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Hydro Falls – Travel Guide to Benguet’s Natural Wonder

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Hydro Falls – Tuba, Benguet’s Roadside Adventure

Hydro Falls (Tuba, Benguet) – If you are a water baby like me, having an adventure in this falls in Tuba is easy as pie. As one of the natural wonders nearest Baguio City, it can be an adventure and a nature trip all at once (not to mention the boulder trail you will be hiking to get there!) As we have asked the locals living near the area, there are two Hydro Falls. In this blog, I will be telling you about “Hydro 2.”

Hydro Falls Tuba, Benguet | Turista Boy

Situated along Kennon Road, the jump off site to the falls is quite unnoticeable. There is just a signage of a church going where you would start the hike and you will be crossing a hanging bridge to start the adventure. I am personally afraid of hanging bridges but who cares?

Boulder Trail Hydro Falls | Turista Boy

It is the falls I am here for! *wink!* The 30-minute hike to the falls can be tiring, especially when the sun is up. There are no available resting spots in the area because it is open and boulders dominate the trail – it is where the adventure starts.

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Hanging Bridge to Hydro Falls | Turista Boy

The drop off area going to the falls is around 2-3 minutes away from the famous Lion’s Head. Located in Camp 6, the pinned location on your preferred navigation app is quite accurate. Though many have claimed that Hydro Falls now looks different, the aura is still the same. The falls dons its clear waters from the mountaintop and gently cascades into a small natural pond carved by rocks.

Visiting this not-so-hidden wonder

Hydro Falls Tuba, Benguet | Turista Boy

Hydro Falls is just one of the series of waterfalls found along Kennon Road, in the municipality of Tuba. If you are an adventure seeker, I suggest that you also visit the Colorado Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, Hydro 1 Falls, and the Aran Cave Falls – all of which are found near Kennon Road.

Kennon Road Tuba, Benguet | Turista Boy

Hydro Falls Signage Tuba, Benguet | Turista Boy

Boulder Trail Hydro Falls | Turista Boy

The boulder trail going to the falls itself is quite tiring but the scenery is quiet and mountainous. After the boulder trail, me and my companions were surprised of the grasslands near the falls and a quiet river flows, coming from Hydro Falls. There are no definite landmarks in the area on where you will start you hike but the locals there are friendly and you can ask them how to get to the falls. There is a signage of a church and a little basketball court by the roadside which will lead you to a short hanging bridge, leading you to the start of the “rocky road.”

Hydro Falls Tuba, Benguet | Turista Boy

How to get to Hydro Falls

1) Via Jeepney

If  you plan to commute going to the falls, the jeepney garage of Camp 6 is temporarily located behind Jollibee PNR, adjacent to the Victory Liner Main Terminal in Utility Road cor. Marcoville Street as of this writing. Its original garage was in Carantes Street cor. T. Claudio Street, behind Jollibee Harrison. Because of the pandemic, several jeepney lines were relocated in order to widen other roads in the City’s central business district. Jeepney fare (as of 2021) is pegged at ₱ 25.00, one way. Worry not though because there are jeepneys stationed near Camp 6 Elementary School if you are going back to Baguio. Travel time is around 25-30 minutes, depending on the traffic. The drop off point to the falls is just around 1-2 minutes away from the Lion’s Head. Drop off just before the Elementary School and you can ask the locals for the hanging bridge going to the falls (as there are many, that may be a bit confusing.)

2) Via Private Car

If you are going to Hydro Falls via a private car, just go past the Lion’s Head and ask locals where the drop off point to the falls is. There is an ample space for parking along the road so there is nothing to worry much about. The pinned location on your preferred navigation app is accurate, you just ask the locals near the trail where you would be starting the hike going to the falls. You can also have a side trip to the Lion’s Head after your hike before heading back to Baguio!

Lion's Head Camp 6 | Turista Boy

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