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Hotel Review: Astoria Current Boracay

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Astoria Current: Boracay’s Hidden Paradise

Here we go (again!)

It is my second time in Boracay and I was just in awe when I saw Astoria Current for the first time. What I like most about traveling is either staying in a place where it brings out the adventurous in you or it makes you feel like a king or queen. It is one of the things I always look forward to whenever I travel.

Boracay offers not just that fine white sand, warm hospitality, and that picture-perfect sunset but it also offers numerous and a wide range (and posh) of accommodations with different perks that suits almost everyone’s taste.

It is my second time in Boracay and still the feeling of excitement never leaves me whenever I hear something about the place. (Come on, it’s one of the best party islands in the world!)

It is also my first time to travel alone on the island with no definite plans whatsoever. I just really want to enjoy what Boracay really is, the simplest way possible.

What brought me back to this island is a blog post which I wrote about this year’s “LaBoracay.” In exchange, all participating bloggers-slash-travelers were given perks in staying in a hotel on the island for free!

When our coordinator, Ms. Jules Veloso, told us about this, I immediately got excited because I would be back in Boracay after a year and a half (and this time, with free accommodation – and alone at that!)

Anyway, with that much said, I would be reviewing the hotel where I stayed for the past days.

Astoria Current: Luxe, Incomparable, Spectacular

Located in Station 3, Astoria Current is one of the two hotels of Astoria in Boracay (the main Astoria Hotel is located somewhere in Station 1). For everyone’s information, I am a Hospitality and Tourism Management graduate and I know how a hotel operates and should look like.

Astoria Current Boracay Malay Aklan | Turista Boy

Astoria Current Boracay Façade

Astoria Current exceeded my expectations. Aside from my first expectation of the hotel is “grand,” its atrium design just fascinated me because it welcomed me with a beautiful view of the pool that served as the hotel’s centerpiece.

Everywhere you look at, the hotel is bright as it is colored white from its exteriors to the rooms interior color. The hotel also has a minimalist approach, from its furniture, wall decors, and even the table counters.

What I love about Astoria Current is that despite its name, the overall hotel design remains simple and it is light to look in the eye.

Astoria Current Boracay Malay Aklan | Turista Boy

The Atrium overlooking the pool and the beach

When I arrived in Astoria for my stay in Boracay, the staff who accompanied me offered me with a welcome drink and even assisted me to my room and told showed me the different amenities found inside my room. (Talk about Filipino hospitality.)

The room is also spacious and well-lit. Blinds are also readily available whenever you need extra privacy. The room also has an air-conditioning facility although the temperature was a bit cold and I don’t know how to operate it (either the controls are found somewhere or it is just really automatic.) It also has a comfy counter top, a flat-screen television, and a dresser table.

Boracay’s Hidden Paradise

Astoria is only one of the numerous accommodations that can be found in Boracay. What makes Astoria one of the best in the island is that everything you’ll need is probably there.

When I also arrived, I was surprised because they even gave me a complimentary “welcome cake” for my stay in Astoria Current.

Lucky am I because even though my stay in Astoria was for free, the view from my room was just stunning. From my veranda, I had a beautiful view of the pool below and the open sky which makes its open atrium one-of-a-kind, although is it the typical design of almost all the hotels in Boracay.

Their breakfast is also hearty as it features many food choices, be it Continental, American, or Filipino. The interiors of the restaurant are also eye-striking and the lights just play with the intricately-designed walls and delicately adorned columns and spaces.

Parasol Restaurant Astoria Current Boracay Malay Aklan | Turista Boy

The Parasol Restaurant

As the hotel is also located along the shores of Station 3, the hotel can be easily seen while strolling along the White Beach.

Verdict: 9/10

Overall, my experience in Astoria Current is just surreal. I never experienced such hospitality before and all the staff is just friendly and ever-ready to cater to your needs. All of them wear smiles whenever you pass by then and the ambiance of the hotel is really homey. The location, too, is strategic as it is located beachfront. Room rates may be a bit pricey but you will really get what you pay, even more than what you expect. I would definitely want to stay in Astoria Current again whenever I have the chance to visit Boracay for the Nth time.

Astoria Current Boracay Malay Aklan | Turista Boy

Although their Wi-Fi connection may be faulty at times, I think it is the best time to explore what the hotel (and the island) has to offer, especially when you’re on foot, or when riding their local tricycles at the Main Road. As a whole, Astoria Current should be your choice of accommodation whenever visiting the island. It is your home in Boracay.

Hope this would not be my last visit! 🙂

Additional Information:

Location / Address:

 Station 3, Boracay Island,

Malay, Aklan, Philippines

Business Days and Hours:

 Hotel: 24/7

Breakfast (Parasol Resto): 0630 – 1000 H

Room Service: 0900 – 1700 H

Swimming Pool: 0600 – 2200 H

Free Drying Service: 0800 – 2000 H



Social Media Accounts:

Facebook: @astoriacurrent

Twitter: @astoriaboracay

Instagram: @astoriahotelsandresorts

Contact Details:

Contact Numbers:

+63 2 910 0557; (fax) +63 2 632 9420

E-mail Address:



Yes, good for 2 devices only

(Login information is given upon check-in)

Smoking / Non-smoking:

All rooms are non-smoking



Other Pictures:

Astoria Current Boracay Malay Aklan | Turista Boy

My room for the night!

Astoria Current Boracay Malay Aklan | Turista Boy

Breakfast by the pool

Astoria Current Boracay Malay Aklan | Turista Boy

Swimming pool!

Astoria Current Boracay Malay Aklan | Turista Boy

Working on a blog post with Hull & Stern!

Astoria Current Boracay Malay Aklan | Turista Boy

We’re born to travel!

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16 thoughts on “Hotel Review: Astoria Current Boracay

  1. Jane says:

    This place might change how I view Boracay 😉 Looks so relaxing!

  2. Billyboy Nicolas says:

    On feb 1 to 3 me and my family will be going to boracay for the first time and im glad I chose current astoria for our accommodations. Im glad I read this blog. It made me feel that I made the right decision. For a first timer in bora like me and my fam. I want it to be perfect. I think current astoria will be the biggest factor why I will like the place. Maybe fall inlove with it. Thank you so much turistaboy!!! More power!!!

  3. Danica says:

    Wow ang ganda ah! And the welcome treat and message says a lot about them too. Thanks for this, Aldrick!

  4. Ansosyal! hahaha

    true, sometimes it’s not just the place itself that makes the travel exciting and memorable sometimes it’s also the hotel haha! Astoria in Boracy is so white and classy. It must be an enjoyable stay for you. Minsan sama mo naman kami. LOL 🙂

  5. TBH I like the theme of Astoria Current esp that lime green shades in the room and in the pool. Looks very refreshing. A staycation in this hotel is wonderful indeed. Glad you enjoy your second time in Boracay!

  6. Devesh Joshi says:

    You have a knack of writing. Loved reading it and bookmarking your website for more.

  7. Devesh Joshi says:

    Hey you write pretty well. Bookmarking your website for future

  8. Andi says:

    I love the welcome cake and how hospitable they are. Looking at the pictures, I guess, the room and accommodation are really nice. Haven’t been to Boracay because I don’t enjoy seeing a bunch of people. But I will surely visit some day.

  9. Nikaia says:

    How’s Astoria Current’s room rates? Are they as expensive as the Astoria in station 1? I’m planning to go solo in Boracay, but I don’t know if it’s sulit Or nah. 🙂

    Nikaia | http://www.wheresnika.com

  10. I love how the hotel is all white! It looks so luxurious. Boracay is absolutely stunning too so that doesn’t hurt!

  11. The decor in the room is so colourful and lovely! I love the hotel, the pool, breakfast and beaches are just perfect! The first photograph of the beach is amazing. Such a lovely stay in such a lovely place!

  12. Astoria Current looks great and sounds like a nice hotel. We love Boracay and hope to get back later this year. We’ll have to look into this hotel.

  13. neha says:

    Thanks for putting up all the information about astoria including the website, booking details and other minute details. Will really help us make a decision on whether to stay here. The place looks beautiful with simple yet elegant setup and yummy food

  14. I love the idea of putting all together in additional information table and photographers looks incredible. Love to stay when I travel to Boracay island. 🙂

  15. Astoria has one of the nicest location in boracay. If I’m nit mistaken its near bars and restaurants I also love the view of the pool and the beach. Its big pala inside. Awesome! Will highly consider this place next time

  16. Yay! Another option for accommodation in Boracay. I’ll be in the place in the latter part of the year. I am actually eyeing for Ferra Hotel Boracay but this one also deserves a look. Thankyou for the information!

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