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3bu Hostel: The Tribe is Calling you in Baguio

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The 3Bu Tribe is calling

As traveling is now becoming a fad, travelers from around the world are looking for new experiences in every destination they plan to visit and explore. One thing, too, is the fact that they look for cheaper accommodations. In 3Bu Hostel, you will experience a whole new kind of stay. With its highland vibe complemented with the crisp cold Baguio climate, 3Bu Hostel offers what will suit almost all your needs.

The 3Bu Tribe is Calling | Turista Boy

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Introducing the hostel culture in Baguio, 3Bu aims to foster simple, laidback, yet intimate atmosphere while experiencing the Philippines’ Summer Capital. With the all year-round cool climate, 3Bu will warm your hearts with its chic amenities, friendly culture, and hospitable staff.

As it is noted that 60% of all total guest arrivals in 3Bu Hostel are foreigners, it also aims to encourage local and international travelers alike to know and appreciate the hostel culture more – meeting new friends, building connections and networks over a cup of coffee, or just hanging out while talking about the world, it is a subtle of saying that building relationships here are more intimate.

Not to mention the space-saving features of a capsule hostel experience, it would also let you value that having some personal space is still as important as anything else – apart from building connections around 3Bu’s circle.

Your New Home

Opened just last 11 October 2018, your new home in Baguio has 78 beds in 2 configurations –  the hut-type bed (28 beds) or the pod-type bed (50 beds). 3Bu Hostel is the first of its kind in Baguio and aims to benchmark the meaning of having a Hostel Culture in the City.

The hut-type beds are priced at PhP 950 per night (US$ 20). You can also bring a companion with you in your hut for only PhP 650 (US$ 13) per night! The pod-type beds are priced at PhP 750 (US$ 15) per night. All rates include basic amenities and breakfast at J’s Liquid Black Café.

What’s new, too, is that 3Bu also offers short-time stays for on-the-go travelers! For 3 hours, you can experience the hostel feels at PhP 300 (US$ 6) and an additional PhP 50 (US$ 1) per 1-hour extension.

3Bu also offers weekly and monthly stays for long-term travelers and visitors who want to explore Baguio City more! For weekly stays, the hut is priced at PhP 6000 (US$ 120) and the pods are priced at PhP 5000 (US$ 100) – which includes breakfast, change of towels, and request or replenishment of amenities. The monthly stay rates are PhP 10400 (US$ 208) for the huts and PhP 9500 (US$ 190) for the pods – which includes change of linen every 6 days and change of towel for PhP 50 (US$ 1).

The Game Room

The hostel also hosts a game room, where several board games are available for use. This is also the perfect spot to talk with your new-found friends! 3Bu also has security keys for every guest who checks in for added security. All rooms are air-conditioned and well-lit for your convenience. It is features J’s Liquid Black Café at the 5th floor offering you the best Western cuisines.

Building the 3Bu community

As 3Bu aims to build a community with its hostel culture, it also introduces the “Friendship Boards” for every traveler to see. These boards make every connection much stronger by letting every guest feel that they belong to the community.

The “Community” Board is where guests can post interesting activities that they might call along new friends for their events. This is also the board where guests can add up interesting places that can be seen in Baguio City.

The “Experience” Board aims to bring like-minded people together and share experiences together, too! Guests and visitors can post any activities that they want others to join in! This is the essence of building the 3Bu community.

Finally, the “Friendship” Board is a list of different and latest film showings and different games and challenges where everyone can participate! The hostel is not just a place to sleep but a place to meet new people as well! This is where guests can challenge each other and the winner takes it all!


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3Bu Tribe is Calling | Turista Boy

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