Philippine history.

Roxas City Hall

Roxas City Hall Capiz | Turista Boy

This is the seat of the government of the Capital City of Capiz. It is also near the Capitol, the Roxas Cathedral, and other important buildings and offices. It also houses several government and local offices catering to the people of Roxas City.

Immaculate Conception Metropolitan Cathedral

Immaculate Conception Metropolitan (Roxas) Cathedral Capiz | Turista Boy

Serving as the welcoming building in the City of Roxas, the Roxas Cathedral is the main place of worship in the City. Completed in 1876, this centerpiece is made of stone that withstood several calamities.

Roxas City Bandstand

Roxas City Bandstand | Turista Boy

This bandstand just near across the Roxas Cathedral is designed by Jose Roldan where this structure was witness to several rallies in the past.

Roxas City Fountain

Roxas City Fountain Capiz | Turista Boy

The City fountain found in between the Provincial Capitol and Roxas Cathedral is just a structure you would not want to miss. The fountain is also a focal point as it is the Kilometer Zero of Roxas City (and probably of the whole province). The original structure was destroyed during World War II and was rebuilt in the late 1940s.

Roxas City Bridge

Roxas City Bridge Capiz | Turista Boy

This iconic bridge right in the heart of the City is reminiscent of that in Iloilo Esplanade in Molo District. The Old Capiz Bridge is approximately 110 years old as of this writing and it crosses over the Panay River. The City of Roxas was then unofficially nicknamed as the “Venice of the Visayas” because of the river’s calmness and the city’s historic past.

Capiz Provincial Capitol and Jose Rizal Monument

Capiz Provincial Capitol and Rizal Monument | Turista Boy

Built in 1910, this structure is the seat of the provincial government of Capiz. The awe-striking color makes it more attractive and what I have observed is that it is strategically located near the Roxas Bridge and Roxas Cathedral where most vehicles pass by.

The Jose Rizal Monument is also situated right in front of the capitol, paying respect the the country’s National Hero. This monument of Rizal is considered as the second oldest, being complete in 1911. The oldest monument of Rizal can be found in Daet, Camarines Norte (completed in 1889).

Kapis Atbp.

Kapis Atbp. Capiz | Turista Boy

The province of Capiz is also known not only for its seafood abundance, but also because of its Capiz shells. These ‘windowpane oysters‘ or pi-os as locals would call it, are widely used, especially in old, ancestral houses almost everywhere in the Philippines. Kapis Atbp. is a known shop where Capiz shells are processed and sold. Different ornaments, from wall decors, chimes, and windowpanes are made here. I have witnessed firsthand how they make these ingenious works of art! All of them are really handmade!

El Maria’s Palabok House and Restaurant

El Maria's Palabok Capiz | Turista Boy

Sorry if I am biased about this because me and my partner are avid palabok lovers. We were really surprised that there is a ‘dedicated’ restaurant in Capiz where you can eat Palabok! Not just palabok, but seafood palabok! El Maria’s also offers point-and-grill fresh seafood choices which can be complemented with other classic Filipino dishes!

Address Rizal Street, Baybay, Roxas City, Capiz
Business Days and Hours 0600 – 2200 H, Daily
Social Media Account/s Facebook: El Maria’s Palabok House & Resto 
Contact Number/s +63 36 620 5359

RML Manokan Haus Kamayan

RML Manokan Haus Kamayan Capiz | Turista Boy

RML Manokan is the pioneer in kamayan-style of eating in Capiz. As chicken is an all-time staple in the Filipino plate, RML Manokan has paired famous and delicious chicken dishes with, of course, seafood! Not to mention, their chicken inasal is a must-try!

Address Baybay, Roxas City, Capiz
Business Days and Hours 0600 – 2200 H, Daily
Contact Number/s +63 36 621 0322

Baybay Beach

Baybay Beach Capiz | Turista Boy

Since you are exploring the Seafood Capital of the Philippines, why not have a walk in Baybay Beach! This gray sand strip also hosts several seafood restaurants and traditional ‘turo-turo’ seafood choices where they grill it as you order! You can also enjoy the sea breeze while enjoying your food, be it from crabs, oysters, squid to name a few, especially when you have tried their ‘diwal‘ or their angel-wing clam.

Ang Panublion Museum

Ang Panublion Museum Capiz | Turista Boy

The Roxas City Museum, more popular known as the “Ang Panublion,” is the city’s main museum which showcases different contemporary art, the history of the province, and some memorabilia of the Roxas and Acuña clans. Panublion in Hiligaynon, means “the guardian of precious things.” As it was as a former water reservoir for the municipio of Capiz, it serves its name right as important and priceless art and artifacts are found here!

Address Legazpi Street, Roxas City, Capiz
Business Days and Hours 0900 – 1700 H, Tuesday – Sunday
Social Media Account/s Facebook: Ang Panublion Museum
Contact Number/s +63 36 522 8857

Sacred Heart of Jesus Shrine

Sacred Heart of Jesus Shrine Capiz (Photo by www.capizbest-touristspots.blogspot.com) | Turista Boy

(Photo by www.capizbest-touristspots.blogspot.com)

This 132-feet structure of Jesus Christ sits highly atop a hill near Pueblo de Panay, overlooking the City. It is also near Café Terraza where you can have a hearty meal after visiting the shrine.

Café Terraza

Cafe Terraza Capiz | Turista Boy

If you want to experience a different kind of dining, Cafe Terraza is the place for you! Located in Pueblo de Panay and near the Integrated Transport Terminal of Roxas City, this family-style cafe is the first of its kind offering a hilltop dining experience with a view of the city.

Address Circulo Hill Complex, Pueblo de Panay Township, Sacred Heart of Jesus Avenue, Roxas City, Capiz
Business Days and Hours 0900 – 2000 H, Daily
Social Media Account/s Facebook: Café Terraza
Contact Number/s +63 36 666 0237, +63 939 927 1447

Sta. Monica (Panay Church) and the Dakong Linganay

Sta. Monica Church Panay Capiz | Turista Boy

I was curious what’s special about this church until one of the caretakers approached us and told us the history of this structure. It is because the town of Panay has the same patroness with my hometown in Sarrat, Ilocos Norte – Sta. Monica. Another interesting thing about this place is that it houses Asia’s largest Church Bell, the Dakong Linganay as locals would call it. This huge bell weighs about 10 tons and is surrounded by 9 smaller bells. It took us around 63 steps going to the area where the bells were placed and we were lucky enough to hear it ring upclose! If you do not want to go upstairs, or probably you are afraid of heights, there is a replica of the huge bell right in front of the church grounds. (But hey, the actual bell is the real deal!)

Dakong Linganay Panay Capiz | Turista Boy

Inside the church premises, too, is the Paseo de Evangelizacion 1566 symbolizing the arrival of the Spaniards in Panay Island in 1566, being their second settlement in colonial Philippines after Cebu. The Museo de Sta.

Cabugao Verdant Farm

Cabugao Verdant Farm Capiz (Photo by www.terrifictraveller.com) | Turista Boy

(Photo by www.terrifictraveller.com)

Situated in the mountainous side of Capiz is this farm in Ivisan. “Don’t panic, it’s organic!” they say. The Cabugao Verdant Farm is an experience where you get to eat mostly organic food straight from their farm, chase after animals, and pick fresh produce, too. The laid back atmosphere of the farm will let you escape the hustle-and-bustle of city life. The place, restored from the ravage of Typhoon Yolanda, is now plenty of medicinal plants and fruit-bearing trees.

Address Cabugao, Ivisan, Capiz
Social Media Account/s Facebook: Cabugao Verdant Farm
Contact Number/s +63 929 793 4284

Sample Itinerary and Possible Expenses

  Places to visit / Things to do Possible Expenses
Day 1
0630 – 0700 H Check-in at chosen Accommodation
0700 – 0800 H Rest / Freshen Up
0800 – 0900 H Breakfast (Seafood Court at People’s Park Plaza) ₱ 100
0900 – 0915 H Travel Time (going to The Edge of Roxas City) ₱ 10 each (Tricycle)
0930 – 1100 H The Edge of Roxas City + Culasi Point Lighthouse ₱ 15 (Entrance fee)
1100 – 1115 H Travel Time (going to Ruins of Alcatraz) ₱ 10 each (Tricycle)
1115 – 1200 H Ruins of Alcatraz FREE
1200 – 1215 H Travel Time (going to Manuel Roxas Shrine) ₱ 10 each (Tricycle)
1215 – 1300 H Manuel Roxas Shrine ₱ 50 (Entrance fee)
1300 – 1430 H Lunch (Spanggo Restaurant) ₱ 180
1445 – 1500 H Manuel Roxas Monument FREE
1500 – 1515 H Roxas City Hall FREE
1515 – 1545 H Immaculate Conception Metropolitan Cathedral FREE
1545 – 1600 H Roxas City Bandstand FREE
1600 – 1615 H Roxas City Fountain FREE
1615 – 1630 H Roxas City Bridge FREE
1630 – 1645 H Capiz Provincial Capitol + Jose Rizal Monument FREE
1645 – 1700 H Travel Time (going to Kapis Atbp.) ₱ 10 each (Tricycle)
1700 – 1730 H Kapis Atbp. ₱ 150
1800 – 1930 H Dinner (El Maria’s Palabok House and Restaurant) ₱ 150
2000 – 2100 H Rest / Freshen Up
2200 H Lights Off


Places to visit / Things to do

Possible Expenses

Day 2
0630 – 0700 H Rest / Freshen Up
0730 – 0900 H Breakfast (RML Manokan) ₱ 120
0900 – 1000 H Stroll at Baybay Beach FREE
1000 – 1015 H Travel Time (going to Ang Panublion) ₱ 10 each (Tricycle)
1015 – 1100 H Ang Panublion Museum ₱ 20 (donation)
1100 – 1130 H Travel Time (going to Sacred Heart of Jesus Shrine) ₱ 20 each (Tricycle)
1130 – 1230 H Sacred Heart of Jesus Shrine (donation)
1230 – 1245 H Travel Time (going to Café Terraza) ₱ 10 each (Tricycle)
1245 – 1400 H Café Terraza ₱ 150
1400 – 1430 H Travel Time (going to Sta. Monica (Panay Church) ₱ 20 each (Tricycle)
1430 – 1515 H Sta. Monica (Panay Church) + Dakong Linganay + Paseo de Evangelizacion 1566 (donation)
1515 – 1600 H Travel Time (going to Cabugao Verdant Farm) ₱ 50 each (Tricycle)
1600 – 1730 H Cabugao Verdant Farm (early dinner) ₱ 100
1730 – 1815 H Travel Time (going back to accommodation) ₱ 50 each (Tricycle)
1830 – 2000 H Rest / Freshen Up
2000 – 2200 H Night life (Baybay Beach)
2300 H Lights off
Subtotal (Day 1): ₱ 685.00
Subtotal (Day 2): ₱ 550.00
Grand Total ₱ 1255.00 (1500.00)

*Note that this challenge excludes accommodation, souvenir, and air transportation expenses to and from Capiz. You may check your preferred hotel / hostel and airline for reservations and flight schedules. Expenses projected in this challenge are based on a 2 Day-1 Night itinerary and is divided by 2 persons (and might be lesser if you travel as a group!)

Other Places in Capiz you may want to visit

Banica Dried Fish Market

Banica Dried Fish Market (Photo by Lester Ledesma) | Turista Boy

(Photo by Lester Ledesma)

Fond of dried fish and other naturally preserved seafood? This might be your haven. I suggest that wake up early to get freshest deals as the Dried Fish Market opens at around 0600 H and closes by 0900 H. They offer specialty dried fish – ranging from pusit (squid), hibe (shrimp), tuyo (herring), and danggit (rabbit fish).

Capiz Ecology Park

Capiz Eco Park | Turista Boy

This ecological park and cultural village in Cuartero, Capiz will make you closer to nature as it is surrounded with a number of flora and fauna. The site has a vermi-composting site as well for their plants.

Basiao Beach

Basiao Beach Capiz | Turista Boy

Located just 10 Kilometers from mainland Roxas City, this wand-sand beach is a must-visit. The simplicity of the place is just so serene that you might want to consider settling there! Its Boracay-like sand is as competitive because you get to enjoy the clean beach without the crowd! It is by far the best place to relax in Capiz!

Mantalinga Island

Mantalinga Island | Turista Boy

If you are a diving enthusiast, I would recommend this place to you. Located just near the shores of Baybay, Mantalinga Island keeps a paradise underneath. If you enjoy kayaking and sailing, too, this is the nicest spot for your adventure. Nicknamed as “Good luck island” by the locals, the place is believed to be a source of luck for local fisher folks.

Capiz River Cruise

Capiz River Cruise | Turista Boy

If you have been to Bohol’s famous Loboc River Cruise, several river cruises in Capiz is also present in the area. Some notable tours include: The Palina Greenbelt Ecopark Tour, Cadimahan-Libotong River Tour, and the Cagay River Tour. Prices for these tours depend on the number of people who will be joining the tour / size of the boat they will be using. It comes with onboard live entertainment and food for all guests.


Overall, Capiz is a budget-friendly destination for budget travelers (like me!) After all, it is the experience that counts and at least, another province has been ticked off on your bucket list! There are more tourist destinations and attractions in Capiz that are yet to be seen, discovered, and experienced.


Did I miss anything? You can contact me here so I can add it to the list! Happy traveling!

We’re born to travel!

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