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Eats Yummy: Red Rustikz

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Picture this – living in a laid-back life while enjoying the pine-covered mountains and eating food that makes everything else more relaxing. That is exactly how you would feel when eating at Red Rustikz.

Red Rustikz: A Food Trip to Europe (and beyond!)

Undoubtedly, every one of us loves food, especially when it is new to our palate. As adventurous as one can get, it seems like it can be delighting when we taste something foreign – and in this case, let me take you to Spain and Italy!

With various food items from these countries, be it from raviolis, pastas, and not to mention their delectable steaks (which by the way are tender and melts in the mouth), a first-timer eating at Red Rustikz would definitely want to go explore what Europe has to offer in terms of gastronomy – and beyond!

Food trip to Spain and Italy in Red Rustikz

Food trip to Spain and Italy!

Rustic Feel right in the Heart of Baguio

Red Rustikz gives you a glimpse of the past with their “old school” feel where they play classic hits in big discs. Same as when you are in the European countryside enjoying a beautiful view. It is also safe to say that they offer comfort foods – particularly from Spain and Italy, hence widening the food choices of everyone visiting the City of Pines, locals and tourists alike.

Old school feels only at Red Rustikz

Old school feels (only at Red Rustikz!)

Also clothed with the City’s cold climate and cool weather all year-round, their warm, fresh, and hearty food offerings are the perfect complement to beat the chill! It is also then relevant to pair these European dishes with some tropical beverages (and beers!) that would complete your relaxing visit to Red Rustikz.

Going Back to Basics

Fried Eggplants at Red Rustikz

Fried Eggplants!

Potato Chips at Red Rustikz

Potato Chips!

Salmon Pesto at Red Rustikz

Salmon Pesto!

Ravioli at Red Rustikz


House Burger at Red Rustikz

House Burger!

As you are now taken to a different dimension of food and ambiance, Red Rustikz also features an open kitchen, letting you see and know that your food is freshly made right before your very eyes – same as if you are at the comforts of your own home. It gives diners the opportunity to learn how their food is made. It is also noteworthy that they can ask the chefs-on-duty on what every food offering consists! You can also smell the aroma of the food being prepared to make you feel more “at home.”

But wait, there’s more!

Red Rustikz Open Kitchen

Red Rustikz’s Open Kitchen

Red Rustikz would make you go back for more and something new every now and then. Also, they would offer new menu choices every three months – that will make you coming back for more! At the moment, too, they have four home-brewed beers (Passion Fruit, Choco Mint, Coffee, and Peach) which are available in the bar upon ordering. They also offer different tropical beverages that would surely complement every meal they serve.

Pork Belly at Red Rustikz

Pork Belly! (One of their bestsellers!)

Baby Back Ribs at Red Rustikz

Baby Back Ribs! (Their Bestseller!)


Bestseller Dish + Drink

Baby Back Ribs + House Iced Tea

Price Range (see menu)

PhP 120 – 475

Type of Service (plated, buffet, self) (search)


Contact Details

Christian Tamayo Salim (co-owner)

+63 74 661 7218

+63 927 129 2579, +63 977 086 1453

Business Days and Hours

1000 – 2200 H (Monday-Thursday, Sunday)

1000 – 0100 H the next day (Friday, Saturday)

Social Media Accounts

E-mail: ChristianTamayoS@gmail.com


Facebook: @redrustikz.ph

Instagram: @redrustikz

Twitter: @redrustikz

Location / address

82 Upper General Luna Road, Baguio City

(easily accessible, near The Kitchen and 2600 GastroPub)

Service charge



Yes (Fast)

Smoking / Non-smoking



Verdict: 9 / 10

The overall experience in Red Rustikz is way above my expectations. The place is very accessible – it can be reached via jeepney, taxi and private cars easily. It also has a wide parking space for those who have cars. Their Wi-Fi is also fast and reliable, making us maximize the whole experience. It is also a one-of-a-kind restaurant as it features an open kitchen. (I think it is only one of two Open Kitchen Restaurants in the City next to Café by the Ruins Dua.)

The restaurant is also spacious enough for people to move freely and explore the place. The food items are also delicious (no doubt) as it is freshly made right before your very eyes – especially their steak! Try it! Their fruit shakes are also to look forward to. I also love their personalized latte art on their warm beverages. Their staff is also knowledgeable about the offering of the restaurant. The one point went to their price as some of their food items are a bit expensive. So I also suggest that you should go here in groups to try every item in their wide-range menu.



Sir Chris explaining to us their food servings at Red Rustikz

Sir Chris explaining to us their food servings.

Red Rustikz Interior

Red Rustikz’s Interior

Red Rustikz Exterior

Red Rustikz’s Exterior

Pasta freshly made in Red Rustikz

Pasta freshly made!

Bon appetit in Red Rustikz

Bon appetit!



Red Rustikz invited some bloggers from Baguio City to try on their food items and some beverages. They sponsored our meals for us to feature their restaurant. ‘Til the next food adventure! East yummy!

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