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Travel Guide: Northern Blossom Flower Farm

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Northern Blossom Flower Farm

Flower Power! It is what you would probably hear during this time of the year. Panagbenga is now in full swing and the Cordilleras is now in the season of blooming. Every year, the region never fails to attract a number of tourists, especially to Baguio. What’s more exciting, too, is the rise of Tourist Attractions outside Baguio’s thoroughfares. One of which is the Northern Blossom Flower Farm in Atok, Benguet. It is probably one of the ‘highest’ tourist spots one will ever visit. Check this out!

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Flower Power!

Here’s something for you. Atok is one of the up-and-coming tourist attractions in the Cordilleras. With its proximity to Baguio, one should now include this place when visiting the Summer Capital. Considering the colder temperature there, it’s definitely a great escape!

Northern Blossom Farm Atok Benguet | Turista Boy

When I first went there, I was surprised because the place was just simple. This no-frills flower-and-vegetable garden boasts a panoramic view of the mountains. You can even see Mount Pulag on a clear day! Take note, too, that it’s better to chase the sunrise in the farm and have a photo! Yup!

Travel Guide to Northern Blossom!

Given its location and accessibility to and from Baguio, the Northern Blossom Flower Farm in Atok can easily be reached via bus, van, or your private car.

For public buses and vans, there are two terminals plying the Baguio-Sagada or Baguio-Bontoc route. One in Baguio Centermall and one in Barangay Slaughterhouse in Magsaysay Avenue.

The first trip to date is at 0300 H, depending on the mode of transportation and depending on the bus or van line. You can tell the dispatcher or conductor to drop you off at Northern Blossom Farm.

Travel time would take around 1:30 or 2 hours depending on the bus’ or van’s speed. The average fare rate is at PhP 100 (US$ 2) or a little more, depending on the mode of transportation.

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For private cars, you can locate Northern Blossom via Google Maps or Waze. It is just along the highway so it is not that hard to locate it.

Before proceeding to the farm itself, you are required to register near Marosan’s Bakeshop, just a few meters after the farm’s entrance. At the entrance of Northern Blossom, an entrance fee of PhP 200 (US$ 4) per person will be collected. They will also give you a guide that will tour you around the area.

Northern Blossom is open from 0600 H to 1700 H. I advice that you bring your thick and fluffy clothes as the weather in Atok is kinda chilly, especially during the “-ber” months until mid-March. You can also buy your food in nearby Baguio because food and other items in Atok are quite expensive. (I recommend you buy food from Good Taste! 🙂 You’re welcome!)

What else can be done there!

Atok is more than what meets the eye. Not only does it have the coolest climate in the country, but it also is home to other tourist attractions!

You can have a visit at the Highest Point in the Philippine Highway System. At a height of 2,255 meters above sea level (7,400 feet), you’re lucky enough if you have a sight of a sea of clouds, too!

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Another attraction in Atok is Mount Timbac / Singakalsa. Considered as one of the Top 5 highest peaks in Luzon, it stands 2,717 meters above sea level. Timbac is also one of the easiest mountains to climb as the trail is just short. What’s interesting is its farm-etched ridges and offers a nice view below! (Will be writing a travel guide about this, too!)

One of the newest attractions in Atok is Camp Kaalnusan. Little do people know, this camp is synonymous to a nature trip. You can relax on a hammock or have a spelunking adventure in one of its nearby caves. (For more information, click the link above to direct you to their Facebook Page.)


If there is more to Atok than what is mentioned here, let me know! For the mean time, let’s go! We’re born to travel!

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