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Pop Places to Stay in Baguio!

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Pop Places to Stay in Baguio

I bet nobody would question why Baguio is the best place to be anytime and any season each year. Be it Christmas, Panagbenga, Summer, or Rainy Season, Baguio is still one of the best places in the Philippines! With its cool climate all year round, it is also cool to stay in a place that is “Pop.” When I was invited to be a guest reviewer for the show PopTalk (on GMA News TV), we visited three Pop Places that will surely add to your Baguio experience.

Pop Places to Stay in Baguio | PopTalk Turista Boy

(photo from PopTalk GMA News TV)

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Camp Riverside 2600

One word – “wow!” This one-of-its-kind place is a sure pop for me. Their barn-type houses are a hit and can fit up to 4 people. What’s amazing, too, is their Glamping site where you can bond over toasted marshmallows and beer with your friends! The dap-ayan also adds to its Cordilleran flavor. True to its name, the calming sound of the river below complements the greens surrounding the place.

Camp Riverside 2600 Pop Places to Stay in Baguio | PopTalk Turista Boy

If you’re a couple and you want more intimacy, the Apayao House suited for you! This couple’s room is also cozy and has a generous view (though toilet and bathrooms are for common use.) If you are a group and want to have a closer bond with your barkada, try their Bontoc Mansion. The room is good for six pax and it has its own bar, kitchen, and toilet.

When we went there, what surprised me, too, is their food selection! With a number of Filipino and Western Dishes, what I liked the most is their Orilla Bulalo Family Style, Carnitas Quesadilla, and their Baguio Longganisa meal.  Don’t you forget to try their S’mores and Green Tea Cheesecake, too! You can enjoy Al Fresco dining or feel the vibe inside Café Orilla – their in-house café.

Camp Riverside focuses on the essence of bond between family and friends. With that, they have jived it with delicious (and affordable) comfort food that adds to your experience! They aim to host an intimate place for getting together whatever event it may be. (If you want to book a night via AirBnB, click here!)

Camp Riverside 2600 Contacts Pop Places to Stay in Baguio | Turista Boy


House of Yogurt (H.O.Y.) Lover

I love yogurt! And I love it even more because of HOY! This yogurt heaven not only boasts their home-made yogurt, but it promotes Cordillera’s culture, too! Being a “Pop” addition to the local food scene, it also has chic accommodations that will surprise you!

House of Yogurt Lover Pop Places to Stay in Baguio | PopTalk Turista Boy

HOY has a total of 11 loft-type rooms and they also have a whole house for rent! What I like most in this place is its view. If you are lucky enough, fog will welcome you and offers a scene of faraway La Union on a clear day.

With its chic and accessible location (situated right in Marcos Highway), your visit will also pay off because of their food! Aside from their yogurt (which is a must-try), you can enjoy a wide selection of Cordillera and Western dishes as well! I recommend that you try their Crispy Bacon, Pinikpikan, and Gnocchi Balls! Spell h-e-a-v-e-n!

House of Yogurt Contacts Pop Places to Stay in Baguio | Turista Boy


St. Patrick Village

If you want a high-end, communal and village-type accommodation. St. Patrick’s Village is the one for you. Located in Paterno street, it is strategically placed in a compound of fully-furnished villas and it also houses a café.

St. Patrick Village Pop Places to Stay in Baguio | PopTalk Turista Boy

St. Patrick’s has a total of 13 villas (12 can be leased) ranging from the simplest ones to the more elaborate. The villas are spacious, too, and it can fit up to 12 to 15 persons. The silence that surrounds the area is very relaxing! I recommend this place for those who want “serenity at its best.” (see the video below for price ranges!)

Mostly housed by celebrities and anyone in the high society, St. Patrick’s is one of Baguio’s best-kept secrets.

Inside the village is Café Sève, formerly Café de Angelo. I was surprised because their servings are a lot! (I mean a lot!) Ranging from pastas to different Filipino comfort food, everything is just in its right place. Their Pork Katsu and Seafood Pizza is a must-try and don’t forget their dessert samplers, too!

St. Patrick Village Contacts Pop Places to Stay in Baguio | Turista Boy


Final Verdict!


Disclaimer: Turista Boy was invited to be a guest reviewer of the Review Show, PopTalk on GMA News TV. We reviewed three (3) Places to Stay in Baguio and all views and opinions are solely of Turista Boy. The reviews in this blog are in no way influenced by the establishments visited or by GMA News TV and PopTalk.

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