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Eats Yummy: Lemon and Olives

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Lemon and Olives: A Taste of Greece

Who would have thought that the flavors of Greece will be within reach right here in the Baguio City? Lemon and Olives will give you a taste of what it is to be in the Mediterranean. Personally, I am still very far from making my European Dream Tour come true. Good thing Lemon and Olives brought the Mediterranean plate into the Filipino setting.

Lemon and Olives Facade | Turista Boy

Lemon and Olives Façade

Specifically specializing in Grecian dishes and desserts, Lemon and Olives makes it more accessible for every local and tourist what it feels like to be eating in Greece, matching it with the cool climate and mountainous view of Baguio.

Souvlaki - Lemon and Olives | Turista Boy

Souvlaki (Lamb, Chicken, and Beef)

Greek Yogurt and Freddo Iced Tea - Lemon and Olives | Turista Boy

Greek Yogurt and House-blend Iced Tea!

When I have tried their food items together with my friends, I have tried their Souvlaki and Greek Yoghurt for dessert. If you would be looking at their menu, almost all of their offerings are in Greek names, making it hard to pronounce but I am sure is delicious to taste.

Right in the Mountains of Baguio

A view of the mountains from their Veranda - Lemon and Olives | Turista Boy

A view of the mountains from their Veranda

Strategically located within Baguio’s lush pines trees and fog-kissed mountains, Lemon and Olives’ location will complement with its food items that would satisfy one’s palate. As it is far from the busy streets of the City, I find the restaurant’s location very conducive for dining and for someone to really maximize the Grecian experience – with a Filipino twist.

Grecian feels

Lemon and Olives Interior | Turista Boy

Lemon and Olives’ Interior

Another view of their Interiors - Lemon and Olives | Turista Boy

Another view of their Interiors

As it is another house-turned-restaurant in Baguio (that is actually becoming a fad in the City), the restaurant’s interiors will really make you feel at home. With a wide space for dining, properly-lit sections and corners, and interiors that combine European and Filipino touches, Lemon and Olives is really one-of-its-kind and a first-of-its-kind.

As I have observed, their cuisine and other food choices are “light” in nature and are also good for that calorie-conscious guest. Peta bread, as also usually seen in the Middle East, is one of the mainstay items in the Restaurant.

Light carbohydrates is also what mainly comprises their menu structure – which is more appealing to me because, given its diverse choices of Mediterranean food items, it gives me an impression that Lemon and Olives are also concerned with their customers’ diet and nutrition. It is as if they are combining and promoting healthy eating while enjoying that perfect view of the Cordilleras.

Other Information:

Bestseller Dish + Drink  Souvlaki Plate + House-blend Iced Tea
Price range ₱ 90 – 1950
Type of Service Plated


Contact Details  +63 74 423 2278
Business Days and Hours Tuesday – Sunday

(1100 H – 2200 H), closed on Mondays

Social Media Account  Facebook: Lemon and Olives
Location / address  #26 Outlook Drive, Baguio City


Restaurant size Medium
Service charge No
Wi-Fi No

(still on the process of being installed)

Smoking / Non-smoking Non-smoking


8 / 10

Lemon and Olives is a one-of-its-kind restaurant in Baguio City. The dishes and desserts that we have tried are really new to the palate. I like the Souvlaki as it has an explosion of flavors in one plate.

The overall experience in the restaurant is memorable as it gave us a promising view of the mountains while eating. What kept me from keeping the 2 (personal) points for Lemon and Olives are (1) accessibility, and (2) food price.

The location is far from the City giving you a beautiful view but the main problem I have noticed is transportation services. Jeepneys are unusually plying the route at Outlook Drive and taxi cabs are also limited. It will really be an advantage if you have a private car when planning to visit the restaurant.

The food items are also delicious (I cannot say more as it really satisfied me), but the rates are a bit pricey. But nevertheless, I have had a great time eating there and all their staff is also accommodating and is also knowledgeable about the restaurant and its offerings. Kalí douleiá!


Lemon and Olives Entrance | Turista Boy

Lemon and Olives’ Entrance

Lemon and Olives Parking Space | Turista Boy

Lemon and Olives’ Parking Space

Enjoying our food at Lemon and Olives | Turista Boy

Eats Yummy!

We’re born to (eat and) travel!

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