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Baguio after Summer? Why not! (Part 3 of 3)

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On the last of our After Summer Group Getaway sponsored by Azalea Residences Baguio, we were given the free time to go on our own and roam around the City. For me, this is one of the nicest parts of the tour as we explored Baguio City on our own, without any schedules or plans.

For our group, ate Kenny (of lifeiskulayful.com), Patricia (of pattyvillegas.com) and I decided to wander in Session Road. Surprisingly, we decided to have a Dessert Food Crawl on some of Baguio’s famous restaurants!

Cafe by the Ruins Baguio City After Summer | Turista Boy

Mini Baguio Food Crawl!

This unplanned, yet exhilarating experience made us crave for more food that is known to be Baguio-grown. Here are some of the desserts we’ve come to try in our eat-and-go.

Vizco’s Strawberry Shortcake

Vizco's Strawberry Shortcake Baguio City | Turista Boy

When we decided to go on a food crawl, Vizco’s was the first restaurant to pop out in my mind. They are no less than popular for their strawberry shortcake freshly made every day (for just P 60.00 per slice!)

I don’t exactly know how they make these sweets, but it really is a must-try, especially for tourists and visitors. I have tasted this many times before and the taste never gets old. The right blend of texture between the cake and the jelly, with the sweet-sour taste of the strawberry, makes it an instant delight!

Contact Information:


Unit 8, G/F Puso ng Baguio Building, Session Road, Baguio City

Contact number:

+63 74 446 7082

Social Media Account:

Facebook: @VizcosRestaurantandCakeShop

Pizza Volante’s Choco-Vanilla Affair

Choco Vanilla Affair Pizza Volante Baguio City | Turista Boy

As simple as it is, Pizza Volante’s Choco-Vanilla Affair tops our list as one of the must-try desserts in Baguio. For only P 80.00, this perfect hot-and-cold affair of oven-fresh brownie topped with an ice-cold cream will make you want for more.

Contact Information:


#082 Session Theater Building, Session Road, Baguio City

Contact numbers:

+63 74 445 0777, +63 74 619 0466

Social Media Account:

Facebook: @Pizza-Volante-Session-Rd

Café by the Ruins’ Champorado

Café by the Ruins Baguio City | Turista Boy

One of the highly regarded restaurants in the metro, Café by the Ruins was once a Governor General’s Residence, until it was completely destroyed during the Japanese Occupation (World War II), hence the name. Now, it is one of the more popular restaurants in the City, offering modern Cordilleran dishes, fused with Western accents. When we got there, we ordered one platter of Champorado for PhP 160.00 that is good for us 3 and came with a crispy dish of danggit. The salty taste of danggit just complements the sweetness of the champorado, giving it a balanced flavor.

Contact Information:


#025 Shuntug Street, Baguio City (across the Baguio City Hall)

Contact numbers:

+63 74 422 9804

Social Media Account:

Facebook: @Café-By-The-Ruins

Tea House’s Chona’s Delight

Chona's Delight Tea House Baguio City | Turista Boy

For the last stop of our food crawl, I suddenly thought of Tea House. It is because they’re famous for their Chona’s Delight, named after the one who made the recipe and now the Restaurant’s owner, Chona Perez. It is simply a sweet layered cake with ganache. I think this has been the trademark dessert of the restaurant ever since.

Although there is no presentation as it is only put in a plastic container, the very sweet taste of the ganache layered in between matches the rough, moist texture of the cake. It’s to die for!

Contact Information:


#087 Antipolo Building, Session Road, Baguio City (near Assumption Road)

Contact numbers:

+63 74 442 8757

Social Media Account:

Facebook: @Baguio-Tea-House-Session-Road-Baguio-City


Tartland Pasarabo's Baguio City Products | Turista Boy

Before leaving Baguio, you should bring home some sweets for your loved ones! Try to shop for some pasalubong at the Tartland Pasarabo Factory!

Famous for their delectable lengua de gato, the Tartland Pasarabo Factory is one of the major producers of local delicacies in the City. Their products are Banana Chips, Lengua de Gato, Cheese Tarts, Pretzels, Oatmeal Cookies, Creamy Nut Crispies, and Choco-Nut Berry Dimples. (FYI, “pasarabo” in Ilocano means “pasalubong” in Filipino or “treats” in English.)

With the owner, Mrs. Angela De la Cruz (Tartland Pasarabo Baguio City) | Turista Boy

With the owner, Mrs. Angela De la Cruz (Tartland Pasarabo Baguio)

With their humble beginnings way back in September 1993 from a simple boat tart recipe, the factory is now creating its name in the food industry. Winning various awards from different agencies honoring businesses with an advocacy of promoting local delicacies, it is now an epitome in creating quality pasalubong for every tourist and locals alike.


We had the rare chance of entering their production area where they make the Lengua de Gato and their other products. They toured us from the production of the mixture, from the shaping machine to the oven, until its packaging and labeling.

Before going home, why not bring a bag full of pasarabo? It’s a way of showing that your vacation to Baguio after summer is as sweet as these treats!

Contact Information:


#70 Concepcion Drive, Amparo Heights, Camp 7, Baguio City

Contact numbers:

+63 74 447 3158, +63 74 447 2398 (fax), +63 918 929 9371 (mobile)






Our After Summer Group Getaway in pictures… 🙂

BenCab Museum Baguio City After Summer | Turista Boy

BenCab Museum

Azalea Residences Baguio City After Summer | Turista Boy

Azalea Residences Baguio Staycation (with other bloggers!)

Hill Station Baguio City After Summer | Turista Boy

Hill Station – Casa Vallejo Baguio City

Here are just some of the things you should not miss doing and experiencing in Baguio City even after summer. Baguio is not just the country’s Summer Capital alone.  It’s more to that cold climate and fog-kissed trees.

You can still get to experience a lot of things even in the rainy season. You can visit this mountain resort anytime of the year – at your own pace, at your perfect timing.

We’re born to travel!

Share the love to other turistas! :)
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