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My Panagbenga 2018 Experience

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Panagbenga 2018: Celebration of Culture and Creativity

Baguio City is designated by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization as one of the 64 cities around the world as a Creative City. With this, the Baguio Flower Festival 2018’s theme revolves around the celebration of Culture and Creativity. Panagbenga 2018 will be the culmination of all things artistic – be it through a showcase of traditional dances, craftsmanship, and any other form of art.

Being the cradle of some home-grown artists in their respective arts and crafts, Baguio City aims to uphold its status in the international scene as one of the centers of Crafts and Folk Art.

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Panagbenga at 23

City Government of Baguio Floral Float | Panagbenga 2018 Turista Boy

For 23 years now, Panagbenga 2018 will be a spectacle on its own. I for one, being a street dance performer for 9 years, I have witnessed how Panagbenga grew and improved as time goes by. With more intricate and festive acts that are synonymous with having a Mardi Gras, Panagbenga 2018 will yet be another showcase of Cordilleran talent celebrating the region’s ‘bountiful harvest.’

In its 23 years of existence, Panagbenga also symbolizes Baguio’s fighting spirit despite tragedies that struck the City in the past – not to mention the earthquake that hit Baguio in 1990, giving birth to the idea of having an annual festival to attract tourists to the country’s Summer Capital.

Let a thousand flowers bloom

Every February until the first week of March, the City of Baguio celebrates Panagbenga in various ways. This year, Traditional and Community-led events fueled Panagbenga 2018 and some of the highlights were the Opening Parade, kite-flying competition, various inter-school competitions, and Handog ng Panagbenga sa Pamilya Baguio among others. Last 24-25 February, too, the major events of the festival took place as the Grand Street Dance and Grand Floral Float Parades flooded the City’s streets. (More photos at the end of the blog!)

One of the contingents for the Street Dance Parade | Panagbenga 2018 Turista Boy

One of the contingents for the Street Dance Parade of Panagbenga 2018

Know your Baguio

Annually, Panagbenga never fails to amaze me as it draws a large number of people from different parts of the country and other countries as well. This year, Panagbenga focuses on its designation as one of UNESCO’s 64 Creative Cities. I have seen some ingenious arts and crafts sprawling in Baguio’s main thoroughfares. It certainly brought about Baguio’s capability in raring and honing such great talents and expose it to the international scene.

Grand Street Dance Parade | Panagbenga 2018 Turista Boy

I also have noticed that even if Panagbenga is in its 23rd year, the festival draws more and more tourists to the City. This just shows that Baguio City is a world-class City recognized around the world. To keep you from reading long paragraphs of my experience this year, let me just indulge your eyes on the different sights that people witnessed during Panagbenga 2018.

Panagbenga 2018 in pictures:


(Sharing the photos of Ben Pagtulingan of Ben Pagtulingan Photography with permission)

See you next year for Panagbenga 2019! We’re born to travel!

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