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Hotel Review: Microtel by Wyndham Cabanatuan

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5 Things I Love About Microtel by Wyndham Cabanatuan

“An Oasis right at the heart of Cabanatuan City”

Being situated in the largest province in Central Luzon, Microtel Cabanatuan is a hidden paradise ready to be discovered. With every modest room suited to the simplicity of the Filipino, Microtel Cabanatuan is your second home.

Microtel Cabanatuan's Façade

Microtel Cabanatuan’s façade


Here are the reasons why I instantly fell in love with Microtel Cabanatuan:

1. Oasis in a modern Metropolis

Microtel Cabanatuan is located in the suburbs of the city, making it an instant hideaway from the hustle-and-bustle of Cabanatuan. Built for ease and comfort, every room, amenities, and facilities of Microtel Cabanatuan has a heart of a Filipino.

It is your instant paradise wherein it will take you into a “new world of comfort and relaxation.” Microtel Cabanatuan is also equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and amenities that will make your experience much better, complementing it with warm smiles from its staff.

2. Hospitality with a Filipino Heart

Microtel Cabanatuan's Lobby

Microtel Cabanatuan’s Lobby

Welcoming you with the warmest Filipino hospitality, Microtel Cabanatuan is your place to be. With its simple interiors and ambient surroundings, the overall atmosphere in the hotel is homey – your home away from home.

Assisting you with everything you will need, the staff of the hotel will deliver it in no time. They would also explain the dos and don’ts of the hotel

3. Simplicity at its best

As a fan of minimalism, I just like the earthly colors enveloping Microtel Cabanatuan’s interiors. With shades of cream and brown, it is just pleasing and light to the eyes once you enter the hotel.

4. Suits my Style

Microtel Cabanatuan is the hotel that exudes simplicity with style. Even though it is just a boutique hotel with 50 well-appointed rooms, it delivered in terms of how it welcomes guests warmly and how simplicity could really be more attracting than having lavish decors all over.

Microtel Cabanatuan's Front Desk

The Front Desk

I just felt at home when I first entered this hotel. 🙂

5. Fulfilled my expectations

Upon arriving after a tiresome trip, my check in was really fast and hassle-free. Although no one was there to assist me to my room, I did not get lost when I entered to search for my room.

Microtel appointed rooms

One of Microtel’s appointed rooms.

Every need and favor we asked for were attended promptly and the staff is knowledgeable on whatever the hotel offers.

So if you decide to stay in Cabanatuan and explore the province of Nueva Ecija, don’t hesitate to check out Microtel Cabanatuan and they will sure welcome you with a smile.


Verdict: 9 / 10

Microtel Cabanatuan swimming pool

Swimming pool!

What I like about Microtel Cabanatuan is that it is situated in a secluded place where the hustle and bustle of Cabanatuan City cannot be felt nor heard. What we were challenged about was to get an accessible transportation at night, though there are tricycle drivers standing by at the hotel’s vicinity during the day.

The place is very peaceful and is very conducive for someone having a comfortable vacation. What I am just worried about is the absence of a lifeguard in the pool even though it has guidelines posted in the pool’s entrance. I also observed that there are no complimentary slippers for guests staying in the hotel. But what I like is the presence of a lot of security guards during our stay that made me feel safer (as some parts of the hotel are quite open.)

WiFi connection is fast, too, and water and coffee is free in the lobby. The staff were very attentive to our needs. The breakfast was sumptuous and delicious, too! My overall experience in the Microtel Cabanatuan is unforgettable and I would definitely recommend this to my friends who want to see the beauty of Nueva Ecija on a budget.


Additional Information:

Location / Address:  Barangay Sta. Arcadia, Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija
Business Days and Hours:

Hotel: 24/7

Restaurant: Breakfast: 0630 – 1000 H

Swimming Pool: 0700 – 2200 H

Website: www.microtelphilippines.com
Social Media Accounts:

Facebook: @MicrotelPhilippines

Instagram: @MicrotelPH

Twitter: @MicrotelPH

iOS App Store: Microtel Philippines

Contact Details:

Contact number: +63 44 464 7777

Mobile: +63 927 804 2929

E-mail: cabanatuan@microtel.ph



(Lobby: Free of Charge

Room: Wi-Fi charges may apply)

Smoking / Non-smoking:

Some Rooms: Non-smoking

(Smoking rooms are available upon request)



(prior arrangement required)



*Microtel Inn and Suites Cabanatuan provided us a with 2-night complimentary stay while we were exploring the province of Nueva Ecija. All views found herein are personal and without influence from the owners and/or managers of Microtel Cabanatuan.*


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20 thoughts on “Hotel Review: Microtel by Wyndham Cabanatuan

  1. Laura says:

    I forwarded this post to one of my collegues who’s planning a trip to the Philliphines, so maybe this hotel-post can be of some use to him! Love your photo’s!

    1. Thanks, Laura! Hope they would stay here soon, too!

  2. The pool area looks quite nice! I also like hotels that are away from the hustle and bustle sometimes – good pick!

    1. Yup! And the place is very very quiet. The perfect place to relax!

  3. By the looks of the hotel the 9/10 rating was very apt. The room looked simple and comfortable. Really good for a getaway and a peaceful time away from the hustle and bustle of the city

    1. Yes, Sandy! Though far from the City Center, the hotel is really a relaxing place to stay! 🙂

  4. Indrani says:

    Good review. I too like hotels off city limits.
    The interiors are simple yet more than sufficient.

    1. Thanks, Indrani! The earthly colors of the hotel just got me in awe! It’s very comfortable to the eyes. 🙂

  5. SindhuMurthy says:

    This looks like a peaceful place to spend a weekend. The rooms look cozy with the earthen hues. I love the decor of the front desk for christmas.

    1. Yes! The simple interiors of the hotel just captured my interest! 🙂

  6. Marge says:

    I’ve been to a Microtel in Pasay but I didn’t get to sleep there. I know that they are open to bloggers sponsorship but I have never gotten around into contacting them. But I do want to try this hotel, not just to pass by but stay there for real. What I like in this hotel is that they have many branches all over the country!

    1. Yes, ate Marge! They’re very accommodating to bloggers who want to feature a certain place, Nueva Ecija in this case. They are very prompt in assisting our needs and the service is just great!

  7. sophi says:

    What a great info! and what a superb place! I am happy with the rating you have given! This place certainly deserves it.

  8. the atmosphere in the lobby projects a modern filipino vibe.. I could recommend this hotel to my foreign friends who’d visit Cabanatuan! thanks for sharing!

  9. Louiela says:

    A beautiful place to relax and recharge… and even to think clearly. I’m happy to know that Microtel Wyndham gave you 5 reasons to love the place and even convince us to stay there…

    1. Yes, Louiela! And they’re very very accommodating! Talk about Filipino hospitality. 🙂

  10. neha says:

    It looks like a perfect place to enjoy a peaceful vacation. And as you said, it’s located away from the hustle and bustle as well. To me it appears to be sweet and simple

    1. Sweet and simple are the words, Neha! Yes! That’s how Microtel can be summed up! 🙂

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