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The Plaza Hotel – Balanga: Where history meets modernity

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Ever wonder why the Philippines is rich in history? Think again. There are 81 reasons why It’s more Fun in the Philippines and Bataan is definitely one of them. As the 33rd province I have been to in my personal #Project81, I am surprised how history perfectly blends with the modern times. Take for instance the City of Balanga where The Plaza Hotel stands, it is the perfect example of what it is to travel back in time while enjoying the modern metropolis.

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The Plaza Hotel: Perfect mix of past and present

I am a big fan of classic architecture and anything to do with art itself. When I and my partner visited Bataan last 29-31 March 2019, we expected our visit to be great – and yes, it was! Our stay at The Plaza Hotel got us in awe. Right at the heart of Balanga City, the hotel is strategically located to the nearest popular tourist spots in Bataan.


This 34-room hotel boasts a façade reminiscent of the Spanish colonial era. Intricately designed to capture your senses, it has given justice to the overall look of Plaza Mayor de Ciudad de Balanga. It is the centerpiece of the City and reminds everyone that history and modernity can perfectly blend in any way possible.

Warm Smiles

Upon entering into The Plaza Hotel, warm smiles greeted us and welcomed us with the warmest hospitality. It’s relaxing ambiance combined with the hotel’s earthy colors made it more relaxing. Luckily our room was facing the Plaza and Balanga (St. Joseph) Cathedral. Every space is maximized and there is always something going on in every corner – no dull spaces!



Where we stayed




When we visited Bataan for our #Project81, The Plaza Hotel was very generous to accommodate us to have a fuller experience of the province. As I celebrated my 27th birthday in Bataan, it made my celebration extra special. We stayed in a Plaza View Deluxe Room with a nice view of the City Plaza and nearby Mount Samat. This 27-square meter room is very spacious and is ideal for solo travelers and couples, too!


Fit for two to three persons, our room also had a fair share of sunlight in the morning and a view of the City lights in the evening. The hotel’s architecture is just awe-striking and welcoming us in a vibrant mood gave me the impression that Bataan is more than classy. Its simple yet homey vibe made us reconnect with our senses. The Plaza’s minimalist design also adds comfort and it simply is just relaxing. The staff is also accommodating to all our needs and they make sure that all is in its right place. Lucky us because we get to see and feel the unprecedented view of Balanga City.

What it has to offer!

The Plaza Hotel houses two mainstay restaurants: The Plaza Brew Coffee Company and Kyoto Café.

Plaza Brew Coffee Company

Having a good sip of hot coffee on a sunny morning never gets old. In Plaza Brew, it is perfectly complemented with Asian Fusion Cuisine and everything that has to do with coffee (plus, featuring its vintage collection that you should check out!) As we were billeted for two nights in the heart of Balanga, Plaza Brew gave us a share of what is to have a simple breakfast while enjoying crafted, artisanal food.



Enjoying our -silog (fried rice and egg) combo, starting the day in Plaza Brew is a good start. With a number of food selections available all day (though I thought it was a buffet), everything is just at its right place – good food, nice people, and great ambiance. Breakfast in Plaza brew is served from 0600 – 1000 H.

Café Kyoto

Ready to taste the flavors of Japan while enjoying the view of Balanga City? Café Kyoto is the answer. From sushi, ramen, tonkatsu, and many more, it is the perfect complement for all your heart’s desires.

Rooms that will suit your style:

The 34 rooms of The Plaza Hotel is divided into three main room configurations: The Deluxe Rooms, The Plaza View Rooms, and the Suites. These rooms were exquisitely designed for every guests’ taste, complemented with all the amenities and facilities that would complete your hotel experience.

Deluxe Rooms

The Deluxe Rooms are subdivided into the Executive Deluxe and Premier Deluxe. This 24-32-square meter room is good for single or double occupancy (with a maximum of 2 children if accompanied by two adults.) Its queen or twin bed also features top-of-the-line linen and the rooms, unfortunately, do not have a view. It also has a hot and cold shower, flat-screen television with cable, dresser table, safety deposit box, and a closet.

Deluxe Room | Turista Boy

Deluxe Room (photo from The Plaza Hotel Balanga Website)

The Plaza View Rooms

Like the Deluxe Rooms, the Plaza View Rooms (Deluxe and Junior Suite), this 27-34-square foot room configuration also has the same amenities. The only difference is that this type of room offers a view of the Plaza Mayor de Ciudad de Balanga. The rooms in this configuration also have a bathtub.

Plaza View Room | Turista Boy

The Plaza View Room (photo from The Plaza Hotel Balanga Website)


The largest of all rooms types, the Suites are subdivided into three: The Maria Clara (Queen-size bed), The Ibarra and Presidential Suites (both King-size beds.) This 34-69-square meter room type is ideal for people who want to get the best out of their experience in Bataan. Being the only topnotch hotel in the City, it pays off when you stay in the suite and have a relaxing vacation with your family or friends.

Maria Clara Suite | Turista Boy

The Maria Clara Suite (photo from The Plaza Hotel Balanga Website)

Ibarra Suite | Turista Boy

The Ibarra Suite (photo from The Plaza Hotel Balanga Website)

Presidential Suite | Turista Boy

The Presidential Suite (photo from The Plaza Hotel Balanga Website)

For more information on room configurations (and their published rates), you can click here!

Contacts and Other Details:

Location / Address

80 J.P. Rizal Street, Poblacion, Plaza Mayor de Ciudad de Balanga, Bataan City

Business Hours

The Plaza Hotel: 24/7

The Plaza Brew Coffee Company: 0600 – 2200 H

Café Kyoto: 1130 – 2100 H



Social Media Accounts

Facebook: @theplazahotelbalanga

Instagram: @theplazabalanga


Yes (instructions will be given upon check-in)


Yes (limited)

Smoking / Non-smoking

All rooms are non-smoking

(As per City Ordinance No. 09, Series of 2016)

Contact Details:

The Plaza Hotel: +63 47 237 1037 / +63 917 310 5083

Plaza Brew Coffee Company: +63 47 240 4104

Café Kyoto: +63 998 541 1741


E-mail address: info@theplazahotelbalanga.com

Verdict: 9/10

The Plaza Hotel Balanga | Turista Boy

Situated in the heart of the City of Balanga, The Plaza Hotel is in any way accessible and major terminals, malls, food establishments, and markets are easily located. It’s architecture, too, adds to the beauty of Plaza Mayor de Ciudad de Balanga and makes you feel nostalgic about the past.

The staff is very much willing to assist their guests’ needs (which I liked the most) and they are very knowledgeable about the place. The food is delicious and right for your palate’s desire. They also have a variety of food choices. Their Wi-Fi speed is fair and you can connect immediately after check-in.

Overall, the experience is great and our stay in The Plaza Hotel is one for the books. As one of the highlights of colonial Balanga, I must say it is an attraction on its own!


*Disclaimer: The Plaza Hotel – Balanga accommodated us as part of our visit to the Province of Bataan. All views, reviews, and opinions are sole of Turista Boy and have no influence from the hotel’s staff and management.*

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