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Hello Hong Kong | 25 Things to do in Asia’s World City (Part 1 of 3)

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25 Things to see, do, and experience in Hong Kong (Part 1 of 3!)

Hong Kong is one of the most-visited cities in the world due to its strategic location, located to the East of the Pearl River on the southern part of mainland China. This dynamic metropolis is a perfect mix of East and West, Traditional and Modern. In my short-but-sweet 2-day stay in this City, here are some of the highlights I would personally like to share!

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Choi Hung Estate 彩虹邨

Hong Kong Choi Hung Estate Rainbow Building | Turista BoyIf you are a fan of the rainbow, Choi Hung Estate is the right place for you. Located in Wong Tai Sin District, the most notable feature of the housing complex is its rainbow façade which houses around 40,000 people. “Choi Hung” means “rainbow” in Cantonese.

Australia Dairy Co. 澳洲牛奶公司

Hong Kong Australia Dairy Co | Turista Boy

Hong Kong Australia Dairy Co Breakfast Set and Steamed Egg Pudding with Almond Flavor | Turista Boy

Australia Dairy Co.’s Breakfast Set and Steamed Egg Pudding with Almond Flavor

Australia Dairy Co. is a popular cha chaan teng (diner) in Kowloon, Hong Kong. The diner is heavily popular among tourists (including me!) and locals and they queue up just to have a taste of their famous Steamed Milk Pudding, Toast and Scrambled Eggs, and Custard dishes. If you want to have more comfortable seating, you need to be early! The queue can get long (and I mean super long) during peak hours! Their Steamed Milk Pudding (with a choice of Almond Flavor or Egg White) costs HK$ 33 (Ph₱ 234). My breakfast meal (“Breakfast Set” + Cold Egg Pudding with Almond Flavor) cost HK$ 76 (Ph₱ 540).

Nan Lian Garden 南蓮園池

Hong Kong Nan Lian Garden Pavilion | Turista Boy

Found in Diamond Hill, the Nan Lian Garden is one of the more serene spots in the middle of Hong Kong. found in between flyovers and busy highways, this 3.5-hectare park is designed in the Tang Dynasty style. Its main feature is the Pavilion of Absolute Perfection is a standout pagoda in the middle of the lake. Nan Lian Park is open daily from 0700 H – 2100 H.

Chi Lin Nunnery 志蓮淨苑

Hong Kong Chi Lin Nunnery | Turista Boy

Just adjacent to Nan Lian Garden is the Chi Lin Nunnery. This buddhist temple complex used to be a retreat for buddhist nuns and was rebuilt in 1998. This park is also open daily to the public.

Kowloon Park 九龍公園

Hong Kong Kowloon Park | Turista Boy

Kowloon Park is one of the major parks in the Tsim Sha Tsui Area of Kowloon City District. It has an artificial lake and the right amount of greens for you to relax amidst the bustling business of Hong Kong. You can also see flamingos in the park!

Chungking Mansions 重慶大廈

Hong Kong Chungking Mansions | Turista Boy

Hong Kong Chungking Mansions Kin Shing Money Exchange Company | Turista Boy

Chungking Mansions is a building complex which features a series of budget accommodations, foreign cuisines (Indian, Pakistani, Nepalese), foreign exchange stores (they say ForEx stores here are more competitive, and it is! I exchanged my money at Kin Shing Money Exchange Company), as well as retail stores and residential units.

Avenue of the Stars 星光大道

Hong Kong Avenue of Stars Kowloon | Turista Boy

Similar to the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Hong Kong’s Avenue of the Stars features hand prints of famous Hong Kong celebrities and personalities that put the island on the spotlight. It is also one of the main promenades fronting Victoria Harbour. This is also where you get to see a statue of Bruce Lee.

Hong Kong Cultural Centre 香港文化中心

Hong Kong Cultural Centre | Turista Boy

The Hong Kong Cultural Centre is a multipurpose facility which caters to several artistic performances. What is good is that this building is just adjacent to the Victoria Harbour and the Star Ferry Pier so you can busk around easily after visiting the Cultural Centre.

Victoria Harbour 維多利亞港 + Clock Tower

Hong Kong Victoria Harbour Kowloon | Turista Boy

Hong Kong Clock Tower Tsim Sha Tsui Kowloon | Turista Boy

Considered to be one of the most beautiful and iconic harbours in the world, the Victoria Harbour is named after Queen Victoria because Hong Kong was once part of the British Empire. Here, you get to see the famous Hong Kong skyline and this is also the main waterway system connecting Kowloon and Hong Kong Island. Also located within the Victoria Harbour promenade is the striking Clock Tower which stands 44 meters tall and is the only remnant of the now-defunct Kowloon Station of the Kowloon-Canton Railway system. It is also referred to as the Tsim Sha Tsui Clock Tower.

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