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Zamboanga City: Exploring Asia’s Latin City


Discovering Zamboanga City

As one of Mindanao’s major cities, Zamboanga still has its “softer side” when it comes to giving tourists a fair share on what to experience in the city. As it is known as Asia’s Latin City, Zamboanga is also home to one of the oldest and still-surviving Spanish creoles in the world – the Chavacano dialect. “Chavacano” is a hybrid dialect that combines the Spanish language with that of the Visayan dialect.

Downtown Zamboanga City

Downtown Zamboanga City (photo by www.ilovepagadian.com)

Zamboanga City, I can say, is very rich in history and cultural preservation, as manifested by the tourist spots that will be explained and described in detail below. I have also listed some tourist spots that I have not visited due to time constraint that gives me a more valid reason to go back as soon as I can (because of distance ‘issues,’ too.)


So here you go – here are some of the places I have been to in the city and the things I did there, too!

Zamboanga International Airport

Zamboanga City International Airport from my seat window

Zamboanga International Airport from my window (from Tawi-Tawi)

Zamboanga City International Airport at night

Zamboanga International Airport at night

Zamboanga International or simply “ZAM” is one of the major airports in Zamboanga Peninsula together with Pagadian Airport in Zamboanga Del Sur. It services routes to and from Cebu, Manila, Davao, and Tawi-Tawi until it ceased several international operations. Two of the country’s largest air carriers – Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific fly through this airport as of posting.

One thing I also noticed when I was there when I was en route to Tawi-Tawi is that the airport closes after the last flight in the evening and resumes operations at around 0400 H. Although highly guarded, passengers are left waiting outside the airport to sleep until the airport opens for business the next day. It just surprised me that an international airport such as ZAM would “close” and resume operations the next day.

Address / Coordinates

Moret Field, Barangay Canelar, Zamboanga City

(06°55′21″N 122°03′35″E)

Business Days and Hours


0400 H – 2100 H or 2200 H

Contact Number/s

+63 62 991 1394

Canelar Barter Trade

The Canelar Barter Trade - Zamboanga City

The Canelar Barter Trade

The Canelar Barter Trade is more of a myriad of souvenir shops that sells affordable and quality stuff for me. Most of Zamboanga’s products are showcased here – from weaved products, keychains, souvenir shirts, bags, sarongs/shoals, and even products from nearby Malaysia. Their products are relatively cheap compared to the major shopping centers in the city.

Address / Coordinates

Barangay Camino Nuevo, Zamboanga City (Just ask your jeepney/tricycle driver to drop you off there)

(6°54’57.13”N 122°4’21.33”E)

Business Days and Hours

Monday – Sunday (depending on the stall owners)

0800 H – 1800 H

Kape Zambo

Kape Zambo - downtown Zamboanga City

Kape Zambo!

When I first came into Kape Zambo, it gave me that feel that it is more to something. It converts into a chill bar at night with live bands on stage! How cool is that? But if you want a more relaxed setup, go there for breakfast or lunch and enjoy its simple interiors.

Address / Coordinates

Canelar, Mayor Jaldon Street, Zamboanga City

(fronting Metrobank)

(6°54’57.13”N 122°4’21.33”E)

Contact Number/s

+63 62 992 4052 / +63 62 926 9804
Business Days and Hours

Monday – Friday: 0600 – 0100 (next day)

Saturday: 0600 H – 0200 H (next day)

Sunday: 0600 H – 0000 H (next day)

Social Media Accounts

E-mail: kampezambo@yahoo.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kapezambo/


Atilano Compound

Atilano Compound is famous for offering affordable accommodations especially to backpackers exploring Zamboanga City. It has at least 5 different pension houses offering cheap room rates for the thrifty backpacker:

(1) N. Atilano New Pension House

N. Atilano New Pension House - Zamboanga City

N. Atilano New Pension House (photo by www.blissfulguro.com)

Room Rates:

Air-conditioned Room with TV and Bathroom:

Non-Aircon with TV and Bathroom:

Single – PhP 520 (US$ 10)

Single – PhP 350-400 (US$ 7-8)
Double – PhP 550 (US$ 11)

Double – PhP 330-370 (US$ 6-7)

Additional Pax – PhP 100 (US$ 2)

Excess Hour – PhP 50/hour (US$ 1)

Contact number: +63 62 992 7830

(2) Casa Don Atilano

Casa Don Atilano - Zamboanga City

Casa Don Atilano (photo by www.blissfulguro.com)

Room Rates:

Air-conditioned Room with Cable TV and Bathroom:

Non-Aircon with Bathroom:

Single – PhP 500 (US$ 10)

Single – PhP 300 (US$ 6)
Double – PhP 600 (US$ 12)

Double – PhP 400 (US$ 8)

Additional TV – PhP 75 (US$ 2)

Additional Pax – PhP 100 (US$ 2)

Excess Hour – PhP 75/hour (< US$ 2)

Contact numbers: +63 62 990 1962, +63 917 303 4879

(3) Chang V Atilano Pension House

Chang V Atilano - Zamboanga City

Chang V Atilano (photo by www.blissfulguro.com)

Room Rates:

Air-conditioned Single / Double Room

PhP 430 (US$ 9)
Non-Aircon Single / Double Room

PhP 280 (US$ 6)

Family Room with Kitchen

PhP 630 (US$ 13)

Additional Pax – PhP 100 (US$ 2)

Excess Hour – PhP 50/hour (US$ 1)

Contact Numbers: +63 62 990 2982, 926 2761, +63 919 435 7819

(4) Atilano New Pension House

Atilano New Pension House - Zamboanga City

Atilano New Pension House (photo by www.blissfulguro.com)

Room Rates:

Single, Non-Aircon Room with common CR

PhP 320 (US$ 6)
Double, Non-Aircon Room with Toilet and Bathroom

PhP 340 (US$ 7)

Double, Non-Aircon Room with TV, Toilet, and Bathroom

PhP 380 (US$ 8)
Double, Air-conditioned Room with TV, Toilet, and Bathroom

PhP 540 (US$ 11)

Additional Pax – PhP 100 (US$ 2)

Excess Hour – PhP 60/hour (< US$ 2)

(3 hours excess will be considered as 1-night stay)

(5) KNC Atilano Pension house

KNC Atilano - Zamboanga City

KNC Atilano (photo by www.blissfulguro.com)

Room Rates:

12 hours Stay (with Cable TV)

Regular Rates, 24 hours Stay (with Cable TV)
Air-conditioned Room – PhP 400 (US$ 8)

Air-conditioned Room – PhP 550 (US$ 11)

Non-Aircon Room – PhP 300 (US$ 6)

Non-Aircon Room – PhP 350 (US$ 7)

These accommodations offer rooms for as low as PhP 280 per person per night. And as a standard, check-in time is at 1400 H and check-out time is at 1200 H.


All conversions to US$ are rounded up: US$1 = PhP 50. Rates are on a per-night basis. Prices and other information are subject to change without prior notice. Once a change is made, I will do my best to edit it as soon as possible!

Address / Coordinates

Mayor Jaldon Street, Canelar, Zamboanga City

(06°54’57.13”N 122°4’21.33”E)


Zamboanga City Hall

Zamboanga City Hall

Zamboanga City Hall

Given that it is my first time in Mindanao, the Zamboanga City Hall is one of the most iconic City Halls I have seen so far. With still having that Hispanic influence on its architecture, the city hall never loses its Filipino touch. Being one of the city’s symbols, vinta sails are also adorned and attached to the city hall when I visited, adding to that “Filipino flavor” everyone is excited to see.

Military presence is evident from the City as it serves as an additional security while exploring Zamboanga. As they have experienced from the past, they now take extra precautionary measures in order to protect the safety and security of everyone – locals and tourists alike.


Address / Coordinates N.S. Valderosa Street cor. Don Pablo Lorenzo Street, Zamboanga City

(6°54’15.62”N, 122°4’33.92”E)

Contact Number/s +63 62 991 2051
Website http://www.zamboangacity.gov.ph/

BPI Museum

BPI Zamboanga City Main Branch and Lifestyle Museum

BPI Zamboanga Main Branch and Lifestyle Museum (photo by www.langyaw.com)

One of its kinds in the Philippines, the Bank of the Philippine Islands’ Museum in Zamboanga City showcases the peninsula’s rich culture coinciding with the bank’s history in the region as well. Built on a mestiza-type house, this branch of BPI, I can say, is one of the most picturesque in the country. You can actually visit the museum to know more about Zamboanga.

As part of the historic branch’s opening on August 17, 2012, the foundation unveiled the lifestyle museum on the 2nd floor to celebrate the Zamboanga office’s centennial celebration. The museum takes people back to the beginning of the 20th century and depicts the life and culture of Zamboangueños during the Spanish and American colonial periods. Antique furniture, vintage photographs, and an exhibit are found all throughout the six rooms also featuring a grand sala. There is an array of material on BPI history and the Zamboanga branch’s history as well.

(Information from http://www.bpifoundation.org)

Address / Coordinates N.S. Valderosa Street, Zamboanga City, near the City Hall

(6°54’8.58”N, 122°4’45.77”E)

Contact Number/s +63 62 991 2992
Website https://www.bpiexpressonline.com/
Business Days and Hours Monday – Friday (0800 H – 1700 H)

City Tourism Office

Zamboanga City Tourism Office

Zamboanga City Tourism Office

Located in Paseo Del Mar and just in front of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Complex, it is the seat of all the tourism activities in the City.

Address / Coordinates N.S. Valderosa Street, Zamboanga City, near Paseo del Mar

(6°54’8.58”N, 122°4’45.77”E)

Contact Number/s +63 62 992 3007
Website / E-mail / Social Media Accounts http://www.zamboanga.gov.ph/


Facebook: @ciudad.zamboangafull

Twitter: @zamboanga226

Instagram: @ciudad.dezamboanga

Business Hours Monday – Friday (0800 H – 1700 H)

National Museum

National Museum - Zamboanga City (Fort Pilar)

National Museum – Zamboanga (Fort Pilar)

Housed within Fort Pilar, the National Museum-Zamboanga City cradles some of the artifacts that are borne from the peninsula and nearby provinces of Muslim Mindanao. It will give you a taste of the perfect combination between Islam and Christianity, also giving you a glimpse of the cultures and traditions of the different peoples living in the region. Picture-taking is also allowed while inside the museum.

Entrance Fees:

Student / Senior Citizen

(upon presentation of ID)

Adult / Regular Admission


PhP 10

PhP 20

Group PhP 5

PhP 10


Address / Coordinates N.S. Valderosa Street, Fort Pilar, Zamboanga City

(6°54’8.58”N, 122°4’45.77”E)

Contact Number/s +63 62 991 6029
Website http://www.nationalmuseum.gov.ph
Business Hours

Tuesday – Sunday (0830 – 1130 H and 1330 – 1630 H)

*Closed on Monday and Holidays.*

Fort Pilar

Inside Fort Pilar - Zamboanga City

Inside Fort Pilar

This is the stronghold of the City against the Spanish forces during the Spanish Colonial Period. Although small for its size, the fort is the symbol of the City’s “strength and valor” as it withstood several wars before succumbing to the colonizers’ rule.

Fort Pilar Bastion - Zamboanga City

Fort Pilar Bastion

Strategically located fronting the Basilan Strait, you can see the mountains of nearby Basilan province which is only 30 minutes away via a public marine vessel (access through the Zamboanga port). If you are lucky enough to see vintas strung ashore, grab the chance to ride on one of them. In some of my readings, they only charge PhP 50 (US$ 1) per person per ride on Friday to Sunday! You’re welcome!

Address / Coordinates

N.S. Valderosa Street, Zamboanga City (fronting Plaza del Pilar, near Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas)

(6°54’8.58”N, 122°4’45.77”E)

Plaza Del Pilar

Inside Plaza Del Pilar - Zamboanga City

Inside Plaza Del Pilar

Plaza Del Pilar is just adjacent to Paseo Del Mar and Fort Pilar. This is a plaza of different shops offering different finds from food, beverages, and clothing among anything else.

The plaza is Zamboanga’s first-ever all-in-one pasalubong center where locals and visitors alike can buy souvenir items, eat out or simply pass time. Plaza del Pilar also makes an interesting haven for food enthusiasts of all ages in acknowledgment of the Zamboangueños’ love for food.

Interestingly, Plaza del Pilar is another thing that Zamboanga shares with its sister-city, Zaragoza, Spain.  The Spanish city’s Plaza del Pilar is a square which includes, among others, the Basilica of the Lady of the Pilar, the Catedral de Salvador de Zaragoza, Lonja de Zaragoza (the city’s civil building), City Hall, Francisco de Goya monument, and the Fuente de la Hispanidad. While our local version of the plaza is located along the same street as the City Hall and Fort Pilar, Zamboanga’s Plaza del Pilar is independent of the said landmarks.

(Information from http://zamboangatimes.ph)

Address / Coordinates N.S. Valderosa Street, Zamboanga City

(Fronting Fort Pilar (National Museum-Zamboanga))

(6°54’8.58”N, 122°4’45.77”E)

Business Days and Hours Daily (depends on stall owners)

Fort Pilar Shrine

Nuestra Señora del Pilar a.k.a. Pilar Shrine - Zamboanga City

Nuestra Señora del Pilar a.k.a. Pilar Shrine (photo by www.zamboanga.com)

Located behind the fort, it is a shrine that was built to venerate Nuestra Señora La Virgen del Pilar de Zaragoza, Zamboanga City’s Patron Saint. It is a one-of-a-kind quaint shrine because it is open-air and is located opposite the entrance to Fort Pilar. From afar you can see the Great Sta. Cruz Island and the mountains of Basilan.

Address / Coordinates N.S. Valderosa Street, Zamboanga City

(Behind Fort Pilar Main Entrance, fronting Paseo Del Mar)

(6°54’8.58”N, 122°4’45.77”E)

Mass Schedule

Monday – Friday

1630 H (Rosary / Act of Consecration to La Virgen del Pilar)

1730 H (Holy Mass)

Saturday and Sunday

1600 H (Rosary / Act of Consecration to La Virgen del Pilar)

1700 H (Holy Mass)


1st Friday of the Month

1700 H (Holy Mass – Anointing of the Sick)

12th day of the Month

0500 H (Procession (Cathedral to Shrine))

0600 H (Holy Mass)


Contact Number +63 62 991 6261
Website http://virgendelpilar.weebly.com/

Paseo Del Mar

Overlooking Paseo del Mar - Zamboanga City

Overlooking Paseo del Mar

Paseo del Mar from Fort Pilar - Zamboanga City

Paseo del Mar from Fort Pilar

Paseo Del Mar opens at around 1500 H every day and it features food stalls across the Baywalk. At night, too, there is a dancing fountain show set up as an added attraction.

Address / Coordinates Valderoza street (right beside Fort Pilar), Zamboanga, 7000 Zamboanga del Norte
Business Days and Hours Daily (0600 H – 2200 H)

Jimmy’s Satti House

Jimmy's Satti Haus exterior - Zamboanga City

Jimmy’s Satti Haus exterior (photo by www.langyaw.com)

Meat portions in satti sauce - Zamboanga City

Meat portions in satti sauce (Only at PhP 6 per stick!)

Chicken barbecue with tamuh - Zamboanga City

Chicken barbecue with tamuh (glutinous rice wrapped in banana leaves)

As recommended by fellow bloggers who have been to Zamboanga City, Jimmy’s Satti is really one to remember – it is overflowing! Their satti has the perfect balance between sweet and spicy and it compliments every food item on their menu. Not to mention, their food items are very affordable, too! Its humble space makes it feel more like home for me – it is just a typical karinderya (eatery) but their food is what you would be surprised of. I swear!

Address / Coordinates Pilar Street, Zamboanga City

(6°54’19.96”N, 122°4’43.36”E)

Price Range PhP 6 – 75 (US$ 1)
Business Days and Hours Not known (sorry!)

Plaza Rizal and Plaza Pershing

Plaza Rizal - Zamboanga City

Plaza Rizal

Plaza Pershing - Zamboanga City

Plaza Pershing

Built in honor of the country’s national hero, Jose P. Rizal and John Joseph Pershing (Governor of the Moro Province, 1909-1914) respectively, these plazas are strategically located just near and in front of the Zamboanga City Hall in the Central Business District.

Address / Coordinates

N.S. Valderosa Street, Zamboanga City

(fronting the City Hall)

(6°54’16.74”N, 122°4’35.12”E)

(behind Rizal Park)

(6°54’18.98”N, 122°4’34.95”E)

Zamboanga Public Market

Zamboanga City Public Market

Zamboanga City Public Market (photo by www.flickriver.com)

It is where you get to find various products found in Mindanao and sometimes from Malaysia. From food items, garments, equipment and the like, you name it they probably have it. It just like any other public market in the country.

Address / Coordinates

N.S. Valderosa Annex (near the City Hall)

(6°54’17.73”N, 122°4’29.1”E)

Pasonanca Park

(Pasonanca Aviary, Jardin Maria Clara Lobregat, Paseo De Jardin)

Pasonanca Park Aviary - Zamboanga City

Pasonanca Park Aviary (photo by www.tripadvisor.com.ph)

Jardin Maria Clara de Lobregat - Zamboanga City

Jardin Maria Clara de Lobregat (photo by www.akrosdayunibers.com)

Paseo de Hardin - Zamboanga City

Paseo de Hardin (a series of bars and restaurants usually open from early afternoon to late night)

Pasonanca Park is one of the ‘more peaceful’ parks in the City. Located in Barangay Pasonanca, this park house the Aviary, Jardin Maria Clara Lobregat, Paseo De Jardin, Zamboanga Museum, Boy Scouts’ Camp and Tree House. Although they open by midday, the shops at Paseo De Jardin open in the late afternoon (to give you a taste of their nightlife). By foot, the park can be reached in an hour and if you’re riding a Pasonanca-signed jeepney, the trip will be around 15-20 minutes.

The park is also considered to be the main attraction in the City. With many park divisions, it is one-of-its-kind in the country. It is adorned with trees, flowers, different plants, and roughly 600 species of orchids.

This project was initiated by John Joseph Pershing in 1912 and was finished during Frank Carpenter’s term.

Address / Coordinates

Pasonanca Road, Zamboanga City

(6°57’8.37”N, 122°4’28.88”E)

Cawa-Cawa Baywalk at R.T. Lim Boulevard

Cawa-Cawa Baywalk at R.T. Lim Boulevard - Zamboanga City

Cawa-Cawa Baywalk at R.T. Lim Boulevard

R.T. Lim Boulevard during the Vinta Regatta - Zamboanga City

R.T. Lim Boulevard during the Vinta Regatta (photo by www.inpinaysfootsteps.blogspot.com)

Similar to that of the famous Roxas Boulevard in Manila, Zamboanga City has their own version, too. Overlooking the Great Sta. Cruz Island and just beside the Zamboanga port, the boulevard is named after Roseller T. Lim, who is the first and so far the only politician from Zamboanga to be elected to the Philippine Senate. While the project is still half finished (with all the retiling and lighting projects), the boulevard is scenic especially at dusk.

Address / Coordinates

R.T. Lim Boulevard, Zamboanga City

(6°55’17.19”N, 122°4’44.50”E)

Alavar’s Seafood Restaurant

Alavar's Seafood Restaurant, Bed & Breakfast - Zamboanga City

Alavar’s Seafood Restaurant, Bed & Breakfast

Debatably home to the best curacha recipe in Zamboanga City, Alavar’s Seafood Restaurant is the product of a lovely family with a deep love for culture and food, of course. With their famous and secret “alavar sauce,” this restaurant gained the reputation for serving the finest seafood dishes in the City.

Shrimp Dish - Zamboanga City

Shrimp Dish

One of their bestsellers is a quite rare variety of crab, locally known as ‘curacha’ or the deep-sea crab. Sourced mainly in the peninsula’s waters, these crabs give a distinct taste making it one-of-a-kind.

Turista Boy Tip:

Better eat here in groups so you can try every seafood item because food items here are quite expensive.

Address / Coordinates Don Alfaro Street (Daang Maharlika Highway), Tetuan, Zamboanga City

(6°54’57.21”N, 122°5’17.33”E)

Contact Number/s +63 926 101 1066, +63 62 991 2483
Business Days and Hours Daily (0800 H – 2330 H)

Ateneo de Zamboanga University

Ateneo de Zamboanga University façade - Zamboanga City

Ateneo de Zamboanga University façade (photo by www.marshmary.com)

Founded in 1912, Ateneo de Zamboanga University (AdZU) is a Jesuit-run university in Western Mindanao. It is one of the prominent universities in the region. AdZU is also an annex of the Ateneo in Quezon City (as part of the system.) To know more about AdZU, click here!

Address / Coordinates La Purisima Street, Zamboanga City

(6°54’30.09”N, 122°4’32.28”E)

Contact Number/s +63 62 991 1151
Website www.adzu.edu.ph

Metropolitan Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception

Zamboanga City Cathedral Exterior

Zamboanga Cathedral Exterior

Also known as the Zamboanga Cathedral and located just beside the Ateneo de Zamboanga University, the Metropolitan Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception is a modern-type cathedral in a white façade. The design of the cathedral itself is striking and unique because it is not a typical kind of a church’s structure. It is also one of the seats of the Catholic faith in Zamboanga City.

Address / Coordinates La Purisima cor. Campaner Streets, Zamboanga City

(6°54’30.09”N, 122°4’32.28”E)

Website http://simbahan.info
Mass Schedule

Click here for more information

Myrna’s Bake House

One of Myrna's Bakehouse Branches - Zamboanga City

One of Myrna’s Bakehouse Branches (Gov. Alvarez Branch)

One of the famous bakehouses in the City, a taste of Myrna’s baked goods should not be missed. What I have tried during my visit are their cookies and cream miniature cake and blueberry smoothie. Eats yummy! 🙂

Address / Coordinates No. 50 Km.4, Pasonanca, Zamboanga City – main branch

(6°57’3.76”N, 122°4’27.60”E)

Contact Numbers Pasonanca Branch (main) +63 62 991 8546
Gov. Alvarez Branch +63 62 991 9252
Pilar Branch +63 62 991 1617
Yubenco Branch +63 62 984 1158
San Jose Branch +63 62 955 5264
KCC Branch +63 62 955 9257
Business Days and Hours Daily (0900 H – 1800 H)
Social Media accounts

Facebook: @Myrnasbakehouse.Zamboanga

E-mail: myrnasbakehouse_zamboanga@yahoo.com

KCC Mall de Zamboanga

KCC Mall de Zamboanga - Zamboanga City

KCC Mall de Zamboanga (photo from www.sunstar.com.ph)

So far the biggest mall in Mindanao that I have visited, the KCC Mall de Zamboanga is the biggest mall in the Zamboanga Peninsula. It got a lot of things to offer – from food, clothing, lifestyle, and entertainment. Security is quite tight upon entering the mall.

It is like you are entering an airport with the x-ray scanners and metal detectors right at their doorstep. The mall is also easily seen when coming from Pasonanca or from the airport. Dispatch areas for tricycles and jeepneys are also right in front of the mall.

Turista Boy Tip:

Halal Foods are separated from non-Halal Foods (pork, and other non-Halal) in the mall’s food court and in most of the food establishments inside the mall (and in the City, I suppose.)

Address / Coordinates Gov. Camins Avenue, Canelar, Zamboanga City

(6°55’17.05”N, 122°4’32.31”E)

Contact Number/s +63 62 955 9774
Business Days and Hours Daily (0900 H – 2100 H)
Social Media accounts

Facebook: @KCCZamboanga

Twitter: @KCCZamboanga

E-mail: ask@KCCMalls.net

Website www.kccmalls.com



Day 1 (26 May 2016)

Jeepney Ride Zamboanga International Airport – Atilano Compound

*Option B: Tricycle @ PhP 30-50

*Option C: Motorcycle hitch @ PhP 50-70

(approx. 10 minutes)

PhP 7.00
Accommodation N. Atilano Pension House – 2 nights @ PhP 450/night

(Atilano Compound)

PhP 900.00
Lunch Kapé Zambo PhP 187.00

(by foot)

Zamboanga City Hall

Plaza Rizal

Plaza Pershing

BPI Museum

Paseo del Mar

City Tourism Office

Fort Pilar (and National Museum – Zamboanga)

Plaza del Pilar

Fort Pilar Shrine

Zamboanga Public Market

Snack Jimmy’s Satti House PhP 78.00
Sub-Total PhP 1172.00

Day 2 (27 May 2016)

Hike and Refreshments Atilano Compound – Pasonanca Park

(approx. 1 hour)

PhP 13.00
* Tour*

(by foot)

Pasonanca Park Aviary

Jardin Maria Clara Lobregat

Paseo de Jardin

Jeepney Ride Pasonanca Park – KCC Mall de Zamboanga

(approx. 10 minutes)

PhP 8.00
Breakfast KCC Mall de Zamboanga PhP 104.00
Tricycle Ride KCC Mall de Zamboanga – R.T. Lim Boulevard

(approx. 15-20 minutes)

PhP 80.00
Tricycle Ride R.T. Lim Boulevard – Alavar’s Seafood Restaurant

(approx. 20 minutes)

PhP 50.00
Lunch Alavar’s Seafood Restaurant PhP 245.00
Tricycle Ride Alavar’s Seafood Restaurant – Atilano Compound

(approx. 20 minutes)

PhP 50.00
Pasalubong (souvenir) buying Canelar Barter Trade

(approx. 15 minutes walk from Atilano Compound)

PhP 1475.00
Snacks Myrna’s Bake House

(approx. 10-15 minutes walk from Canelar Barter Trade)

PhP 208.00
Prepared things for departure to Tawi-Tawi
Tricycle Ride Atilano Compound – Zamboanga International Airport

(approx. 10 minutes)

PhP 40.00
Terminal Fee Zamboanga International Airport (en route Tawi-Tawi) PhP 150.00
Sub-Total PhP 2423.00
Grand Total


(US$ 72)


Soon on the blog:

Yakan Weaving Village

Boy Scout’s TeePee Village

Tree House at Pasonanca Park

Pasonanca Pool

Merloquet Falls

Sta. Cruz Island – Pink Beach

Petit Barracks

Climaco Freedom Park

Cruz Major

Episcopal Church

Taluksangay Mosque

Hock Chuan Avalo Chinese Temple (Tetuan)

Universidad de Zamboanga

Joaquin F. Enriquez Memorial Stadium

Share the love to other turistas! :)
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  1. Christina says:

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    1. Yup, it’s generally safe to go in Mindanao, Christina. Just avoid (for the meantime) visiting Sulu and Basilan, even some parts of Cotabato. 🙂

  2. Christina says:

    I have always been fascinated by the region of Mindanao. It seems so different from the rest of the Philippines. Zamboanga City looks like it will be a great introduction into the region. I would especially like to try all the different foods. The deep-sea crab looks amazing!

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