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Baguio Food Crawl | The Other Bloggers x Turista Boy (Day 2)

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Baguio Food Crawl: A gastronomic journey in the City of Pines (Day 2)

For the second day of the Baguio Food Crawl, we have featured 7 restaurants and 5 food hubs (of Calle Uno.) On this day, we have tasted some Western and Asian fusion cuisines as well. Talk about ‘food coma,’ these restaurants were just at par with the restaurants that we have visited the previous day. Every meal was sumptuous, with different kinds of tastes and flavors.

I would not keep you reading any longer, here are the restaurants that we ‘crawled‘ on our second day!

Bay Leaf by Cris d’Cuisine


Bay Leaf Restaurant by Cris d Cuisine Baguio | Turista Boy

Looking for a healthier option? Bay Leaf is the one for you. In this edition of the Baguio Food Crawl, Bay Leaf is one of the healthier restaurants we have visited. From their house specialty salads to their noodle soup dishes, Bay Leaf is what I can call synonymous to H-E-A-V-E-N.

I suggest that you try their vegetable salads, which is oh-so-good, by the way. Their duck curry is also delish. It’s the first time I have tried a duck dish on curry! Yum yum yum!

Address: 390-B Happy Homes, Old Lucban, Magsaysay Avenue, Baguio City (Beside Pines Hospital)
Social Media Page/s: Facebook: @Bay-Leaf-Restaurant-by-Cris-d-Cuisine
Mobile Number: +63 915 437 5926
Operating Hours: 0800 – 2200 H (Mon-Sat)
0900 – 2200 H (Sun)
Operating Days: Daily

Sessions Breads, Coffee, Pastries


Sessions Coffee Breads Pastries Baguio | Turista Boy

Sessions Coffee, Breads, and Pastries – or simply Sessions Café, is you dessert authority. If you want to be addicted to sweets, this place is it. Their grand frappes (pictured) are one of their bestsellers. This surprisingly big beverage-slash-everything-that-is-dessert will make your stomach full in a jiffy. They also have all-day breakfast choices and rice meals to complement everything sweet. Some of my favorites here, too, is their fruit yogurt salad and their matcha pie.

Address: 2F Gamaphel Building, F. Calderon Street cor. T. Claudio Street, Middle Session Road, Baguio City (Beside Prime Hotel)
Social Media Page/s: Facebook: @SessionsCoffeeBreadsAndPastries
Mobile Number: +63 917 636 0374
Operating Hours: 0900 – 2300 H
Operating Days: Daily

I Piatti


I Piatti Baguio | Turista Boy

One of the should-be-discovered restaurants in Baguio is iPiatti Cafe. Located in Nevada Square, iPiatti can be easily found because it is just across the Panagbenga Park in Loakan Road. iPiatti mainly serves Western dishes and they are proud and confident that they do not use any kind of special seasoning (other than the usual salt-and-pepper thing). Everything on their menu is made from scratch – and it shows their love food. The owner’s father used to work on a cruise ship before settling here in Baguio – Thus, the birth of iPiatti.

This humble space in Nevada Square is a surprise for me because they serve great food. Especially their pasta puttanesca and their one-of-a-kind pistachio fried ice cream. They also serve “crispy lugaw” and “Chef’s salad in a tortilla bowl.” As of 2020, I Piatti temporarily takes orders via their Facebook Page.

Address: Nevada Square, Loakan Road, Baguio City (across Panagbenga Park)
Social Media Page/s: Facebook: @iPiattiCafeBaguio
Landline Number: +63 74 619 0719
Mobile Number: +63 917 538 4837
Operating Hours: 1100 – 2000 H
Operating Days: Daily

Twisted Chef by Cafe de Angelo


Twisted Chef by Cafe de Angelo Baguio | Turista Boy

One of the branches of Cafe de Angelo, Twisted Chef offers healthy options. From a vegan menu, their food choices are also quite unique for the Filipino palate – with a Filipino twist! Located in Saint Patrick’s Village near South Drive, Twisted Chef also doubles as a yoga studio. My personal favorite would be their eggplant parmesan and their spicy shrimp on Spanish rice. Their simple menu also includes bacon rolls (pictured), chicken parcels, tofu cheese balls, veggie burger, and baked chicken sandwich among others. As of 2020, Twisted Chef is now permanently closed and is replaced by Cafe Seve.

Address: 88 St. Patrick Village, Paterno Street (South Drive), Baguio City (Beside Mary Immaculate School)
Social Media Page/s: Facebook: @Unofficial-Twisted-Chef-by-Cafe-de-Angelo
Mobile Number: +63 917 794 1979
Operating Hours: 1000 – 2100 H
Operating Days: Daily

Calle Uno Food Hub


Calle Uno Food Hub Baguio | Turista Boy

This food hub is where you will really satisfy every side of your tongue. Lo and behold, the Calle Uno Food Hub! Located just outside the Calle Uno Coworking Space, this Food Hub is one of its kind. It features 5 unique food trucks, some on old-fashioned Volkswagens! Pretty cool, right? The food hubs are (1) Munchiez Food Truck, (2) Binge Beetle, (3) Road Grille, (4) Pendong Grill, and (5) Cheat Day / Live Long.

What I suggest you try is Munchiez’s Steak, which is oh-so-tender; Binge Beetle’s Double-scoop bacon ice cream, which is one of its kind with crispy bacon bits; Road Grille’s Ribs that melts in your mouth, I tell you; Pendong Grill’s mouthwatering kebabs and refreshing coolers (pictured); and Cheat Day / Live Long’s Quesadilla Pizza, wrapped in everything you will ever love in a pizza + quesadilla bits and their sweet churros!

Address: 3 Escoda Street (First Road) cor. Naguilian Road, Quezon Hill, Baguio City (after Baliwag Lechon)
Social Media Page/s: Facebook: @CalleUnoFoodHub
Mobile Number: +63 917 501 7787
Operating Hours: Always Open (Depends on the Food Hub)
Operating Days: Daily

BZA Home Arts Cafe


BZA Home Arts Cafe Baguio | Turista Boy

It is honestly my first time to hear about BZA HomeArts Café. Aside from being a very stylish and chic restaurant on top of Quezon Hill, BZA is also the main supplier of rhinestones in the Philippines! Who would have imagined, eh? With rhinestone art embellished all over the place, enjoy their good food in its house setup. The homey ambiance of BZA will add to your culinary experience. My personal faves are their shrimp pasta (pictured), beef canapé, and grilled pork.

Address: #37 First Road, Quezon Hill, Baguio City
Social Media Page/s: Facebook: @BZAHomeArtsCafe

Instagram: @bza_cafe

Mobile Numbers: +63 975 355 3010 (TM)
+63 907 179 5103 (TNT)
Operating Hours: 0800 – 2100 H
*Barbecue nights (every Friday): 1700 – 2200 H
Operating Days: Daily

Joie de Vivre


Joie de Vivre Baguio | Turista Boy

Roughly translates to “the joy of living,” Joie de Vivre is more than just your typical café-slash-restaurant. It also doubles as a spa to complete your relaxing experience while seeing the sun set in the West. Joie de Vivre offers contemporary Western dishes infused with Filipino flavors. From their Strawberry marguerite pizza, t-bone steak, and baked potato, to its luscious choco fries, Joie de Vivre will let you live your life to the fullest with their good food! <3 As of 2020, Joie de Vivre is now permanently closed.

Address: 4F MM Gara Building, Marcos Highway, Baguio City (after Puregold and Shell)
Social Media Page/s: Facebook: @JDVCafe
Website: www.joiedevivrebylars.com
Mobile Number: +63 915 684 1475
Operating Hours: 0800 – 2200 H
Operating Days: Monday – Saturday

Sunday (Closed)

Baguio Craft Brewery


Baguio Craft Brewery | Turista Boy

There is a good way to end a stomach-filling day. One way is drinking a good glass of beer. Not just one or two but 16 different kinds of home-brewed beer at the Baguio Craft Brewery. At this edition of the Baguio Food Crawl, the Craft never fails to surprise its guests – including me! What’s new on the menu is their delish food, particularly their pulled pork muffins and their crispy wrap sisig (you must try this!) Then pair this with one of the featured beers in Craft’s various choices. I recommend their lagud (strawberry beer) and their Kiwi beer. 🙂

Address: KM 4, Marcos Highway, Baguio City
Social Media Page/s: Facebook: @BaguioCraftBrewery

Instagram: @BaguioCraftBrewery

Website: www.baguiocraftbrewery.com
E-mail: info@baguiocraftbrewery.com
Landline Number: +63 74 620 2278
Mobile Number: +63 917 777 6215
Operating Hours: 1700 – 0100 next day (Monday – Friday)
1100 – 0100 next day (Saturday – Sunday)
Operating Days: Daily

This is the first leg of The Other Bloggers’ edition of the Baguio Food Crawl. There’s the second leg so watch out for it! We were just so full of that two-day gastronomic adventure here in Baguio City. We want more! (Yeah, we want to promote the local food scene of Baguio!) See you soon on our second leg! Eats yummy! 🙂

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