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LockedIn: Baguio’s Ultimate Escape Experience

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LockedIn: Escape in Baguio’s most thrilling puzzle-solving game yet!

Experience being locked up in a room with no clue whatsoever on how to get out! And in order to get out there, you should be able to solve various puzzles and riddles? LockedIn is just that – your new live escape game room.

What's to expect in LockedIn | Turista Boy

What’s to expect in LockedIn (photo by Hanaoka Photography)

Being its only kind in the metro, LockedIn is the first live escape room game. Similar to some live escape room games (i.e. Escape Manila), LockedIn lets you go into a situational game wherein you are tasked to solve a mystery.


The Twist and Turns

Unleash the inner detective in you. Play like an investigator like Sherlock Holmes in solving three different stories with three different plots for you to discover. The mechanics are simple, with a maximum number of seven in a team, you will then be brought into a situation wherein you play the lives of those in the “unlucky stories.”

If you are lucky enough, you would be featured in LockedIn’s “Wall of Fame.” When you are much luckier and faster, you may be also featured in their Top 10 list of fastest time teams to escape a particular room. Don’t forget – your team is only given one hour to solve each mystery. By the way, their themed rooms change every three months or so – depending on the popularity of each mystery game. So you might as well play all mysteries now because you will never know, a new mystery would pop up in the coming days.


What you can get

Get your brain cells and your logical reasoning work! (Well, I am a sucker for getting my logical thinking into place. Hahaha! I ended up merely observing!) You get to exercise your mind in solving different kinds of puzzles and riddles just to ‘get out’ of that room. Lucky for our team, we managed to get out in one of the themed rooms. But we have not escaped from the first room.

You can have your bragging rights whenever you make it to the Top 10, Wall of Fame, and even the Wall of Shame. The prize? You and your team will get to get out of the room “alive.”


Contact and other information:

This blog is just a sneak peek of what to expect in Baguio’s LockedIn. I would just leave your excitement hanging and let you experience the thrill for yourself so that I would not be branded as a spoiler.

Get your way through LockedIn Baguio | Turista Boy

Get your way through LockedIn Baguio (Photo by Hanaoka Photography)

For you to know more, here are some of LockedIn’s contact information:


Nevada Square, Loakan Road, Baguio City
Facebook Page:


E-mail Address:


Business Hours:

1000 – 2200 H
Business Days:



Go and find your way out of LockedIn! Good luck!

LockedIn Logo | Turista Boy

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