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Eats Yummy: Mother’s Garden – Your Home “Sweet” Home

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Picture this – You enjoying your warm coffee and delectable slice of cake with a panoramic view of the City below, seating in a gazebo surrounded with organic plants and herbs on a homey atmosphere. That’s what you will experience when dining in Mother’s Garden!

That’s what you will get to experience when you go to Mother’s Garden. Its private and far location is all worth it as it brings you to a whole new dimension of laid-back environment paired with homemade cuisines organically sourced from their in-house farm.

Mother’s Garden: The new home-turned-café

Mother's Garden Restaurant Baguio City Restaurants | Turista Boy

It has become a fad nowadays – people tend to search new and unconventional food because probably, they’re fed up with all the commercially-saturated fast foods in the metro. They now look for budding restaurants offering what’s usually new to the tongue. For the people of Baguio, they tend to look for ‘fusion cuisines’ – those mixed with the traditional highlands coffee and gastronomy.

In Mother’s Garden, you can find just all that under their roof. All food items and its overall concept are made from home. From its interiors, it gives you that homey ambiance. With great food choices, you’ll never go out of the league.

All around the food

Their twist is that they change their menu seasonally, as they demand says so. According to their manager, ma’am Tess, before they put up a new menu set, she sees to it that all her staff would master every detail on how they would execute every item in the menu – making it perfect for every dining experience. She wants to instill to her staff that they should learn from the heart and that it would reflect on their output. This is also her way of building rapport to her customers, bringing them ‘back to home.’

Platte Europa served on a plate - Mother's Garden Baguio City | Turista Boy

Platte Europa served on a plate!

For this season (and as of this writing), they are offering their Christmas Menu focusing on dishes new to the Filipino palate. When we were invited to try their food, she offered us their European Platter.

“Platte Europa” as they call it, consists of different kinds of sausages from Italy, Hungary, and Germany together with ‘Sauerkrout’ sautéed in White Wine, giving it that sweet-sour taste, complemented with marble potatoes on the side and homemade ham cured for months to perfection. Al dente!

Mother’s Garden advocacy

They also have an advocacy of growing their plants and feeding their animals the organic way. This is Mother’s Garden’s practice to attract its guests to practice a clean way of living and to respect nature as well. Way back to its conception in 2010, Ma’am Tess also sees to it that her employees – her family – would serve ‘with a heart’ giving every customer a hearty and delicious plate, plus the experience. To quote, “Mother’s Garden trains the Cordillera Youth by honing their skills so an improved lifestyle for their future may be realized.”

Mother's Garden Baguio City Restaurants | Turista Boy

Mother's Garden Baguio City Restaurants | Turista Boy

Mother’s Garden is an oasis in the middle if the City where Arts, Cuisine, Culture, and Nature come into play. Every time guests would like to maximize that homey experience, the staff gives them a guide pamphlet into where the interesting places in the Garden are found. This is where you get to know Mother’s Garden more.

Christmas Treat!

Highlighting the Christmas Season, Mother’s Garden is exhibiting their Light Show at the Kindergarten area! This year’s theme is “Frozen” with Queen Elsa with all the lights and sounds from the famous Disney movie! The Light show will run from December 24, 2015, to January 3, 2016, starting 6 p.m.! See it on their Facebook Page here!

Mother's Garden Light Show Baguio City | Turista Boy

Mother’s Garden Light Show (as seen on their Facebook Page)


Mother’s Garden invited some bloggers for their Light Show. All food provided during the visit were free of charge. All reviews herewith are sole opinions of Turista Boy and without the influence of Mother’s Garden management.

We’re born to (eat and) travel!

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