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Aurora Travel Guide: Places you must see before leaving (Part 2 of 2)

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Aurora province really has a lot to offer. If you were unsatisfied with my first post, well, here’s the second part of the places you must go and see before leaving!

Chase some waterfalls in Aurora!

Diguisit (Natulo) Waterfalls Baler Aurora Province | Turista Boy

Diguisit (Natulo) Waterfalls

When visiting Aurora, try asking your tricycle tour guide to bring you to the three of the four waterfalls found in Baler. The smallest of which is the Diguisit (Natulo) Waterfalls. It is made up of two separate waterfalls cascading from a three-tier water system.


Barangay Zabali, Baler, Aurora

Entrance Fee:


Travel time from Baler:

10 minutes via tricycle
Caunayan Falls Baler Aurora Province | Turista Boy

Caunayan Falls

If you want a more pristine setup, visit the Caunayan Falls. It is situated within the Caunayan Falls Resort. Its towering height makes its water drop thinly into the clear-water river, but the falls is just awe-striking and quiet. Also inside the resort, you can rent cottages to place your things for as low as PhP 100.


Barangay L. Pimentel, San Luis, Aurora

Entrance Fee:

PhP 20.00

Travel time from Baler:

45 minutes – 1 hour via tricycle
Ditumabo (Mother) Falls - Aurora Province | Turista Boy

Ditumabo (Mother) Falls

And the largest (by water volume) and highest waterfall in Aurora is the Ditumabo Mother Falls. It is termed “Mother Falls” because it is the biggest and highest in the province. It stands at almost 43 meters (140 feet) and falls into a large man-made pool that can accommodate up to 3,000 people. Before reaching the main waterfall, you have to trek some 1,300 meters of rough and rocky terrain. But reaching the destination is very much worth it. Gates to the waterfalls open at 7 a.m. Other information can be found HERE!


Ditumabo , San Luis, Aurora

Entrance Fee:

PhP 30.00

Tour Guide Fee: PhP 300 (minimum)

Travel time from Baler (to San Luis):

45 minutes – 1 hour via tricycle

Business hours:

0700 – 1500 or 1600 H (last acceptance)

Business days:


Discover the Millennium (Balete) Tree

Millennium (Balete) Tree - Aurora Province | Turista Boy

Millennium (Balete) Tree

This 600-year-old Balete (Banyan) Tree in Maria Aurora, Aurora is said to be the oldest and the biggest in Asia. It is estimated to be 60 meters (197 feet) tall with its roots having a diameter of 10-15 meters (32-49 feet) allowing tourists to enter inside the tree to see its interior. The tree grew enormously because it ‘ate up’ the original tree inside, that’s why its roots are the ones showing outside. It also takes at least 60 people to circle around the tree! You can find out more about the Municipality of Maria Aurora in Aurora on their website here!


Barangay Quirino, Maria Aurora, Aurora

Entrance Fee:

PhP 10.00

Travel time from Baler:

45 minutes – 1 hour via tricycle

Climb up Ermita Hill

Ermita Hill - Aurora Province | Turista Boy

View from Ermita Hill

The town of Baler was struck by a destructive tsunami on 27 December 1735 that engulfed almost all of the town and the only survivors of that catastrophe found refuge in Ermita Hill. Situated in Mount Dibudalan, the Foothill has been the home of the refugees until the water subsided in the later years. Its plateau today is now frequented by tourists because it gives you an 180° view of Sabang Beach (and the Pacific Ocean).

Tromba Marina Ermita Hill - Aurora Province | Turista Boy

Tromba Marina

At the base of Mount Dibudalan is the Tromba Marina (“tsunami”), a series of sculptures done to commemorate the bayanihan spirit of the people during their plight when the tromba marina struck. It is also the entry point going up Ermita Hill.


Sitio Dicaloyungan, Barangay Zabali, Baler, Aurora

Entrance Fee:

None (Just pay PhP 10.00 for parking fee)

Travel time from Baler:

30 – 45 minutes via tricycle

Visit the Dicasalarin Cove and Lighthouse

Dicasalarin Cove - Aurora Province | Turista Boy

Dicasalarin Cove

If you want a secluded and exclusive getaway in Baler, try going to Dicasalarin Cove. The Bay is an exclusive resort, owned by the Angaras, who preserves the site. This white-sand Haven is a cool place for people who want to have that added privacy (plus lots of hermit crabs ashore, too!)

They also have private cottages which can be rented for at least PhP 12,000 / night (good for 4 persons), and they can enjoy the different amenities found inside the resort (restaurant, basketball court, beach volleyball, bonfire, etc.)

Just a few meters away from the resort is the Dicasalarin Lighthouse. At first, you would not recognize it as a lighthouse but it really is, although defunct. Its unconventional design makes it an instant tourist must go and gives you that awesome view of the Pacific! I was just saying “wow” throughout our hike. Hahaha!

The way to the cove is strictly one-way and only motorbikes and private cars can enter the resort due to steep and sharply curved roads.


Sitio Dicasalarin, Barangay Zabali, Baler, Aurora

Entrance Fee:

PhP 300.00 (Regular Guests)

PhP 100.00 (Guests checked-in at Costa Pacifica Hotel)


PhP 150.00 – Roundtrip motorbike ride from drop-off point to Dicasalarin (if no private vehicle)

Travel time from Baler:

45 minutes via tricycle, 5 minutes via motorbike (from drop-off point to Dicasalarin Cove)

Business hours:

0800 – 1800 H

Business days:

Monday – Sunday

Buy souvenirs at the Baler Pasalubong Center

Baler Pasalubong Center Aurora Province | Turista Boy

Baler Pasalubong Center

Don’t forget to buy local products from Baler’s Pasalubong Center! You’ll find different arts, crafts, and locally-produced food on the cheap that you can keep as souvenirs and giveaways.  It is just located beside the Baler Central Terminal (Suclayin, Baler, Aurora).

Traveling always comes with eating. To know cheap and delicious food spots in Baler, check it here!

Didn’t see what you’re looking for? Want me to go to other interesting and must-see places on my return trip? Drop a comment below!

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