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Sagada Travel Guide: Go soul-searching!

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Soul-searching in Sagada

Traveling to Sagada is a bit easy but scary! It is because you will be traversing the country’s most dangerous road complex – the Halsema Highway. But the trip is also as rewarding because you will get to see some spectacular views of the Cordilleras, its rice terraces, cloud formations and its incredible and breathtaking terrain. Drivers to this route are fast, expert, but careful. As the highway is popular for its sharp curves and deep ravines, going to Sagada and the rest of Mountain Province, I can say, is all worth the risk. It is part of the adventure, they say, so I might as well take it.

Sagada can be reached through its main passageway – Baguio City. There are several bus lines catering to the Baguio-Mountain Province route. The travel time when using this route will be around 5-6 hours, as roads can be dangerous and slippery especially during the rainy season.

As of this writing, GL Trans and Lizardo Trans are just two of the bus companies that offer regular trips to and from Sagada (or Besao) and the rest of Mountain Province via Baguio City. They are located at the Dangwa Bus Terminal behind the Baguio Centermall and at the Slaughterhouse Compound Bus Terminal respectively. Fare costs PhP 220 ($5)* for regular passengers and PhP 180 ($4)* for students, persons with disabilities (PWDs), and senior citizens with valid IDs.

*Note that prices are subject to change without prior notice and I will do my best to update this post as I soon as I can as I receive the updates.*

GL Trans bound for Sagada Mountain Province | Turista Boy

GL Trans bound for Sagada

On the way, too, you will be seeing and passing through the highest point in the Philippine Highway System in Barangay Cattubo, Atok, Benguet but it is best seen and experienced when you have a private car going to Mountain Province. It has an elevation of 7,400 feet above sea level (2,256 meters) and it will give you a panoramic view of the mountains kissed by clouds especially in the morning.

Former Highest Point in Philippine Highway System Atok Benguet | Turista Boy

Accommodations in Sagada are plenty. They sprouted near and around the town center and offer it at affordable and reasonable prices. See the brochure that will be given to you upon registering at the Municipal Tourism Office and check out what lodging house would best suit your needs.

TuristaBoy Tip: Prices of commodities and other buys in Sagada are a bit expensive mainly because of their location and terrain and because their goods are to be transported to and from Bontoc and other nearby towns in the province. Be sure to have some extra cash in case you fall short.

If you have plans of visiting Sagada, check out my personal, individual itinerary and expenses throughout the trip. Anyway, you still hold your schedule and you can go to places not found on my blog! (Base it from the available tourist spots found on the brochure given during registration at the Municipal Tourism Office.)

Sample Itinerary:

Day 1

0700 – 1200 Travel time – Baguio-Sagada (Lizardo / GL Trans, Dangwa Bus Terminal)
1200 Registration at the Municipal Tourism Office + Payment of Environmental Fee
1200 – 1300 Lunch (Karinderya at Town Center)
1300 – 1500 Rest time
1500 – 1700 Trek at Cemetery, Calvary, and Echo Valley
1700 – 1800 Rest time, prepare for Dinner
1800 – 2000 Dinner (Yoghurt House)
2000 Sleeping time

Day 2

0400 Wake up time
0400 – 0430 Prepare for Sunrise trek
0430 – 0530 Sunrise trek (Town Center-Mount Kiltepan)
0530 – 0700 Sunrise and sea of clouds viewing (Mount Kiltepan)
0700 – 0800 Breakfast (bought from stores, cooked at home)
0800 – 0900 Prepare for Spelunking
0900 – 1000 Hike to Lumiang Cave (Town Center-Cave)
1000 – 1430 Spelunking (Lumiang-Sumaguing Cave Connection)
1430 – 1500 Rest time (Rust n’ Wood Restaurant)
1500 – 1600 Hike back to Town Center
1600 – 1700 Freshen up and prepare for Sunset viewing
1700 – 1730 Walk / Drive to Lake Danum for sunset viewing
1730 – 1800 Sunset viewing
1800 – 1830 Walk / Drive back to house
1830 – 1900 Rest time
1900 – 2000 Dinner (bought from stores, cooked at home)
2000 Sleeping time

Day 3

0800 Wake up time
0800 – 1000 Buy food for lunch, snacks, souvenirs (Saturday Market – Town Center)
1000 – 1200 Rest time, roam around the town center, and prepare for lunch
1200 – 1300 Lunch (bought from stores, cooked at home)
1300 – 1330 Rest time, prepare for trekking to Echo Valley, Hanging Coffins
1330 – 1430 Trekking at Echo Valley
1430 – 1630 Rock climbing (all you want!)
1630 – 1700 Trek to the Hanging Coffins
1700 – 1730 Trek back to house
1730 – 1800 Rest time and prepare for dinner
1800 – 1900 Dinner (bought from stores, cooked at home)
1900 – 0000 Nightlife (Sagada Pine Café / Bamboo Bar)
0000 Sleeping time

Day 4

0800 Wake up time
0800 – 0830 Prepare for Sunday Mass
0830 – 0930 Sunday Mass
0930 – 1000 Prepare for Brunch
1000 – 1030 Walk to Gaia Arts and Crafts Café
1030 – 1200 Brunch (Gaia Arts and Crafts Café)
1200 – 1230 Walk back to Town Center
1230 – 1400 Rest time
1400 – 1500 Snacks (Sagada Lemon Pie House)
1500 – 1700 Buy souvenirs at the Town Center
1700 – 1800 Prepare for Dinner
1800 – 1900 Dinner (bought from stores, cooked at home)
1900 – 2200 Free time / Nightlife / Fix things for departure
2200 Sleeping time

Day 5

0500 Wake up time
0500 – 0600 Prepare for breakfast
0600 – 0700 Breakfast (bought from stores, cooked at home)
0700 – 0730 Prepare, fix things for departure
0730 – 0800 Waiting time (for Baguio-bound bus, Town Center)
0800 – 1300 Travel time – Sagada-Baguio (Lizardo / GL Trans)
1300 ETA – Baguio City, Dangwa Bus Terminal

Possible expenses:

Day 1

Taxi Fare (House-Dangwa Bus Terminal) 65.00
Bus Fare (GL Trans) 220.00
Registration, Environmental Fee (required) 35.00
Lunch (Local Karinderya) 100.00
Yoghurt House – Snacks, Dinner (120/3 + 100) 140.00


Day 2

Breakfast – bought from stores, cooked at home (300/3) 300.00
Cave Connection Guide Fee – minimum of 2 (800/2) 400.00
Snacks (Rust n’ Wood) 20.00


Day 3

Saturday Market for Breakfast – bought from stores, cooked at home (450/3) 150.00
Lunch – bought from stores, cooked at home (300/3) 100.00
Echo Valley Guide Fee 200.00
Rock Climbing (all you want) 400.00
Nightlife (Bamboo Bar, Town Center) 50.00


Day 4

Breakfast – Gaia Arts and Crafts Café 200.00
Snacks – Sagada Lemon Pie House 30.00
Souvenirs 1,000.00


Day 5

Bus Fare (Lizardo Trans) 180.00

Grand Total:



*We stayed at our friend’s house, who is a local of Sagada, so our accommodation’s free!

TuristaBoy Tip: You should plan your own itinerary and budget ahead of your trip. These are only guides in planning your vacation to Sagada. If you have any questions, feel free to drop a comment!

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