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Hello Hong Kong | 25 Things to do in Asia’s World City (Part 2 of 3)

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25 Things to see, do, and experience in Hong Kong (Part 2 of 3!)

Here is part 2 (of 3) of the 25 things I did, saw, and experienced when I visited Hong Kong! Here are some of the highlights! Read along!

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Star Ferry Cruise 天星小輪

Hong Kong Star Ferry | Turista Boy

If you want to experience traversing Victoria Harbour, hop on a Star Ferry! This iconic green-and-white boat has been in operation since 1888. This tourist attraction in itself mainly services Tsim Sha Shui (Kowloon Side) and Central (HK Island Side). This is a perfect way to experience the harbor in an inexpensive way. The fare on Star Ferry ranges from HK$ 4 – 6.50 (Ph₱ 30 – 50)!

Hong Kong Observation Wheel and AIA Vitality ParkHong Kong Observation Wheel AIA Vitality Centre | Turista Boy

Dubbed as the “Heartbeat of Hong Kong” and also known as “HKOW,” the Hong Kong Observation Wheel is one of the main attractions in Hong Kong Island. This 42-gondola wheel can fit 8 persons per gondola and you can get a nice view of the Victoria Harbour just right in front of the Park and Pier. Ticket prices to the HKOW is at HK$ 20 – 40 (Ph₱ 145 – 290) for adult passengers.

Yick Cheong (Monster) Building 益昌大廈

Hong Kong Monster Building Yick Cheong | Turista Boy

The Yick Cheong a.k.a. Monster Building has become one of Hong Kong’s popular tourist attractions over the years because of its unique architecture. This group of 5 buildings has also been featured in some movies. The Monster building is home to around 10,000 residents.

“Ding Ding” Tram

Hong Kong Ding Ding Tram | Turista Boy

In operation since 1908, the Hong Kong Tramways has been a staple mode of transportation in the northern coast of Hong Kong Island. It has since been a symbol of modern Hong Kong and how it played a vital role in shaping Hong Kong’s history. When I rode the Ding Ding, the experience got me excited because it was my first time riding a tram! It now operates on 6 major routes and the fare only costs HK$ 3 (Ph₱ 22) for adults and the trams are usually seen in Hong Kong Island.

The Peak Tram 山頂纜車

Hong Kong The Peak Tram | Turista Boy

The Peak Tramways Company Ltd. aka “The Peak Team,” is also one of the famous tours you have to experience when visiting Hong Kong. This particular Tramway was the first cable funicular in Asia when it opened in 1888. At the end of The Peak Tram ride is the Sky 428 View Deck where you can get a panoramic view of Hong Kong Island and Kowloon Area together with the Victoria Harbour. The roundtrip ticket price for the tram + admission to the Sky 428 is at HK$ 148 (Ph₱ 1075).

Sky 428 View Deck

Hong Kong Sky 428 Observation Deck | Turista Boy

Standing 428 meters above sea level, the Sky Terrace 428 is the highest viewing terrace in Hong Kong. This is one of the attractions to visit after riding The Peak Tram. The regular entrance fee to the Sky Terrace 428 for adults is HK$ 75 (Ph₱ 545). If you avail of a “combo ticket,” meaning you will purchase a ticket for The Peak Tram and Sky Terrace 428 in one bundle, it would cost only HK$ 148 (Ph₱ 1075). The Sky 428 View Deck is open daily from 1000 H – 2200 H (Monday – Friday); and 0800 H – 2200 H (Saturday – Sunday).

Yat Lok Restaurant 樂燒鵝

Hong Kong Yat Lok Restaurant | Turista Boy

Hong Kong Yat Lok Restaurant Roasted Goose Chest and Back with Noodles and Milk Tea | Turista Boy

This One Michelin Star family business gained its popularity when it was featured in the renowned Michelin Guide for its notable high quality cooking of roasted goose and other meat products. Strategically located in Stanley Street, Central, Yat Lok Restaurant is one of the best restaurants I have tried in Hong Kong. Their famous roasted duck with chest in noodles costs HK$ 76 (Ph₱ 540) and HK$ 20 (Ph₱ 142) for their in-house milk tea.

Lan Fong Yuen 蘭芳園

Hong Kong Lan Fong Yuen Milk Tea | Turista Boy

Founded in 1952, Lan Fong Yuen has been an institution in itself as it is believed to be the origin of the “stocking milk tea.” This historic cha chaan teng also offers pork chop bun, french toast, and chicken noodles and is also one of the oldest existing milk tea shops in Hong Kong. I have tried their traditional iced milk tea at HK$ 28 (Ph₱ 200).

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