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5 Reasons why I love Selah Garden Hotel

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Selah Garden Hotel: Where adventure awaits you

Whenever you are in Manila, all you are confronted with is the unending hustle and bustle of the City. Not just that, you are also faced with pollution. Good thing Selah Garden Hotel offers every relaxation option every vacationer dreams of.

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Selah Garden Hotel is located right in the heart of Pasay City and is just a few meters away from EDSA and the Mall of Asia. With its strategic location, Selah is the ideal place to stay if you just want to relax and unwind with the different stresses of life.

The Other Bloggers at the Selah Garden Hotel | Turista Boy

With today’s unlimited problems and all that shenanigans, all we want to do is to escape, right? So here you go, this is my five reasons why Selah Garden Hotel should be your second home:


 1.) This is an oasis amidst a bustling city

Selah is one unusual hotel. Unusual in a way where it offers services and amenities that no other hotel has offered before. With that said, I would be indulging you in activities that can only be experienced in Selah.

Selah Garden Hotel Pool by night | Turista Boy

Their pool is child-friendly. It only has a maximum height of 4 feet down to 1 foot (for toddlers) for them to experience the water as well. There is only a covered portion which can reach up to 10 feet for guests who want to learn how to scuba dive.

Sumptuous food at Selah Garden Hotel | Turista Boy

The food ranges from Filipino to Western dishes that catches your soul. As Selah Garden Hotel’s Tabla Restaurant focuses on giving its guests wellness, they also offer organic and fresh fruit juices and detox drinks perfect for the health-conscious. How cool, right? They have offered us tamarind juice, cucumber juice, and lemon fruit juice.

Pool-side lounges at Selah Garden Hotel | Turista Boy

Let’s relax, shall we?

Selah also promotes a personable approach between its staff and its guests. It will make you more relaxed its because you are just talking to your friends. The staffs are very friendly and they attend to your requests in no time. Its relaxing ambiance also adds up to your whole experience in Selah. Everything is just light to the eye and the earthy colors of the hotel make it more than just the need to relax.

The location of Selah is also very accessible as it is just near EDSA and from there, you can go to near establishments such as the SM Mall of Asia complex.


2.) Extreme activities at its best

Have you ever experienced doing extreme activities inside the edifices of a hotel? Selah Garden Hotel is the answer. There are two notable things that should be done when “you are home.”

Selah Garden Hotel Rope Activities | Turista Boy

First, you should try their rope activities, or as I term it, the “team building activities.” Here, your strength and endurance would be tested. No exercise needed as you will be stretched literally. But it is so much fun because you are doing it inside a hotel. Would you imagine?

Rope Activities at Selah Garden Hotel | Turista Boy

This 8 to 9-course rope facility inside Selah Garden Hotel is one of its kind in the City. It is so far the only hotel I have visited with such facilities. It is so much fun that we want to try it the second time around. As it is my second time visiting Selah, it is like everything is new when I experienced zip lining and doing all the activities again.

The rate for the rope activities is PhP 750 and PhP 375 for checked-in guests.


3.) Scuba diving lessons right in the middle of the City

Scuba diving right in the middle of the city? Why not! Selah Garden Hotel offers just that! In partnership with RAID Philippines, Selah offers Scuba diving lessons for beginners. Ask the Hotel Staff to reserve your appointment in advance to avail of this service. Ask them about the rates for the lessons as well.

Scuba Diving Lessons at the Selah Garden Hotel | Turista Boy

Let’s go Scuba Divin’!

Scuba Diving Apparatus at the Selah Garden Hotel | Turista Boy


4.) Relax, relax, relax…

Spa by Selah

Spa by Selah Garden Hotel | Turista Boy

Relaxation is the keyword. Selah is the place to be. There are various facilities inside the hotel that are synonymous with ‘relaxation.’ One of which is the Spa by Selah. This in-house concessionaire spa facility is only by appointment and prior reservations must be made before checking if you want to avail of their services.

Vertical Gardens

Vertical Gardens at the Selah Garden Hotel | Turista Boy

Vertical Gardens at the Selah Garden Hotel

In addition, they also have a meditation area, perfect for ones who want to find peace with their selves. Being close to nature, Selah Garden Hotel also promotes being one with nature in preserving it through their vertical garden installations spread around the hotel. (Spa classes every Sat morning for checked in guests)

Swing Chair and Gazebo

Relaxing in Selah Garden Hotel | Turista Boy

Selah Garden Hotel Gazebo | Turista Boy

The swing chair and the gazebo are also two of those facilities which you can enjoy while staying in Selah. You can just chill, surf the internet, or think things over. You can also chill by the pool and look for fish surrounding the gazebo!


5.) Spacious and minimalist room designs

Selah Garden Hotel Room Rates | Turista Boy

Here are the updated room rates (as of June 2017). There are 83 rooms inside The Selah Garden Hotel. It is subdivided into 9 room types. The Flagship Room (double) – 28 units; Flagship Room (triple) – 8 units; Fantastic LoftFantabulous LoftFabulous Suite – 3 units; Stellar Suite – 4 units; Clique Room – 1 unit with 10 beds; Bunk Rooms – 4 pax (2 units), 6 pax (5 units), 8 pax (2 units), 10 pax (4 units); Cozy Room (twin) – 12 units.


Other information:

Location / Address:

 2715 Park Avenue, San Rafael, Pasay City

Business Days and Hours:


(Spa by Selah – schedule varies)

(SCUBA diving lessons – upon appointment)

(Buffet Breakfast – 0600 – 1000 H)



Social Media Accounts:

Facebook: @theselahgardenhotel

Instagram: @selahgardenhotel

Contact Details:

Contact Numbers:

Landline: +63 2 511 1331, +63 2 508 9141

Mobile: +63 925 511 1331, +63 917 530 0604

E-mail Address:



Yes, ask front desk staff for the password

Smoking / Non-smoking:

All rooms are non-smoking




Other Pictures:

Selah Garden Hotel Rope Activities | Turista Boy

Selah Garden Hotel Hallway | Turista Boy

Selah Garden Hotel Hallway

Dinner at The Tabla Restaurant - Selah Garden Hotel | Turista Boy

The Other Bloggers’ Dinner at The Tabla Restaurant with Miss Thea Tan (Sales and Marketing Manager)

Pool-side rooms of Selah Garden Hotel | Turista Boy

Pool-side rooms

Elevator lounges at the Selah Garden Hotel | Turista Boy

Elevator lounges at the Selah Garden Hotel



*Selah Garden Hotel provided us with a 2 day, 1-night complimentary stay last 3-4 June 2017. All views found herein are personal and without influence from the owners and/or managers of Selah Garden Hotel.*

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9 thoughts on “5 Reasons why I love Selah Garden Hotel

  1. Swati says:

    Love the hotel, especially their swing chair and gazebo. I could spend a lot of time there with books for company. Great place in Manila. Will look it up on my visit

  2. Ambuj says:

    Selah garden hotel looks like a great place to check in with friends and family alike! I would love to do the rope activities.

  3. Karie says:

    Who would have thought about paradise right in the middle of a city. This hotel looks like a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Love the idea of the vertical gardens, gazebo and spa!

  4. Marge says:

    You were finally able to pose in the big swing! Sad that i was not around when we went there the first time. It is actually my favorite spot at Selah haha… I love Selah, it will always be one of my favorite boutique hotels. I love that when I go there, it doesn’t feel like I am still in the city.

  5. Emily says:

    Wow! How amazing that you can go scuba diving right in the middle of manic Manila! This hotel looks like it has so much to offer!

  6. Ami says:

    Sold….spa, scuba lessons, rope activities and leisure time around a pool. What more do I want from a hotel? Thanks for sharing your experience on this one.

  7. neha says:

    I can see why you loved the hotel so much. It is packed with everything from relaxation to adventure. So, there is something in store for everyone. And top that with the delicious food!! Who won’t love the place.

  8. I super love number 3! Imagine not all hotels are offering that kind of service/facilities here in Manila. So that’s enough for me to love this hotel 🙂

  9. So you can do a lot of activities , while being in the centre of the city! That is interesting. One doesn’t have to go out of the town and do some special stuff. Does relaxation mean yoga as well? Are there yoga classes in the city?

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