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Marinduque | Exploring the Heart of the Philippines

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Marinduque is the 58th province in my personal #Project82PH. This island is also referred to as “The Heart of the Philippines,” and consists of 6 municipalities. During my visit, it is also timely because my birthday for 2024 falls on Maundy Thursday. A major festival is celebrated in Marinduque every Holy Week and that is the Moriones Festival or “Moryonan.”

Luzon Datum of 1911 Mogpog Marinduque | Turista Boy

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Places to See and Things to Do in Marinduque

Sta. Cruz

Holy Cross Parish Church (Sta. Cruz Church)

Moriones Festival Moryonan Sta. Cruz Marinduque | Turista Boy

Sta. Cruz Church Sta. Cruz Marinduque | Turista Boy

This is the biggest Catholic Church in the municipality of Sta. Cruz. The imposing facade of the Holy Cross Parish Church is what makes the church standout. This is also the center of catholic faith in the municipality.

Places you can visit in Sta. Cruz, Marinduque, too!

  • Bagumbungan Cave
  • Maniwaya Island + Palad Sandbar
  • Mompong Island + Ungab Rock Formation
  • Sta. Cruz Municipal Hall


Immaculate Conception Cathedral Parish (Boac Church)

The Boac Cathedral Boac Marinduque | Turista Boy

This historic church on top of a hill built in 1792 was declared as an Important Cultural Property by the National Museum of the Philippines in 2018. The Immaculate Conception Cathedral aka Boac Cathedral is also the home of the bishop of the Diocese of Boac and is dedicated to the Our Lady of Biglang Awa.

Marinduque Provincial Capitol

Marinduque Provincial Capitol Boac Marinduque | Turista Boy

The Marinduque Provincial Capitol is the seat of government of the island province. Considered to be the smallest province in the MIMAROPA Region (4-B), its 1927 capitol building features imposing pillars leading to the entrance of the building.

Moriones Festival

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Moriones Festival Moryonan Boac Marinduque | Turista Boy

The Moriones Festival is the main festival in the island of Marinduque. Celebrated by all municipalities during the Holy Week, the celebration of Moryonan is unique in each municipality. It commemorates the passion of Christ leading to his crucifixion, with the main highlight pointing to Longinus – the roman soldier who pierced Jesus’ chest when he was crucified.

Boac Plaza

Boac Plaza Boac Marinduque | Turista Boy

Boac Plaza is the main square of the municipality of Boac. This is where you will find the “BOAC” letters, the old municipal hall, and the National Museum of the Philippines.

National Museum – Marinduque-Romblon

The National Museum - Boac-Masbate Boac Marinduque | Turista Boy

The National Museum of Marinduque-Romblon is one of the branches of the National Museum of the Philippines. This particular museum gives information about the Philippine Rise (formerly the Benham Rise) and some artifacts found in and around the area of the island of Marinduque.

Boac Old Houses (near Boac Plaza)

Downtown Boac Marinduque | Turista Boy

Reminiscent of the hispanic past of Marinduque, the Boac Old Houses serve as living witnesses to the rich history of the island of Marinduque and the capital town of Boac.


Balanacan Port

Balanacan Port Mogpog Marinduque | Turista Boy

Serving as one of the two main ports in Marinduque, the Balanacan Port in the town of Mogpog serves the Lucena – Mogpog route. You can also see the statue of Our Lady of Biglang Awa from the port itself. There are also jeepneys and tricycles waiting outside the port.

Our Lady of Biglang Awa Statue

Our Lady of Biglang Awa Mogpog Marinduque | Turista Boy

This is a statue that will greet you upon arriving in Balanacan Port. This big statue of Our Lady of Biglang Awa gives a nice view of the Balanacan Port and the Balanacan Cove. It also has a viewdeck if you want to enjoy the scenery.

Luzon Datum of 1911

Luzon Datum of 1911 Mogpog Marinduque | Turista Boy

The Luzon Datum of 1911 is said to be the Geographic Center of the Philippines, hence earning the province’s nickname, “The Heart of the Philippines.” This is the main point of reference of all latitudes and longitudes in the Philippines. It also offers a nice view of nearby Quezon Province. Going to “Luzon Datum,” you can ride a jeepney for only ₱ 20 from Boac to Balanacan Port, then you can rent a tricycle going to Luzon Datum for around ₱ 150 – 200, depending on your negotiation.

Balanacan View Deck

Balanacan View Deck Mogpog Marinduque | Turista Boy

The Balanacan View Deck is situated a few kilometers away from the Balanacan Port. It will give you a 180-degree view of the nearby islands near the port, namely: Hidalgo, Atta, and Agpisan Islands. You can also see the Balanacan Port from afar.


Poctoy White Beach

Torrijos White Beach Torrijos Marinduque | Turista Boy

Poctoy White Beach in Torrijos is one of the most popular beaches in Marinduque. Its clean white sand is one that attracts locals and tourists alike and there are various activities that can be done there, too. There are a number of resorts and cottages along the shoreline so you will not worry about spending the day on the white beach. The entrance fee to the White Beach is ₱ 50.

Marinduque Boulevard

Marinduque Boulevard Buenavista Marinduque | Turista Boy

This is one of the less-known tourist attractions in Marinduque. Though totally not an official tourist spot in Torrijos, the Marinduque Boulevard will give you a nice winding view of the coastal road and the clear waters of Marinduque.

Places you can visit in Torrijos, Marinduque, too!

  • Torrijos Church
  • Torrijos Municipal Hall
  • Pulang Lupa Shrine


Malbog Sulfur Hot Spring Resort

Malbog Sulfur Resort Buenavista Marinduque | Turista Boy

Open from 0800 – 1700 H daily, the Malbog Sulfur Hot Spring is also one of the most sought-after tourist spots in Buenavista, Marinduque. It is believed that the hot spring emanates from nearby Mount Malindig, the highest peak in Marinduque. There is an entrance fee of ₱ 45 per person if you want to enjoy the hot springs.

Places you can visit in Buenavista, Marinduque, too!

  • Buenavista Church
  • Buenavista Seaview Park

Where to Eat in Marinduque

Casa De Don Emilio

Casa de Don Emilio Restaurant Boac Marinduque | Turista Boy

Casa De Don Emilio is one of the popular homegrown brands in Boac, Marinduque. This restaurant is an old house turned into a restaurant with a good view of the Boac Plaza. This is where I celebrated my Birthday Lunch and it did not disappoint. I tried their staple favorites, the Kari-Karing Marinduque (a cross between bopis and dinuguan; a locally popular delicacy) and their Ulang-Ulang (sour soup with shrimp and young coconut meat).

Casa de Don Emilio Restaurant Boac Marinduque | Turista Boy

Casa de Don Emilio Restaurant Dishes: (L-R) Paella, Ulang-Ulang, Chicken Curry, Kari-Kari

Cafe Ma’mita

Mamakla Cafe Ma'Mita The Boac Hotel Boac Marinduque | Turista Boy

Cafe Ma’mita is the in-house restaurant of The Boac Hotel in downtown Boac. It serves several local delicacies, too! What I have tried here is the fried and crispy version of Mamakla (an abundant sea creature which is a cross breed between a lobster and prawn.) Mamakla can also be served with pakô leaves, making it like a fresh salad.

Rejano’s Bakery

Rejano's Marinduque Deli Arrowroot Cookies Boac Marinduque | Turista Boy

Just beside Cafe Ma’mita is the renowned Rejano’s Marinduque Deli and Bakery. They are the ones selling the famous Arrowroot Cookies, arrowroot is abundant on the island of Marinduque. They also sell other local delicacies such as cassava cookies and chips, chocolate paste (for bread and other pastries).

Villa Negro Cafe

Villa Negro Cafe Mogpog Marinduque | Turista Boy

Located in the outskirts of Mogpog is the exclusive Villa Negro Cafe. Serving mainly Italian and Western Cuisine, its mediterranean-inspired interiors complements the nice view of Tayabas Bay.

Ludy’s Original Halo-Halo

Ludy's Original Halo-Halo Torrijos Marinduque | Turista Boy

You are in for a treat when you try Ludy’s Original Halo-Halo in Torrijos, Marinduque! This recipe, as it has been told, has been passed on from one generation to the other, making it an heirloom recipe in Torrijos. It is aesthetically served in a coconut shell, and I tell you, it is delicious and worth the try!

Other restaurants and cafes you can visit in, Marinduque, too!

Kusina sa Plaza

Curba Bar and Grill

10 Y.O. Cafe

Bahay sa Kanto

Palms by the Beach

Where to Stay in Marinduque

The Boac Hotel

The Boac Hotel Boac Marinduque | Turista Boy

The Boac Hotel is one of the original hotels right at the heart of the Capitol town of Boac. Strategically located just behind the renowned Boac Cathedral, The Boac Hotel is also the home to several homegrown brands such as Cafe Ma’mita and Rejano’s Marinduque Deli Shop. Its rooms are well-equipped and spacious and is a perfect spot whenever you visit here for the Moriones Festival.

Other hotels and accommodation options available in, Marinduque!

Balar Hotel and Spa

Beach Club Cagpo

Dewey Hotel and Restaurant

Eastpoint Hotel by the Sea

Hotel Marinduque

Hotel Zenturia

Jetro’s Hotel and Restaurant

Joepen’s Coco Beach

Joey’s Crib Beach Hostel

Luxor Resort and Restaurant

Nine Balconies Island Stay

R Hotel Centro

Rico’s Inn

Tahanan sa Isok

Villa Briones

Villa d’ Arco Resort

Sample Itinerary in Marinduque

Balanacan View Deck Mogpog Marinduque | Turista Boy

For the adventurous, you can visit all 6 municipalities of Marinduque in one day. But if you really want to explore the in-depths and distant islands of the province, I suggest that you tour Marinduque within 3 to 4 days. Here is a sample itinerary that you can use as a guide when visiting!

Day 1

Leave things at Hotel (before check-in)

Land Tour


Breakfast – The Boac Hotel

Boac Church

Boac Plaza

Boac Old Houses

National Museum – Marinduque

Lunch – Casa De Don Emilio

Marinduque Provincial Capitol


Marinduque Airport

Gasan Church

Gasan Baywalk

Gasan Municipal Hall

Dinner – 10 Y.O. Cafe

Day 2


Tres Reyes Island (island hopping – Gaspar Island)


Malbog Sulfur Hot Spring Resort

Buenavista Church

Buenavista Seaview Park


Lunch – Ludy’s Original Halo-Halo

Poctoy White Beach

Marinduque Boulevard

Torrijos Church

Pulang Lupa Shrine

Day 3


Balanacan Port

Our Lady of Biglang Awa Statue

Luzon Datum of 1911

Balanacan View Deck

Century Old Tree

Brunch – Villa Negro Cafe

Sta. Cruz

Sta. Cruz Church

Sta. Cruz Plaza

Maniwaya Island (by schedule)

Mompong Island (by schedule)

*Note that the places, prices, and information written as of publication date and time are true and are given best during my visit. Changes may occur without prior notice. If you notice any changes to the information given above, you can e-mail me here so we can dish things up!*

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