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Hotel Supreme: Where you are treated as Royalty

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Having the beginnings of a humble home, Hotel Supreme is one of the best places to stay in Baguio. What makes it unique is its service where you are treated as Royalty. As one of Baguio’s Pride, we give tribute to one of the establishments that makes this City a haven for many. With its exceptional service and style, Hotel Supreme is not just a hotel – it is your second home.

The Grand Ballroom - Hotel Supreme Baguio | Turista Boy

(photo by BJ Pagtulingan)

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Hotel Supreme: Treating you like Kings and Queens

In every hotel that I have stayed and been to, nothing beats the “flavor” of having a second home. One of the established hotels in Baguio is Hotel Supreme – a staple name when it comes to giving a unique hospitality experience.

The Other Bloggers in Hotel Supreme Baguio | Turista Boy

(photo by BJ Pagtulingan)

The first thing I noticed upon entering the hotel  is its homey ambience. Being greeted by their friendly staff, it gave me that impression that you will be taken care of.

This multi-building hotel facility is perfect for friends and families who want to have a good time. The friendly amenities of Hotel Supreme will give you comfort in a whole new style. What I also like in this hotel are their scenic elevators which give you a glimpse of the urban Baguio. Hanging out in this hotel is what I call “simple but sophisticated.”

Deluxe Room at Hotel Supreme Baguio | Turista Boy

When we were hosted by the Hotel for a sweet staycation, it never came into my mind what it is to leave home. I just felt that treating us like King and Queens were their utmost priority.

Home sweet home

Strategically located near the boundary of Baguio and La Trinidad, Hotel Supreme is just a stone-throw away from different tourist spots. The nearest of which are the Bell Church and the StoBoSa Houses. I also recommend that you go strawberry-picking in La Trinidad or explore the different sites of Burnham Park!

There is so much to do in Baguio and Hotel Supreme is the perfect place to have a rest. Inviting you to the cold breeze of the City, you will never forget this hotel as part of your Baguio experience.

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What it has to offer

This 3-Star Hotel is more than meets the eye. It does not only have 185 rooms and suites in different configurations, but it also has different facilities that would suit your taste. It also offers a generous view of the City.

Hotel Supreme has a swimming pool, three (3) major multi-purpose function halls, and four (4) food outlets for everyone to enjoy.

The Lotus House offers Oriental cuisine; Ivy’s Grill and Restaurant which offers Filipino and International dishes; Gloria Jeans coffees which is a popular Australian coffee chain, and; Future Diner, an American Diner in a new dining dimension. (These outlets will be blogged separately!)

Coffee-ing in Hotel Supreme Baguio's Gloria Jeans Coffees | Turista Boy

Coffee-ing in Hotel Supreme Baguio’s Gloria Jeans Coffees (photo by BJ Pagtulingan)

As the hotel is a popular site for different events such as conventions, debuts, weddings and the like, it has become the leader in event experience.

What I can say is that its established image makes it more recognizable and the courteous service of their staff is an added plus. As one of the leaders in the Baguio hospitality scene, it is an experience you will never forget. What are you waiting for? Book for that holiday now!

Baguio City view from Hotel Supreme | Turista Boy

Baguio City view from Hotel Supreme (photo by BJ Pagtulingan)

Where you can find them

Hotel Supreme Convention Plaza Contact | Turista Boy


Disclaimer: Hotel Supreme invited Social Media Influencers for a 2-day staycation and featured us all their facilities and amenities. All reviews and insights are solely of Turista Boy and is not in any way influenced by Hotel Supreme’s Management. Some of the photos posted in this blog are used with the original owner’s (BJ Pagtulingan) consent.

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