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Sambawan Island (Maripipi, Biliran) Travel Guide

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Sambawan Island – the secluded paradise of Biliran

Sambawan Island Signage | Turista Boy

One of the few things I love about the Visayas region is the presence of pristine beaches scattered among its numerous island groups. What I cannot forget visiting in this region is the province of Biliran. While I can safely say that this island province can be called the “Waterfalls Capital of the Philippines,” I can also vouch for the beauty of one of its secluded beaches – Sambawan Island. Situated just off the coast of Maripipi, Sambawan Island is a paradise on its own.

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As part of our Leyte-Biliran trip, the island of Sambawan cannot be missed in your itinerary! I tell you! If you think it is beautiful in photographs, I can say that it is more beautiful if you see it in person! Luckily when I and my partner visited the island, we really plotted our visit on a Monday so that there will be fewer tourists – and it did!

Sambawan Island with Maripipi Island View | Turista Boy

Exploring the secluded paradise

The island of Sambawan can easily be located in the map. When I was researching about this place, it got me excited in an instant. Every corner of the island is ‘Instagrammable!’ From the shoreline, to the rocky hills, and up to the view deck, Sambawan Island’s sights are unimaginable. Just picture yourself in the movie “temptation island” – only much more beautiful.

Sambawan Island | Turista Boy

Once you are at Sambawan’s view deck, you can see a generous view of Maripipi Island on a clear weather and you can also see mainland Biliran and Masbate from afar. There are also a few things to do in the island, like snorkeling, kayaking, or just beach bumming as there is a beach resort that can cater to your needs.

How to get to Sambawan Island

Naval Port - Boat bound for Maripipi | Turista Boy

Going to Sambawan Island is a lot easier now. Though the roads going to Biliran are a bit winding, here are some of the possible routes in order to reach the island:

Via Tacloban City, Leyte

  • Ride / Look for a van going to Naval (2 – 2:30 Hours)
  • Walk to Naval Port
  • Ride a ferry boat to Maripipi Island
  • When reaching Maripipi Island, ride a motorcycle to Brgy. Ol-og (contact kuya Gidab at +63 948 169 6233)
  • From Barangay Ol-og, ride a motorboat going to Sambawan Island.

Via Ormoc City, Leyte

  • Ride / Look or a van going to Naval (2:30 – 3 Hours)
  • Follow the same steps above

Via Cebu

  • Ride a Fastcraft Boat to Ormoc City (3 Hours)
  • Ride / Look for a van going to Naval Port
  • Follow the same steps via Tacloban City

Sample Itinerary and Expenses (from Naval, Biliran)

0645 – 0715 H Breakfast (Local restaurant or eatery) PhP 50 – 80

Tacloban – Naval (Van)

Ormoc – Naval (Van)

Cebu – Ormoc (Fastcraft Boat)


PhP 130

P 130

P 600 (open air) / 650 (tourist class) / 1200 (business class)

0715 – 0730 H Walk to Naval Port
0730 – 0800 H Buy Ticket bound for Maripipi / Waiting Time PhP 100 (inclusive of terminal fee)
0830 – 1030 H Naval – Maripipi Travel Time
1030 – 1100 H Motorbike from Maripipi Port to Barangay Ol-og + Snacks Buying + Talking to Sambawan Boatman PhP 1800 RT (depends on negotiation)
1100 – 1500 H Sambawan Island Tour PhP 100 (day tour entrance fee)

PhP 200 (overnight entrance fee)


Optional expenses:

Overnight Cottages

·         Small (4-6 pax) – PhP 1500

·         Big (10-15 pax) – PhP 2500

Tent Rental – PhP 300

Tent Space – PhP 50 (small), 150 (big)




(just ask the caretaker how much)

1500 – 1530 H Sambawan Island to Kawayan Port, Biliran
1530 – 1615 H Kawayan Port to Naval PhP 200 (depends on negotiation)
1615 – 1700 H Rest / Freshen up
1800 – 1900 H Dinner (Local restaurant or eatery) PhP 150

*Note that prices are subject to change without prior notice! If there are changes on fees you can contact me here so we can dish things up!



Sambawan Island | Turista Boy

Sambawan Island seashore | Turista Boy

Being one of the most secluded places to visit in the island province of Biliran, Sambawan Island makes you feel that you are in a different place. With the generous 360-degree scenery, I never felt lost and the views are breathtaking! Yes! The people, too, are very accommodating and the prices for their services are reasonable. It is a great detachment from life’s hustle-and-bustle! The temperature is moderate as winds come and go. The water is also calm and clear – you can compare it to the shores of Boracay and Palawan! I recommend Sambawan Island to those who want to experience nature on a whole new level!

We’re born to travel!

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