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Agara Ramen – Have a taste of Japan in one bowl!

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Have a taste of Japan in one bowl!

I know everyone of you puts Japan in your travel bucket list. It has been also my dream to visit this country and experience its unique culture. But what’s more interesting is their gastronomic experience. At Agara Ramen, they were able to do just that – bringing the flavors of Japan in one bowl (or two!)

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Japanese Cuisine is not a stranger to us. Especially for us who loves noodles a lot! At Agara Ramen, they have put the culinary experience a notch higher. Making Ramen right in front of you is something new in the City of Pines.

As noodle bars in Japan are quite small and intimate, Agara Ramen just did much better. This 14-seater Ramen boutique makes your ramen experience more intimate and personable. Using cooking techniques that would surely dazzle your senses, it is like you have been to Japan yourself!

Flavors of Agara Ramen

I have tried different flavors of Ramen and so far, Agara’s take on this experience is a bit different. You can choose to have your noodles have light flavor up to the tastiest one. The challenge is to eat every delish bowl in 10 minutes or less!

Agara Ramen | Turista Boy

I was up to the challenge. Their head chef (who also is the owner), sir Ray Costa also taught us the ‘proper way’ of eating ramen. The noisier you get, the better! Yes! It is also a way for you to taste every flavor in every sip in every bowl!

So as not to keep you reading any further, here are some of the flavors that you can experience in Agara Ramen:

1. Tonkotsu Shio

Agara Ramen | Turista Boy

2. Tonkotsu Shoyu

Agara Ramen | Turista Boy

3. Miso

Agara Ramen | Turista Boy

4. Tantanmen

Agara Ramen | Turista Boy

5. Gyoza (dumplings)

Agara Ramen | Turista Boy

6. Chuka Soba

Agara Ramen | Turista Boy

Where to experience their flavors


Ground Floor, Rancho Guillermo Building (beside Maybank), North Drive, Engineer’s Hill, Baguio City

Business Days and Hours:

11 A.M. to 12 M.N. (Sunday to Thursday)

11 A.M. to 2 A.M. (Friday and Saturday)

Contact Number:

+63 945 103 9857

Parking Space:

Yes, limited



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