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MyLK Tea Baguio – More than just your typical Milk Tea

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MyLK Tea anyone?

MyLK Tea Baguio – Who does not love milk tea? (Definitely not me!) Enjoying a cool tea selection with the finest and sweetest ingredients – complementing the cool Baguio climate, is the perfect match. So much more that this beverage’s popularity has reached thousands, might as well have the best in terms of quality and quantity (of pearls!)

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MyLK Tea Baguio | Turista Boy

MyLK Tea Baguio, also known as “My Little Kitchen,” is also associated with the owners’ love for — well, you have guessed it — cats! Everything you see around their stores are cute cat miniatures making the experience much warmer. Drawing history from the famous Bubble Tea of Taiwan, MyLK Tea has a diverse menu for different taste buds. Little do people know that the owners have their own commissary of their ingredients so that every customer would get that perfect and sweet milk tea taste. The owners (Sir Luke and Miss Kat) told us that they may have the same milk tea flavors as other stores – but what separates them apart is the taste of their own concoction of MyLK Teawhich I totally agree! Ranging from their Meowmy’s Special Milk Tea – I personally recommend their Cheshire Cat and their Grumpy Cat Milk Tea.

MyLK Tea Baguio | Turista Boy

As a milk tea lover myself, I have come across several flavored milk tea shops in Baguio City and I can tell that MyLK Tea is one of the best shops offering milk tea. They also recently opened their newest branch just across the exit gate of Baguio General Hospital. Their store is just beside Landbank and can easily be seen from the road. Their new branch is more spacious (and cozy!) and you can have more time enjoying hat sweet tea while having a good chat with your friends. Its intimate ambiance makes you feel more at home. Though the pandemic may have had an impact on the way people do business nowadays, MyLK Tea always makes sure that they follow the standard health protocols set.

MyLK Tea Baguio | Turista Boy

Other Information

If you are craving for that delish milk tea of yours, you can also find them and order through the Food Panda App! Also, they offer different pastries and sweets alongside their signature MyLK Tea drinks! Their “meowffins” are delish and you must try! Here are the other info you might need in satisfying that sweet craving!

Address 111 Leonard Wood Road (below old Grumpy Joe), Baguio City
Branch Marcos Highway (beside Landbank, across BGH), Baguio City
Business days and hours Daily, 0900 – 2100 H
Contact number +63 956 183 2736
Social Media Account Facebook: MyLK Tea Baguio | Instagram: @mylkteabaguio

We’re born to (drink milk tea) and travel!

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