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5 reasons why Moldex Residences Baguio is the Home next to your Heart

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Being a mountain resort, Baguio City has so much to offer, especially to people coming from the lowlands. With them seeking refuge from that warm tropical climate, Baguio offers them that crisp, cold breeze, complemented by its locals’ warm welcome whole year round. Looking for a home here in Baguio is paramount to having a comfortable stay in the City. This is where Moldex Residences come in the picture.

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Moldex Residences Baguio facade | Turista Boy

With its European Alps-inspired façade and ergonomic design, Moldex Residences is the perfect spot for you to relax and just enjoy the cold climate of Baguio. And here are my reasons why:


Moldex Residences is not just home – it’s almost everything

With its family-friendly design and with a generous view of the Cordilleras, Moldex Residences has it all in store for you. As it is your home next to your heart, Moldex is also the place to rejuvenate and reunite with your senses.

Beauty is an understatement once this 6-hectare property will operate in full swing. With two buildings now fully-occupied, Moldex Residences holds a promise. This is to ensure that every resident in their units gets to maximize what is it to feel and experience the beauty of Baguio.


Adds grandeur to the City of Pines

Baguio is one of the key cities in the North. Adding to that, Moldex Residences adds grace to the city’s landscape as it complements the simplicity Baguio City exudes. As a new addition to the real estate properties in the city, Moldex is one of the models of ergonomic development – building homes that suit almost all lifestyles.


It represents what you truly worked hard for

Having a house you can call your own adds a feather to one’s cap. And choosing a property with Moldex Residences is a better choice. With its minimalist and functional designs, you will truly call your space a “home” as it captures the style of the cold climate of Baguio.

Moldex Residences: More Reasons Why Baguio | Turista Boy


See Baguio in a whole new perspective

As the country’s Summer Capital, Baguio is the ultimate escape from that warm weather. With Moldex Residences, you will get to experience and see Baguio in a whole new perspective. It will bring you to a different dimension where living coincides with the natural beauty of nature.


It is built for people like you

As this day and age comes with little space and function, Moldex Residences has built one that suits you. It maximizes every corner of your humble home and you can even invite friends to come over and check your place out.

Moldex Residences kissed by fog | Turista Boy

With its 7-building property spread through a 6-hectare land, every space will have its own function that would cater to everyone living inside Moldex Residences.

It is built for perfection. Built for excellence. It is built for your own comfort and satisfaction. And it is built for people like you.

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