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My Key Takeaways from BlogaFest 2019

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In this year’s edition, BlogaFest has a carnival theme where everyone get to celebrate. For the fourth consecutive year, there is this annual event I go to with my co-bloggers. It is where we meet other bloggers from in and around the country – this is Blogapalooza.

BlogaFest 2019

As Blogapalooza is the premier and the biggest network of bloggers, vloggers, and content creators in the Philippines, they #ElevateInfluence by coming up with BlogaFest!

BlogaFest 2019 | Turista Boy

Through the years that Blogapalooza bas been in the blogging and vlogging landscape, the network of content creators grew and grew. It is also a great avenue for us creators to build connections and have friends from all over the Philippines.
BlogaFest 2019 | Turista Boy
Another takeaway from the BlogaFest is the experience we get to feel whenever we attend. For the third year, it has partnered with City of Dreams Manila and Nobu Hotel to host the annual event.

A paradise for content creators

With brands which are “niche-rich” that suits the taste of every blogger, vlogger, or content creator, partnerships are also strengthened in this annual event which aims to link creators with brands easily and to help each other in a whole new scale.
BlogaFest 2019 | Turista Boy
As blogging (and vlogging) has become one of the popular means of sharing information to everyone, it has taken people by storm. By maximizing the use of the Internet and several social media platforms, it gets easier and easier to access information.

My take

I have learned as a blogger and as a traveler that network- and partnership-building is very important in the digital age. It makes the world a smaller place and everyone can access information they deem relevant.
BlogaFest 2019 | Turista Boy
With the help of Blogapalooza and BlogaFest, it has always been easier to partner with brands and relay their message to our readers and viewers.
Want to know more? Visit Blogapalooza’s website and be part of the ever-growing BlogaFam! We’re born to travel!
Share the love to other turistas! :)
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