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Nuvali Solenad: Your New Home in the South

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Ever thought if you lived in a neighborhood where it is surrounded by lush greens, ergonomically-designed public spaces, and friendly people who also want to have a breather from the busy metro? You can now find all of the above in Amaia Nuvali!

It’s actually my first time to attend an event about Realty and Housing. It’s a new experience for me as it opened another door in expanding the variety of my blog. Read more below and you’ll see how I got to enjoy this!

“Nuvali: Your Home away from home.”

Nuvali is one of the new (and still thriving) neighborhood complex south of Manila. Just an hour or so from the metro, you now get to experience what the cliché ‘home away from home’ means. With its 2,290-hectare total land area, you will never run out of things to do – from wakeboarding at Republ1c Wakepark to fish feeding and boating at their 4-hectare multi-functional, man-made lakes; from visiting the Wildlife and Bird Sanctuary to relaxing Solenad – a mid-rise Ayala Mall found within the complex, there’s nothing more you can ask for – It’s a city in the making!

Nuvali Solenad Laguna | Turista Boy

With four different and uniquely designed neighborhoods, AyalaLand Premier, Alveo, Avida, and Amaia – you got the makings of where you want to live, maximizing your experience in Nuvali, one of the thriving and still-improving projects in Sta. Rosa, Calamba, and Cabuyao, Laguna.

It is also where you get the essence of having that work-life balance.

“Why not?”

When we finally reached Nuvali, we were then ushered to their showroom and were oriented about the different properties, facilities, and amenities found inside Nuvali’s compound.

Nuvali Solenad Laguna | Turista Boy

It was a heck of a large community advocating on ergonomic and economic ways of how to maximizing your peaceful living experience outside the confines of the busy metro. International companies such as Convergys and IBM are not settled within Nuvali, providing more workforce to its thriving landscape.

I got to learn that having a realty business is not that easy but building homes for people are but a wonderful experience. When they discussed their experiences selling units for Nuvali, in a snap, almost all units were bought and sold – that’s how people need homes in an undisturbed community. This trip also reminded me of Baguio where you live beside trees and clear skies greeting you every morning, with a beautiful view of the sunset every afternoon. I also came to know that Nuvali has a 17-kilometer long forest zone, perfect for those who just want to have a closer contact with nature. (And is a perfect spot for jogging, too! Yes!). Nuvali also has a 50-kilomter span of biking and hiking trails for nature lovers to enjoy and they also told us that there are 3 hectares of a tree nursery and demo farm for people to enjoy alike.

Wakeboarding at the Republ1c Wakepark - Nuvali Solenad Laguna | Turista Boy

Wakeboarding at the Republ1c Wakepark

I easily got to love the place because it is pretty much similar than Baguio – it’s just trees everywhere! I have also come to learn that AyalaLand is also advocating on mid-density residential developments, which make their neighborhoods more conducive to live at as it is not crowded.

“You deserve the best.”

There is more to just living in Nuvali, but it is also about the things you can do from within. One of which is the Republ1c Wakepark. They also have unique to-dos in Nuvali like fish-feeding in their lakes (like, seriously, fish feeding) and boat-riding. They also have different establishments in Solenad Malls 1, 2, and 3, making living much easier, more convenient and comfortable.

Fish-feeding at the man-made lake - Nuvali Solenad Laguna | Turista Boy

Fish-feeding at the man-made lake!

It is a balance of a living a modern life while situated in a peaceful façade of nature. It is the perfect dynamism of ergonomic living and sustainable development – a model community with less hassle, and more accessible, too!

Other Information:

If you want to know more about Nuvali and other properties, you might want to check these social media accounts for your references. (Will update this as soon as possible, too!)

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