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Product Review: Cabin Zero Bag Review

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Ever thought of traveling lightly whenever you are out to explore the world? Well, here is your answer. Cabin Zero is the right piece for you. Not only is this the perfect bag for your travels, but it can also be your ultimate travel buddy!

Cabin Zero: Your (new) ultimate travel buddy

Traveling – it is the only thing that makes me sane. For sure, many of you, too, always wanted to travel as well. Along with traveling, you should have equipment that would best suit you while exploring. Personally, Cabin Zero would be a perfect choice to be your new travel buddy. With its spacious design and minimalist features, it makes you feel more comfortable while traveling. Cabin Zero makes you wander with style.

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Why do I love it?

As a neophyte travel blogger and someone who is very fond of traveling to new places, I like exploring with a few luggage with me. Luckily, Cabin Zero provides me with the comfort of exploring places with ease. With its cabin-sized feature, it is much easier to manage and carry.

Inside Cabin Zero | Turista Boy

Inside Cabin Zero

Cabin Zero’s Classic 44L backpack basically features 5 ‘compartments.’ The outside compartment, the net compartment, the main compartment, the hidden compartment, and the laptop compartment. Cabin Zero helps me organize my things, too, whenever I travel! Its spacious interior would let you fit everything you need while you travel.

The Okoban Tag - Cabin Zero | Turista Boy

The Okoban Tag

Cabin Zero bags are also partnered with Okoban where you can register your bag for it to be included in their database in case your bag gets lost or misplaced. Okoban is a global tracker company which safeguards the information of your purchased products affiliated with them.

The bags of Cabin Zero also has 25 years of warranty and it only weighs approximately 760 grams (how light is that!)

Ergonomically stylish

Traveling has never been this fun – and stylish! Cabin Zero’s designs suit almost every style you own. From classic colors to camouflage designs, they have minimalist schemes that would fit your taste.

Anywhere you go, Cabin Zero is your best friend. With its dimensions of 55 x 40 x 20 cm, this backpack would fit any overhead storage you could imagine. Its box template design is also ergonomic as it maximizes the space it fits in. Their bags come in 3 different sizes: 44 L, 28 L, and their new 42 L carry–on bag. They also have “cabin cubes” (check it here!) for easier and more organized storage of your things.


Usability (5)


Portability (3)


Durability against wear-and-tear (2)


Overall Score (10)

9 / 10


Out of 5, I gave CZ a four (4) because of the size of Cabin Zero, it is only ideal for long-term vacations. Though they have the 28L (check them out here!) bags which I can recommend for short-haul travels, the 44L (check their designs here!) is much better when you are on vacation mode for a long time. The bag is also waterproof and is made out of polyester so there is nothing to worry about.


Perfect 3 for its portability, Cabin Zero is easy to carry as there is also a handle that you can carry it horizontally. The only thing I see is that when the bag is heavy, the shoulder straps tend to hurt. But the design of the straps is good as well.


2 out of 2 for its durability. Though its straps tend to lose its hem, the overall condition of the bag is good. There are also 4 side compression straps (two on each side) and you can adjust it accordingly to accommodate more space inside the bag.

The adjustable side straps - Cabin Zero | Turista Boy

The adjustable side straps

Get your Cabin Zero now!

Cabin Zero Website Screen Shot | Turista Boy

If you are convinced that Cabin Zero is the bag for you, then why not purchase your own! You can shop your Cabin Zero goodies here at https://cabinzero.refersion.com/c/82b63e! Don’t forget to use #CabinZero and #MyCabinZero on all your posts on Instagram and Facebook for a chance to win Cabin Cubes weekly!

We’re born to travel!


Cabin Zero gave me a complimentary 44L bag of my choice in exchange for a blog review and social media posts for promotion. All views herein are solely of Turista Boy and has no influence whatsoever of Cabin Zero.

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