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Mount Yangbew and Mount Kalugong in one day!

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Twin Day Hike in Mount Yangbew and Mount Kalugong!

New year, new climb! What’s better in starting 2020? – Mountain climbing! In this blog, I am going to tell you how to climb Mount Yangbew and Mount Kalugong in one day!
Mount Kalugong | Turista Boy

Sunset-chasing in Mount Kalugong!

Just situated near the Benguet Provincial Capitol and the famous Strawberry Fields, these mountains are one of the quickest getaways from La Trinidad and Baguio. Easily accessible from the road, there is no hassle climbing Mount Yangbew and Mount Kalugong.

Mount Yangbew

With a height of approximately 1,643 – 1,648 meters above sea level (5,389 – 5,407 feet above sea level), Mount Yangbew can be easily accessed by jeep (or easier if you have a private vehicle.) At the jump-off point, paved terrain will signal the start of the hike. Towards the summit, land and soft rocks form the landscape. Dubbed as Benguet’s Little Pulag because of its similarity with the 3rd highest peak in the country, Mount Yangbew can easily be climbed. You can climb up to the summit in more or less than 30 minutes. If you are lucky enough, you can also have a sight of a sea of clouds at the summit!
Mount Yangbew | Turista Boy
Once reaching the summit, locals will charge you with a minimal registration fee. (To be discussed in the itinerary later.) Some notable activities to do at the summit is sight-seeing, picture-taking with horses, and horseback riding. You can also see the nearby Mount Kalugong and some cloud formations on the mountainside. It is also my first time in my 27 years of existence to ride on a horse! Haha!
Mount Yangbew | Turista Boy
The open grassland peak of Mount Yangbew is very similar to Mount Pulag. On a clear day, you can also see the famous Mount Cabuyao and Mount Sto. Tomas from afar. From its jump-off point in Sitio Binat in Barangay Tawang, the adventure starts with an immediate ascent (but it is all worth it!)

Mount Kalugong

The nearby Mount Kalugong has more activities to offer than in Mount Yangbew. Nestled in a developed Cultural Village, Mount Kalugong mostly features several limestone formations. These rock formations are so attractive (and challenging) as it gives you a nice view of La Trinidad below (and Mount Yangbew from behind!)
Mount Kalugong | Turista Boy
Upon entering the premises, you would have to pay an entrance fee (more details on the itinerary and expenses below) and enjoy the different sights and activities in Mount Kalugong. There are swings and other picnic areas that visitors can enjoy while visiting Mount Kalugong.
Mount Kalugong | Turista Boy
After climbing, you can chase the sunset at the limestone formations of the mountain or you can have a more relaxing view in the mountaintop café just near the descent trail. I can tell that this is the first café on top of a mountain I have been to and it is cool! They offer hot and cold drinks, and cakes and pies! It would also give you a generous view of La Trinidad below. I recommend that you climb the mountain before sunset! (It is a must! Instagram-worthy, too!)

Suggested Itinerary and Expenses

Mount Yangbew:
Baguio City – KM 4 (TiongSan La Trinidad / Pines Park) 15 – 20 minutes ride

(depends on traffic)

PhP 8.50
Pines Park – Mount Yangbew Jump-Off Point (Tell Driver) – Take Tawang Jeep 10 minutes ride PhP 10.00
Ascent: Mount Yangbew Jump-Off Point – Summit 30 – 45 minutes hike

(depends on pacing)

Mount Yangbew Fee PhP 30.00

(weekend rate)


Horseback riding

PhP 200.00

(per 30 minutes)


Picture-taking with the horse

PhP 25.00

(per person, unli shots)

Free Time

(Picture-taking, picnic, etc.)

1 – 2 hours


Descent: Summit – Mount Yangbew Jump-Off Point 30 – 45 minutes hike

(depends on pacing)

Mount Yangbew Jump-Off Point – Pines Park 10 minutes ride PhP 10.00
Walk back to main highway and look for jeepneys going to KM 6 (Benguet State University)
Mount Kalugong:
2 Options:

1) Ride a jeepney going to Cruz / Tomay / Camp Dangwa then drop-off point at Benguet Memorial Services; or

15 – 30 minutes

(depends on traffic)

PhP 8.00 – 10.00
2) Look for / ask where is the “garage” near Calajo Restaurant (KM 6 – BSU) and hire an FX – tell to drop you off at Mount Kalugong jump-off point / entrance 10 – 20 minutes

(depends on traffic)

PhP 150.00

(per vehicle, one way)

Mount Kalugong Fee PhP 100.00
Mount Kalugong Eco-Park Business Hours:

0600 – 1800 H – Eco Park Grounds

0800 – 1800 H – Kape-An Café

Sunset Chasing / Free Time 30 – 45 minutes



Snacks (Kape-An Café)

1 hour


Approximately PhP 200.00 per person (depends)
Descent to the Main Highway (near Benguet Memorial Services) 30 – 45 minutes hike

(depends on pacing)

Jeepney Ride – Mount Kalugong Jump-Off Point – Baguio 30 – 45 minutes

(depends on traffic)

PhP 12.75

Mount Yangbew Fees | Turista Boy

Mount Kalugong Fees | Turista Boy

*Prices and schedules may change without prior notice. Feel free to contact me if there are some changes. Thank you!*

*I think there is a way straight from Mount Yangbew jump-off point going to Mount Kalugong (long cut trail). We have not had much time to ask the locals. Please enlighten me on this one.*

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