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Craft 1945: Same ol’ beer with same great friends!

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Enjoying a good glass of beer in chilly weather is the perfect match. What’s more interesting is when you share beer (and tapas!) with your inner circle! Beer has been the witness to your ups and downs – from your failing exam, failed relationship, or just an ordinary hangout session with your drinking buddies. In Craft 1945, your experience will be complemented with a crisp Baguio Vibe, giving you the dose of nostalgia you need. With the addition of Casa Marcos’ genuine Spanish dishes, you’ll talk about what you will experience.

Craft 1945 - Casa Marcos | Turista Boy

Craft 1945 x Casa Marcos finally opened its doors last 08 February 2019, after their months-long soft opening. Still feeling the Spanish-plus-Beer vibe eh?

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Craft 1945 x Casa Marcos: Sharing different great stories – every time!

What’s a good pastime for many is same for all ages. Stories and life events over a glass of beer, especially Baguio Craft Brewery‘s signature flavored beers is what makes the world go round (talk about their Lagud or Strawberry Beer). You cannot deny, beer is everybody’s best friend. Same ol’ fashioned beer keeps the conversation going. And with Baguio Craft Brewery’s partnership with Casa Marcos, it brings you that nostalgic feels! Enjoying your Spanish Tapas with beer is the perfect combination!

I am not a heavy beer drinker but when someone asks if we could drink, I would definitely go. There is something in beer I could not just resist. It makes me tell stories and makes the conversation alive!

Same ol’ beer + great food

What’s new in this house-turned-resto is that it is a collaboration between Baguio Craft Brewery and Casa Marcos. For those who do not know, Casa Marcos is a popular Spanish Restaurant chain in Manila since 1945. They serve everything Spanish – from tapas to their delectable paellas, pastas, and other dishes.

Alongside Casa’s great food is Baguio Craft Brewery’s delish flavored beers! (The first in Baguio!) It’s legit! Beer and Spanish dishes are the perfect match!

Ambiance, say what?

Craft 1945 – Casa Marcos is one of the newest additions to Baguio’s gastronomic scene. The location of the Casa is perfect for people who want to enjoy their beer while enjoying the vast greens of the City.

The house-turned-resto will give you that rustic feels (which I love!) and it feels like you are just home! Going back to memory lane will also be the cause of your nostalgia of anything. It is a good thing to know that you can enjoy a glass of beer with your Español dish while enjoying Baguio’s cool climate. Everything is just so fine and put in the perfect place. Tara! Let’s drink to that!

For more information, you can contact and reach them here:

Craft 1945 - Casa Marcos | Turista Boy

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