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Baguio Arboretum – Into the woods of Baguio City

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Baguio Arboretum – Into the woods of Baguio City

BAGUIO ARBORETUM – As many of us have been wondering, what is the real meaning of an ‘arboretum?’ As Baguio City is known for its pine trees and rich flora and fauna, aside from its cool year-round climate, another would-be tourist spot in the city is about to be developed in the middle of the city’s lush greens.

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Baguio Arboretum | Turista Boy

Devoted to trees

As the name implies, the Baguio Arboretum is a botanical garden devoted to trees, alongside other herbaceous plants with scientific and educational significance. Once the garden is finished, it may house several species of trees and other flora that can be found in the Philippines.

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This is the first time that I have visited such a park that is devoted to trees. As Baguio is known as the City of Pines, you can see trees almost everywhere in the City. Trees also contribute to Baguio’s cool climate and it adds ambiance to the whole city experience. When we visited there, tree saplings were still being fixed although the pathways of the park are almost complete.

As of this writing, the arboretum is still nearing completion without any definite opening date so I suggest that you might want to coordinate with the people guarding the place for the meantime if you want to visit. Will update this blog as soon as the park will be open to the general public! 🙂

Where to locate the Baguio Arboretum

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The Baguio Arboterum is located along Leonard Wood Road, just past the Leonard Wood Road Bridge going to Saint Louis University – Laboratory High School. There is a signage of the park on your right side. If you are going there by jeepney, fare usually costs ₱ 8.50 – 10.00 (one way). If you opt to ride a taxi, fare would normally cost ₱ 50 – 60.

If you are done visiting the Baguio Arboretum, you can also visit the Baguio Centennial Park (a.k.a. The Baguio Botanical Garden) which is just a few steps away from the Arboretum. Further from the Centennial Park, you can also walk your way to the Wright Park and The Mansion. At least you get to burn those calories, too!

Just a friendly reminder that wherever we go, we should always practice the “Leave No Trace” principle. It is just a simple thing to do by not destroying the beauty of our tourist attractions in any way. Let’s be responsible tourists!

We’re born to travel!

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