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Tan-aw sa Alang: Redefining your Coffee Experience

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Tan-aw sa Alang: Overview of the cafe with a view!

Tan-aw sa AlangBegis, Tuba, Benguet – The Cordilleras is known for its scenic mountain ranges and world-renowned coffee variants. As all of us are experiencing that pandemic fatigue, we are all in constant search for nice places to hangout and spend the time off. Tan-aw Sa Alang along Palispis (Marcos) Highway is another great addition to coffee aficionados and view-seekers alike.

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Tan-aw Sa Alang, Tuba, Benguet | Turista Boy

Tan-aw Sa Alang: Highland Coffee + Scenic Views

Just located around 300 meters after the Badiwan Viaduct, this coffee shop has been making rounds recently because it offers a great view of the mountainside. Overlooking Badiwan in the municipality of Tuba, Tan-aw sa Alang also offers Arabica coffee and some western and highland fusion dishes to complete the experience.

Tan-aw Sa Alang, Tuba, Benguet | Turista Boy

Tan-aw” means ‘overlooking’ (a place), similar to that of “Tam-Awan” Village in Pinsao Proper, and “Alang” is the Cordilleran term for a ‘rice granary’ as the cafe’s structure is reminiscent to that of a granary house, mostly found in the Cordilleras.

Tan-aw Sa Alang, Tuba, Benguet | Turista Boy

The rustic vibes of the place make it more alluring because I, too, am a fan of great views, especially when a cafe offers good food and coffee (hot chocolate for me!) It is like you just came home to visit your relatives in the province while having nice conversations over a cup of warm coffee.

What they offer


Tan-aw Sa Alang Menu Board | Turista Boy

As with other cafes in the metro, Tan-aw sa Alang offers Arabica coffee in three different sizes: Bassit (small), Dakkel (large), and Dakdakkel (larger) according to your coffee appetite. It is the Ilocano version of your Tall, Grande, and Venti sizes. They also offer Tsokolate Tableya for hot choco lovers (like me!)

(L-R) Bassit, Dakkel, Dakdakkel (Coffee), and Tsokolate Tableya Cups | Turista Boy

All are served with balikutsa (sugar cane molasses) as its sweetener. They also have banana bread, seafood lasagna, and pinikpikan noodle soup (must-try!) Its 180-degree view is the main attraction of the cafe and if you are lucky enough, a ‘sea of clouds‘ will greet you either early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

Dakkel Kape (with rice crispies and balikutsa) | Turista Boy

Dakkel Kape (with rice crispies and balikutsa)

They also have a souvenir shop inside the cafe, where you can buy anything Cordilleran – anything from small trinkets, sculptures, weaved products, and Cordi-famous food products (like jams, rice crispies, and organic produce!)

Tan-aw Sa Alang, Tuba, Benguet | Turista Boy

How to get here

Tan-aw sa Alang is just along the Ben Palispis (Marcos) Highway, which is roughly around 20-30 minutes away from Baguio‘s Central Business District. The place is also accurately pinned on your navigation app of choice.

Tan-aw Sa Alang, Tuba, Benguet | Turista Boy

(1) You can ride a jeepney bound for Tuba and drop off at the cafe immediately. (Will update you guys soon how much their fare is!)

(2) If you opt to go there via taxi, fare would usually cost around ₱ 150 – 160, depending on the traffic flow.

(3) It is also much better if you go there with friends or family if you have a private car. *Public transportation going back to Baguio is quite hard as there are limited public vehicles plying the area at the moment.

Tan-aw Sa Alang, Tuba, Benguet | Turista Boy

Tan-aw Sa Alang, Tuba, Benguet | Turista Boy

Tan-aw Sa Alang, Tuba, Benguet | Turista Boy


Also, if you want to visit the place, do not forget to always prepare your Medical Certificate, Health Declaration Forms, or Company IDs as there is a checkpoint near BCPO Station 10. For visitors coming outside Baguio / BLISTT areas, be sure to check local guidelines and register at visita.baguio.gov.ph! Be a responsible traveler!

We’re born to (see views and) travel!

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  1. We would like to visit your place. We are intrigue of the promos, resto and the place itself.

    1. Yes po! Visit Tan-aw sa ma’am and the ambiance is good. 🙂 The prices are affordable, too! 🙂

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