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Mount Costa: 5 reasons why this green living room is your next destination

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Green spaces are becoming smaller by the day. Botanical gardens are now one of the emerging spaces that seek to reconnect people to nature. Mount Costa is one of the new spaces that offer just that – plants and flowers, closer to nature.

Mount Costa: The “Greenprint”

Located far from the suburbs of Baguio and Benguet’s capital, La Trinidad, this green living room is your new place to unwind from the city’s hustle-and-bustle. Open just last February 2017, this 6.6-hectare “Green Living Room” features 12 landscaped and curated “signature gardens” with different themes. It also has 11 “discoverable spots” in the garden complex coinciding with the greens around.

One of the themed gardens in Mount Costa | Turista Boy

The garden was once used by Colonel Voltaire Acosta and his spouse Cleotilde as a land for strawberry growing until the market for strawberries dropped in the early ’90s. As generations of the Acostas have passed, they have thought of a way in order to bring back the glory of what was – thus the birth of Mount Costa.

This stroll-around garden will not only make you forget your problems for the meantime, it also brings you to a different dimension of nature. Here are the reasons why Mount Costa should be your next destination in Benguet:


1.) Far from the City’s suburbs, Mount Costa is your quiet place

Mount Costa Reflection Pond | Turista Boy

Mount Costa’s Reflection Pond

This 6-hectare (15 acres) landscape is the perfect place to meditate and be quiet (with yourself or with friends). The silence inside Mount Costa is just relaxing you don’t want to leave the place. You will also get to see over a hundred species of flora and fauna in the entire vicinity. It’s now time to bring out the nature-lover in you!

(Know more here: https://www.mountcosta.com/our-story)


2.) It is not your usual botanical garden

With an unusual and one-of-its-kind concept in the Philippines, Mount Costa raises the bar in terms of bringing something new to the table. New designs and art installations infused with the gardens complements everything inside Costa. State of the art and nature-friendly facades will welcome you in every corner. With two trails, the “yellow trail” and the “blue trail,” you will be guided onto where you can go and how much you can explore Mount Costa. Don’t worry, you will not get lost! You can ask assistance from the reception area if you will need any help. 🙂

(Know more here: https://www.mountcosta.com/gardenmap)


3.) You’ll be closer to nature

With today’s condition of climate change and the inevitable phenomenon of Global Warming, Mount Costa will bring you closer to nature. It will make you appreciate that taking care of the environment is vital – especially nowadays. Watch the video* below to know what to expect inside their themed gardens.

*Video lifted from their Facebook page is used with permission.


4.) This new garden is a paradise in its own right

One of Mount Costa Gardens | Turista Boy

You will never run out of places to see and things to do in the gardens. Every place is a whole new dimension. It is a realm in their own rights. What you just need to do is to discover and experience it first-hand. Not to mention, every themed garden and the discoverable spots is an adventure, too!


5.) Mount Costa is a living art

Inca Garden at Mount Costa | Turista Boy

As flowers naturally wither through time, what Mount Costa does is that they change every flora and fauna if the need arises. So it is like you might not be able to see the same flower design on an installation or garden again. Everything changes. That’s the catch. You will have to see a new design again in a matter of months or so. How wonderful, right?


How to get there:

Mount Costa is located somewhere in Pico-Lamtang Road. It is accessible via the Bauang-Baguio Roads or via Bokawkan, Easter, or Lt. Tacay Road. For easier directions, Mount Costa can now be found on Waze!

From Naguilian Road

Go past Puregold Irisan and travel approximately 6 km along Naguilian and make a right turn at Pico-Lamtang Road

From Tam-Awan Village (Longlong)

Follow Long Long Road for 2.7 km then make a left at Pico-Lamtang Road and travel 2 km.  Mount Costa should appear on your right.

From La Trinidad

Take a jeep to Puguis Junction.  Then take another jeep going to Lamtang.  Mount Costa should be on the right side of the road. Ride a jeep with a sign ‘Puguis Junction’ then get off at Mount Costa.

Via Jeepney*

Go to Shagem St. (across Rose Garden, Burnham Park) and ride a ‘Long trip’ jeep (via Irisan) that will take you all the way to Lamtang. Get off at Lamtang Irisan Cockpit.

*personally recommended route.

(Know more here: https://www.mountcosta.com/how-to-get-there)


Contact and other Information:

Office Address:

9 Sunshine Movers Corporation

24 Naguilian Road, Baguio City 2600

Contact Number:

‎+63 917 702 8292

E-mail address:


To know more about their ticket prices, operating schedules, and garden policies, visit their website HERE!

Mount Costa Logo | Turista Boy

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