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2020 Long Weekends in PH (and suggestions where to go!)

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2020 Long Weekends Philippines Isla Gigantes Iloilo | Turista Boy

Looking for a nice place to stay is good, and so is traveling. Who does not love traveling, right? In the Philippines, there are a lot of Holidays, also known as “Long Weekends” that people can enjoy. In this blog, you get to know the 2020 Long Weekends in the country and my personal suggestions on where you can go and travel! Let’s!

EDSA People Power Anniversary 2020 Long Weekends | Turista Boy


Panagbenga 2020 Calendar of Activities | Turista Boy

As February is the season of blossoming in the Cordilleras, it is but fit to celebrate this long weekend in the City of Pines – Baguio City! As the 25th Edition of the Panagbenga Festival is underway, might as well have a glimpse of what the Baguio Flower Festival feels like!

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Araw ng Kagitingan Holy Week 2020 Long Weekends | Turista Boy


Dinagyang Festival Iloilo (photo by John Chavez) | Turista Boy

Dinagyang Festival Iloilo (photo by John Chavez)

Home to the famous Dinagyang Festival, Pancit Molo, and many other more, Iloilo is more than just that. Being one of the major provinces in the island of Panay, spending a weekend in Iloilo would be worthwhile. I recommend that you go Church-hopping (Jaro Cathedral, Molo Church, Miag-ao Church, among others) and see the rich culture and history of the Province, dating back from the Spanish Colonization Era (Molo Mansion, Lizares Mansion). Do not also forget to visit the famous Gigantes Islands in the municipality of Carles!

Labor Day 2020 Long Weekends | Turista Boy


Tawi-Tawi Panampangan Island | Turista Boy

Panampangan Island (the longest sandbar in the Philippines)

Being the southernmost province of the Philippines, visiting Tawi-Tawi is worth it! As it is also the birthplace of Philippine Islam (Simunul Island) and home to the country’s longest sandbar, this province is Mindanao’s undiscovered gem. Also notable in this archipelago-province is Bud Bongao – the province’s highest peak. On a clear day, you get to see the municipalities of Sibutu and Sitangkai (the farthest settlements in the Philippines). Take note, too, that there are friendly monkeys on your way up in the sacred mountain. Do not forget to try their marang, too!

Independence Day 2020 Long Weekends | Turista Boy


El Nido, Palawan | Turista Boy

El Nido, Coron, Balabac Island, Tubbataha Reef – Need I say more? Palawan is a paradise of its own! Home to one of the best island destinations in the world, this province is synonymous with “world-class.” Being a top destination for local and foreign tourists alike, Palawan is also the cradle of one of the 7 Wonders of Nature – the Puerto Princesa Subterranean Underground River, the longest of its kind in the world.

Ninoy Aquino Day 2020 Long Weekends | Turista Boy


Ilocos Sur | Turista Boy

One of the most sought-after destinations in the North, the province of Ilocos Sur has its own charm to boast. Home to its heritage capital city of Vigan, Ilocos Sur is a surprise waiting to be discovered. It is also in this province where you get to experience what it feels like to live in the Spanish Colonial Era in its famous Calle Crisologo. Do not forget to eat your bibingka and calamay for they are the province’s famous delicacies. For souvenirs, you might want to visit the Pagburnayan. One’s Ilocos Sur experience is also incomplete if you have not visited the famous Baluarte.

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National Heroes' Day 2020 Long Weekends | Turista Boy


Who cannot miss this province in the Cordilleras? Or how about the UNESCO World Heritage Site printed on the 20-peso Philippine bank note? Ifugao is a cradle of cultures and has a history of its own. With its famous Banaue Rice Terraces and Batad Rice Terraces, your nature trip would not be complete without also visiting Tappiya Falls! The province is also known to be the surrender site of General Yamashita during the Japanese occupation in the Philippines. Do not forget to visit Kiangan Shrine and Ifugao Museum, too!

All Saints' and All Souls' Day 2020 Long Weekends | Turista Boy


Another one for the books is Mountain Province. Being the only Philippine province with an english name, Mountain Province is known as one of the most popular destinations up north (next to Baguio!) Sagada‘s Mount Kiltepan, Blue Soil Hills, Marlboro Country, Lumiang-Sumaguing Caves, Bomod-ok Falls and Bontoc’s Mount Kupapey and famous etag-making, Mountain Province is one Cordillera’s pride in terms of preserved cultures.

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Bonifacio Day 2020 Long Weekends | Turista Boy


One of the more mysterious and thought-provoking provinces in the Philippines, the island of Siquijor is an adventure. With its small size, this Island of Fire is not only famous for its withcraft legends but it also boast a number of attractions – namely the Lazi Convent, Paliton Beach, Campalanas Century-old Tree and Fish Spa, Kanheron Ranch, and Cambugahay Falls. To know more, read my blog about Siquijor HERE!

Christmas Day 2020 Long Weekends | Turista Boy


Hailed as the birthplace of Philippine surfing, the province of Aurora is named after Manuel L. Quezon’s wife. This quaint province is simple as it looks but it also has so much to offer. Not to mention its famous Pacific sunrise and surfing lessons, Aurora is also known for their banig produce. Having a stroll in Sabang Beach is also rewarding! To know more about the province, read the places you must visit before leaving, HERE!

Rizal Day and New Year's Eve 2020 Long Weekends | Turista Boy


Apo Reef Mindoro | Turista Boy

Apo Reef, Occidental Mindoro (photo by www.marxtermind.com)

Just a stone-throw away from Batangas, the island of Mindoro is bit of a surprise. Known mostly for its popular destinations such as Puerto Galera (not to mention, the Malasimbo Music Festival) and Apo Reef Natural Park, Mindoro is also home to the endemic Tamaraw – a smaller version of the carabao. It is a paradise waiting to be discovered more by locals and tourists alike!


Malacañang will release a separate proclamation for national holidays in observance of Eidul Fitr and Eidul Adha in accordance with the Islamic calendar or the lunar calendar.

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