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Pangasinan Food Crawl | Pangasinan Bloggers x Turista Boy

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Pangasinan Food Crawl: Dishes that will fill your heart (and even overflow!)

People love to eat. Like who doesn’t, right? Food is “lifest,” as some people would say. And people just love to eat whenever and wherever! It just gives justice to the aforementioned line. Last March, I have had the privilege to explore Pangasinan’s rich culinary palate – the Pangasinan Food Crawl. Little do I know, Pangasinan has so much to offer! Be it European, American, Continental, and Asian Fusion. Name it, they probably would have it. The Pangasinan Food Crawl is just a glimpse of what you can taste in the province of Pangasinan.

Here are some of the restaurants we visited for this year’s Pangasinan Food Crawl:

Pangasinan Food Crawl 2017 | Turista Boy

Lucky Bà Ngoai’s Kitchen # 9

This Vietnamese Restaurant is one of its kind in Dagupan City. Serving authentic Vietnamese cuisines from Pho Bo Ga Tom to their Gòi cuón or Vietnamese Spring Rolls, Ba Ngoai is a must-go in Dagupan.

For me, the best dish they served was the Gòi cuón (Vietnamese spring rolls) as it has a distinct veggie taste over the other similar dishes I have tasted. Lucky Ba Ngoai’s Asian fusion offerings give a unique taste to the Filipino palate. The effort they put in in every dish makes it an experience on its own.

My Verdict: 9/10

Lucky Ba Ngoai (though its name is hard to pronounce,) is a good find in Dagupan. They serve good food and nothing but new to my taste, for me at least. One of their bestsellers, the Pho, is one of the better Phos I have tasted. The only thing I see is its accessibility. There is no issue with their food at all!

Address: Malta Village, Tapuac District, Dagupan City
Social Media Account/s: Facebook: @vietnamesedagupan
Operating Hours: 1200 – 2200 H
Operating Days: Daily


New Leaf Japanese Restaurant

Another Asian Restaurant on the list is New Leaf. Contrasting it with other Asian cuisines, New Leaf will definitely tickle your eyes and taste buds with intricately designed food on a platter while giving you that real Japanese vibe. True that they have wooden slippers and Japanese umbrellas for rent if you really want to experience what it is to be Japanese.

I may not be a big fan of sushi but hey, their sushi and baked salmon are to die for (I tell you!) Their own version of Kani Salad is also a must-try in New Leaf. They may have the same taste with other Japanese restaurants I have been to but there’s something that makes me want to eat more!

My Verdict: 10/10

New Leaf is now one of my favorite Asian restaurants. If ever I would be coming to Dagupan, I would really find time to eat here (hello kani salad!) What surprised me is that even if their space is small, it has maximized its value for food and its ambiance is really “Japanese.” You really get the value of your money here.

Address: Plaza Del Carmen, Perez Boulevard, Downtown District, Dagupan City

(near Music Warehouse and Sides Bar)

Social Media Account/s: Facebook: @newleafjapaneserestaurant
Landline Number: +63 75 522 5323
Mobile Number: +63 926 037 3312
Operating Hours: 1100 – 1400 H and

1700 – 2200 H

Operating Days: Daily


Caffé La Tea

From Asian, we then went to American and European. Caffé La Tea is a simple café located at the heart of Dagupan City. This quiet café serves dishes and beverages found in a typical coffee shop-slash-restaurant. Caffé La Tea offers anything pasta to everything that is coffee.

What I like in this café is their creamy chicken pesto (as I am a pesto pasta lover!) Their deviled tofu is also unique and it is one of the highlights of Caffé La Tea. On the beverage side, their Mint Mojitea is the best! It has a distinct taste as the flavors of mint, mojito, and apple juice plays generously in your mouth.

Designed in a modern landscape and minimalist motif, this coffee shop is the haven for people who looks for a quiet place to stay and unwind from the hustle and bustle of the busy city.

My Verdict: 8/10

A typical coffee shop just like the others, Caffé La Tea is good for people who find solace in a quiet place. Though the café’s interiors look dark as you go inside, the food and beverage are there to complement your stay. Their value for Filipino tradition is strong as their menu is also infused with heart-warming concoctions. Wi-Fi connection is also available (that will make you connected to the world in a jiffy!) Caffé La Tea is also the perfect place for people who want to have a hearty conversation over food.

Address: Dagupan-Bonuan-San Fabian Road, Herrero, Dagupan City
Social Media Account/s: Facebook: @CaffeLaTeaDagupanCity
Landline Number: +63 75 540 2237
E-mail address: caffelatea@gmail.com
Website: www.caffelateaph.com
Operating Hours: 1100 – 2300 H
Operating Days: Daily


Matutina Gerry’s Seafood House

Seafood paradise is real! Matutina Gerry’s Seafood House is the place to be when you talk about seafood! I haven’t had a very large crab right in front of me while eating and I tell you, it is so delicious. The main selling point of this restaurant is their family’s love for food, hence the birth of the business. This homey restaurant makes you feel more of a Filipino with beautifully adorned walls and well-lit façade.

My Verdict: 8/10

Matutina Gerry’s Seafood is one of the best seafood houses I have ever been to. With its generous space for its handful of customers, you can really feel the warmth of their services and the taste of their Filipino food (oh, I love pinakbet!) Out of a family’s love for food, this restaurant has become one of the well-known restaurants in Dagupan. Don’t forget to ask for their free house specialty pastillas as well! Naimas!

Address: De Venecia Road Extension, Pantal, Dagupan City
Social Media Account/s: Facebook: @Matutina-Gerrys-Seafood-House
Mobile Numbers: +63 977 826 0228

+63 932 853 9901

E-mail address: matutinaseafoods@yahoo.com
Website: www.matutinas.com


Ciudad Elmina

Who would have imagined eating in a “bahay kubo” atop a fish lake where they locally source their ingredients? Ciudad Elmina is the answer. In this series of the Pangasinan Food Crawl, Ciudad Elmina is one of the most popular. Having been visited by various local celebrities, we bloggers never missed the chance to experience what it has to offer as well.

Serving all Filipino and Filipino Fusion Cuisine, Ciudad Elmina also has an interesting interior. It is like you are just home – but floating on stilts. You can even catch your own mudfish in their ponds and have it cooked! I also recommend their watermelon smoothie which can really quench one’s thirst, especially on summer. The owner (who is a former mayor of Dagupan by the way) shared that his personal favorite is their signature bangus sisig.

My Verdict: 9/10

Ciudad Elmina has a very wide space for its diners to enjoy the fishing village cum restaurant. I like it because natural air just sprawls in whenever we eat. It feels like I’m just eating on the countryside. The atmosphere is very laid back. The only thing I noticed is that some of their ponds are not maintained but that is not an issue at all. The food is the real winner. Very Filipino. #TakeMeToTheProvince

Address: Arzadon Street, Dagupan City
Social Media Account/s: Facebook: @CiudadElminaFishingVillage
Mobile Number: +63 923 248 5977
Website: www.aim5251996.wix.com/ciudadelmina
Operating Hours: 1030 – 2300 H
Operating Days: Daily


Bread House Cafe + Bakery

After a hearty meal, dessert is always the first thing that comes to my mind just to complement the food I have eaten. Bread House is the perfect solution to your dessert cravings! The Pangasinan Food Crawl would not be complete if you would not scout for a dessert place and Bread House is the one.

Though they also serve Filipino dishes, namely kare-kare, crispy pata, and seafood platters among others, they complemented it with the best desserts you will ever know that exist in Dagupan City. Talk about their merienda (snack) buffet for only PhP 220, Mondays-Wednesdays, from 1430 to 1630 H.

My Verdict: 10/10

A dessert house is a dessert house. Sugar overload is immortalized. Who does not love desserts, right? What I love about Bread House is that their interior is very simple and minimalist-modern. Very “millennial,” many would say. Their Banana Crème Pie is to die for and their checkered cake is also one of the bestsellers. It brings out the sweet tooth in me.

Address: RVT Building, De Venecia Highway, Lucao District, Dagupan City

(near Kuya Max Restaurant)

Social Media Account/s: Facebook: @Bread-House-Cafe-Bakery
Landline Number: +63 75 540 7533
Mobile Number: +63 998 853 8135
E-mail address: breadhousecafebakery@gmail.com
Operating Days: Daily


Panaderia Antonio Bakery and Restaurant

This humble bakery in Dagupan is one sought for because of its established bread lines and healthy food options. The Pangasinan Food Crawl visited Panaderia Antonio and we learned about its humble roots and now to its successful present. Being the home and originator of the famous brand “Plato Wraps,” Panaderia Antonio became an early local favorite.

They serve mainly European and some Filipino dishes that caters to the ever-changing demands of their clientele. What surprised me is their large burgers and pizza creations that are in another way healthy to eat. Pancit is also a staple food in Panaderia Antonio. They even branched out into a healthier option restaurant just beside the bakery and named in “Healthy Gains.” This restaurant then offers a vegan menu for the health- and diet-conscious.

My Verdict: 10/10

Panaderia Antonio has become one of my favorite spots in Dagupan. It is not only easy to locate but the owners and their staff are very welcoming. The space is generous and they also offer al fresco dining. The food options are very diverse and you would have a lot to choose from.

Address: De Venecia Highway, Dagupan City
Social Media Account/s: Facebook: @PanaderiaAntonio
Landline Number: +63 75 522 0007
Mobile Number: +63 907 412 6383
E-mail addresses: panaderiaantonio2016@gmail.com


Website: www.platowraps.com.ph
Operating Hours: 0800 – 2100 H (Monday – Thursday)

0800 – 2200 H (Friday – Sunday)

Operating Days: Daily


Masarap Grill

Masarap (Delicious)! The name of the restaurant speaks for itself! This restaurant offers classic Filipino food and grill that reminds me (mostly) of summer – barbecue, grilled chicken, and palabok (Wooot!) There’s nothing more I can say. It really is masarap! Masarap Grill is located inside the Magic Club Building.

My Verdict: 9/10

Though the setup is inside a mall, Masarap Grill offers an ambiance that is very Filipino. The staff is accommodating and they are very attentive in dealing with our requests. The space of Masarap Grill is also good for large groups who either has a celebration (reception) or a conference.

Address: Magic Club, Guilig Street, Dagupan City
Social Media Account/s: Facebook: @Masarap-Grill
Landline Number: +63 75 653 0849
Mobile Number: +63 922 893 1855
Operating Hours: 0900 – 2000 H
Operating Days: Daily


Mint Kitchen Bar Karaoke

Another one chi bar in the Metro is Mint. Just located in A.B. Fernandez Avenue, this chill place is perfect for people who look for just the right amount of music and booze. While enjoying the noir ambiance, guests can savor into some delectable dishes such as the Pan Roasted Salmon, Baked Beef Nachos, Salted Egg Chicken Wings, and the star of the table – their Chicken Quesadilla!

You can also enjoy some of their booze which includes the boomerang, strawberry margarita, or their jager bomb while speaking your hearts out in one of their private karaoke rooms. They also have an al fresco dining setup.

My Verdict: 10/10

Mint Kitchen Bar Karaoke is one of the modern bars that I now love. With its chill atmosphere, you can never go wrong to talk about a gossip or two in their bar or in one of their lounges. Space is also wide and even comes up full at midnight (that’s how popular it is!) The quality of the food is not compromised and is at par with their service. This is the perfect spot for your nightlife in Dagupan City.

Address: 2F Metroplaza Building, A.B. Fernandez Avenue, Dagupan City
Social Media Account/s: Facebook: @mintdagupan
Landline Number: +63 75 522 6468
Mobile Numbers: +63 917 870 8828

+63 932 595 3611

Website: www.magicgrp.com
Operating Hours: 1000 – 1400 H and

1700 – 0200 (next day)

Operating Days: Daily


Beach Café

Grilling by the beach? Unlimited barbecue? Homey ambiance? Beach Café got you covered, fam. This grill station near the Provincial Capitol of Pangasinan is the perfect place to have your meats-on-stick get cooked. Overlooking the Lingayen Gulf, Beach Café gives you a glimpse of that beach life. How relaxing is that?

They only serve 3 things: good, fast, and cheap. But from the three, you can only choose 2. Either good and fast (but not cheap), fast and cheap (but not good), or cheap and good (but not fast.)

My Verdict: 9/10

Grilling all you want from a table full of ‘grillables’ is heaven! From barbecues, hot dog, isaw, fish, squid, and the owners’ personal favorite – the clams, you can grill them at your own pace! The only problem I saw is that their power supply is fluctuating and some of the grilling machines don’t heat up. But nevertheless, food is good! The view is also relaxing! It also is just near the capitol so you can stroll there any time of the day.

Address: Capitol Baywalk, Lingayen, Pangasinan
Social Media Account/s: Facebook: @MyBeachCafe
Mobile Number: +63 918 274 5817
Website: www.shareableinc.net
Operating Hours: 1000 – 2130 H (Monday – Friday)

0900 – 2030 H (Saturday)

0900 – 2200 H (Sunday)

Operating Days: Daily


Overall, the second edition of the Pangasinan Food Crawl is so much fun (and made my tummy very big, too!) I have never imagined that a food crawl would be as fun as this! This event was made possible by Shareable Media Inc., Pangasinan Bloggers, and Norte Bloggers. Turista Boy is lucky to participate in this Food Crawl (which is my first time!) I would also like to thank the participating restaurants (and the Secretariat) in this Food Crawl for accommodating me and the rest of the participating bloggers to the event.


All ratings and opinions are solely from Turista Boy.

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