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Eats Yummy: Experience Asia at The Coffee Library!

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Experiencing all the flavors of Asia can be extremely challenging (and expensive, at that). But worry no more because it can now be found in one place – The Coffee Library!

The Coffee Library Baguio Entrance | Turista Boy

The Coffee Library Baguio’s Entrance

Coffee Library: Your new experience in Baguio!

Looking for a different kind of coffee experience is almost new in Baguio City. It started from local coffee brands offering new, distinct flavors and helping promote and sell the product of Cordilleras’ native farmers. People nowadays tend to look for new twists in their cup of coffee, making them more adventurous to try on innovative coffee mixes – ranging from exotic concoctions to mixes you’ve probably never heard before.

New to Baguio’s eyes is The Coffee Library. Located just at the tip of Upper Bonifacio Street, cor. Gen. Luna Road, right inside the Rex Residence Hall, this new coffee-and-restaurant hub would be a great spot for the new-breed coffee lovers.

Opening its doors to the public last December 10, 2015, The Coffee Library aims to offer coffee lovers a new twist in coffee – not to mention, also infusing European and Asian tastes in their food menu. Rumor has it that they would seasonally add new flavors to their menu if ever their manager would go to different places in Asia to try on their local coffee and gastronomy. (And that’s something I am also looking forward, too!)

Me, Ate Loud, Sir Stephen (The Manager of The Coffee Library), and Sir Andrew | Turista Boy

Me, Ate Loud, Sir Stephen (The Manager), and Sir Andrew 🙂

About The Coffee Library

Stephen Zarate, The Coffee Library’s manager, told us that they want to bring the authentic flavors of Asia in their roof. Next year, they are planning to go to Laos, Cambodia, and hopefully in Turkey. They also have the advocacy of sourcing their ingredients to the country of origin where the food or coffee came from – to ensure the authenticity of the food and drinks they will be serving; also to infuse these new gastronomical finds into the Filipino table by preparing it based on their own experience.

They also try to serve freshly made food and freshly brewed drinks as much as possible – that’s why they don’t have ‘generic’ food items and sodas in their menu.

As of this writing, they are focusing on Vietnamese food and drinks, the only one in Baguio offering such kind of menu. Ranging from Black Coffee to Coffee with Coconut Milk, or with yoghurt and sticky rice, from Beef Noodle Soup and Spring Rolls to the usual Filipino ‘-silog’ meals and the European Waffles-and-Bacon tandem, you would never run out of choices – it is just a matter of mix and match on their diverse menu! Eats yummy!

Coffee Talk

When I ordered a cup of coffee, I asked them what was their bestseller (like what everybody does in a newly-opened coffee shop, right? Right.) Anyway, the barista-on-duty, who also happens to be the manager, said that their ‘specialty for the season’ is a Vietnamese mix called ‘Ca Phe Sua Chua Nep,’ or ‘Traditional Vietnamese Coffee with Yoghurt and Sticky Rice.’

At first, I was intrigued because first, it sounds weird in a way (as it is in Vietnamese); and second, I haven’t tasted an iced coffee cup with yogurt and sticky rice on it – but it turned out great! Yep!

The bitterness of the coffee (don’t be mistaken by the context of bitter here. Hahaha!) complemented by the sweetness of the yogurt, added with the coarseness of the sticky rice makes it an instant delight. I don’t know but my taste buds just feel like it! It’s really new a taste you should not miss!

The Asian Experience

Vietnamese delights all infused in a coffee shop makes it more interesting because it offers a whole new array of “around-the-food” experience. But when we tried out their food for the first time, we ordered Spanish Sardines with Tomato Sauce and Garlic Basil Pasta and Creamy Shrimp and Tuna Pasta. Of course, we expected it to be delicious and they delivered! They have a nice plating and presentation and their wait staff is also accommodating and very friendly. They would also ask you how’s your experience in the restaurant going.

It’s really good if you would experience The Coffee Library first-hand! Visit their restaurant NOW!



The "Coffee Table" - The Coffee Library Baguio City | Turista Boy

The “Coffee Table”

Offering the newest in Baguio, The Coffee Library‘s Vietnamese motif makes it a must-try in the metro – from their authentic Viet noodles infused with Western and Filipino food and drinks, you’ll really not run out of choices. This is because they also want to establish their own brand of coffee-making, offering a new taste. They want everything to be authentic, from food to ambiance. Although still starting, they serve their food a little late because of the unexpected number of people coming in to try what they have to offer. Nevertheless, every experience at The Coffee Library is worth it! Try their delectable treats now!

Quick Information:


REX Residence Hall, Upper Bonifacio Street, Baguio City

Social Media Accounts:

Facebook: @thecoffeelibraryph

Instagram: @thecoffeelibraryph

Business hours:

0800 – 2300 H

Business days:

Monday – Sunday

Contact number:

+63 917 503 7962

We’re born to (eat and) travel!

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