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Taichung Travel Guide | 10 Things to do in Taiwan’s “Cultural City”

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Being one of the major cities in the island nation of Taiwan, Taichung is a bustling metropolis which is the perfect mixture between traditional customs and modern lifestyle. Here are some of the things I saw and did in the Cultural City of Taiwan!

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Arrive at Taichung (Ching Chuan Kang) International Airport (RMQ)

Taichung International Airport Taiwan | Turista Boy

Taichung International Airport Arrivals Area

Taichung International Airport Taiwan | Turista BoyWhen I set foot in Taiwan, I arrived at Taichung International Airport (RMQ) because I came from Hong Kong. (There are direct flights to Taichung from Hong Kong!) This relatively compact airport is a smaller airport found in the far suburbs of the city. There are convenient transportation options outside the airport such as public buses and taxis.

Book a night or two at KGoldHotel

KGold Hotel Lobby Taichung Taiwan | Turista Boy

KGold Hotel Lobby

KGold Hotel Taichung Taiwan | Turista Boy

KGoldHotel is one of the more affordable accommodation options when you plan to visit Taichung City. I was surprised because it seemed that the property looks small outside but its interiors are simple and rustic. KGoldHotel is also just a few blocks away from the Taichung Main Station.

Be at Peace in Taichung Park

Taichung Park Taiwan | Turista Boy

Taichung Park Lake

If you want to have some alone time and have some peace and quiet, Taichung Park is one of the public places I would love to come back to. It features a wide area for relaxation, and it also features an artificial lake in its center, where you can also do activities such as kayaking.

Go back in time at the Taichung Literature Museum

Taichung Literature Museum Taiwan | Turista Boy

Taichung Literature Museum

If you want to learn about the rich literary history of the city, the Taichung Literature Museum is the place you are looking for. Featuring a series of buildings in the entire complex, it houses some of the most important literary artifacts of Taichung. It also features a big banyan tree at the complex’s core. The museum is open from 1000 to 1700 H, and is open daily (except Mondays and Local National Holidays).

Indulge in Pearl Milk Tea at Chun Shui Tang Siwei Original Store

Chun Shui Tang Pearl Milk Tea Taichung Taiwan | Turista Boy

Chun Shui Tang Pearl Milk Tea Taichung Taiwan | Turista Boy

If you are a milk tea addict like me, Chun Shui Tang Siwei will definitely be your heaven. Chun Shui Tang Siwei claims to be the birthplace of the famed Pearl Milk Tea, as Taiwan is also referred to as “milk tea heaven.” I was silently giddy when I went to this place because this is where the milk was accidentally invented by Liu Hanjie in the early 1980s. When I went there, I tried their Original Pearl Milk Tea (of course!) and a warm bowl of Classic Fried Spare Rib Noodle Soup. Take note, too, that their food items are prepared raw and fresh so it takes some time to serve a food order. Chun Shui Tang Siwei is open daily from 0800 to 2200 H.

Prices in Chun Shui Tang Siwei Original Store:

Classic Pearl Milk Tea (medium, iced) NT$ 170.00 (PH₱ 300.00)
Classic Fried Spare Rib Noodle Soup NT$ 230.00 (PH₱ 405.00)

Be nostalgic at Miyahara Ice Cream

Miyahara Ice Cream Taichung Taiwan | Turista Boy

Miyahara Ice Cream Shop Interior

Miyahara Ice Cream Taichung Taiwan | Turista Boy

The Miyahara Ice Cream in Taichung is one of the popular food establishments in Taichung. This notable red brick building is always likened to a Harry Potter setting because of its interiors. The building used to be an old clinic and was the former station of the local health bureau. Unfortunately I have not tasted their famous Ice Cream bowls because my schedule was too tight and I was catching a train going to Zhongshe Flower Market. The Miyahara Ice Cream is open daily from 1000 to 2100 H.

The prices in Miyahara Ice Cream:

Single Scoop NT$ 90.00 (PH₱ 160.00)
Double Scoop NT$ 160.00 (PH₱ 280.00)
Triple Scoop NT$ 225.00 (PH₱ 400.00)
Put in Waffle Cone + NT$ 20.00 (PH₱ 35.00)

Go in and around at the Taichung Main Train Station

Taichung Main Station Taiwan | Turista Boy

Taichung Main Station

Taichung Main Station Taiwan | Turista Boy

If you want to go in and around, the Taichung Main Station is the main transportation hub in the area. With trains servicing the area and other towns outside, this terminal has several platforms going to different places in and around. This is also the terminal going to the Zhongshe Flower Market (alight at Tai’an Station bound for Beihu).

Feast your eyes at the Zhongshe (Chungshe) Tourism Flower Market

Zhongshe Flower Market Taichung Taiwan | Turista Boy

Zhongshe Flower Market Flower Wall

The Zhongshe Tourism Flower Market is one of the main tourist attractions in Taichung. The ambiance of the place is very familiar to me because the Flower Market is similar to the ones found in La Trinidad, the municipality next to my hometown, Baguio City. The climate, too, is very cool so I did not have a hard time adjusting to the weather.

Zhongshe Flower Market Taichung Taiwan | Turista BoyThe main highlight of the farm are the natural flowers planted within the area and there are “instagrammable” spots for you to take photos. There are also makeshift grand pianos busked around different colors of flowers. If ever you get hungry, there is a barbecue just before the entrance (within the property) for only NT$ 380 (PH₱ 670.00). Zhongshe Flower Market is open daily from 0800 to 1800 H.

How to get to Zhongshe Flower Market:

Going to the farm from Tai’an Train Station, you have the option to (1) walk to Zhongshe Flower Market for 20 minutes, or (2) hire a cab at the Tai’an Station for a fee, around NT$ 200 (PH₱ 350.00) for 1 way.

Expenses going to Zhongshe Flower Market:

Train Ride: Taichung Main Station to Tai’an Station (40 minutes) NT$ 34.00 (PH₱ 60.00)
Entrance Fee: Zhongshe Flower Market (adult fee) NT$ 120.00 (PH₱ 211.00)

Get mesmerized at the Caihongjuan Rainbow Village

Taichung Rainbow Village Taiwan | Turista Boy

Caihongjuan Rainbow Village, Taichung, Taiwan

This small settlement in Nantun District has become a popular destination in Taichung. The Rainbow Village is known for its vibrantly colored houses. The village was created by Mr. Huang in the hopes of saving his village from demolition. Originally named the Caihongjuan Village, this area was a former settlement for veteran soldiers in the city. To date, only 11 out of 1000+ houses remain on the actual site. The Rainbow Village is open daily from 0800 – 1800 H and admission is free!

Go high-speed at the Taichung HSR (High Speed Rail)

Taichung HSR Station Taiwan | Turista Boy

Taichung HSR Station Interior

Taichung HSR Station Taiwan | Turista Boy

Taichung HSR Train

The Taichung High Speed Rail (HSR) is the terminal to the major cities of Taiwan via the High Speed Train. I was surprised by the size of this terminal as it is like an airport on its own, only that trains service the terminal. This is also my first time to ride a high-speed train to Taipei in just around 1 hour. There are different routes to and from Taichung, and the HSR can reach as far as Kaohsiung City in the south of Taiwan.

Price of Taichung High Speed Rail (from Taichung to Taipei):

Taichung HSR (Taichung to Taipei), bound for Nangang NT$ 675.00 (PH₱ 1190.00)

Sample Itinerary when Exploring Taichung and the rest of Taiwan

This itinerary is based on a 3D2N stay in Taiwan. It is up to you to squeeze in a few more days so that you can explore the other provinces of the island nation.

Day 1 Taichung International Airport
Check in at KGold Hotel
Taichung Park
Taichung Literature Museum
Chun Shui Tang Siwei Original Store
Miyahara Ice Cream
Taichung Central Train Station
Zhongshe Flower Market
Caihongjuan Rainbow Village
Taichung HSR (bound for Taipei – Nangang)
Ximending District / Ximending Night Market
Shilin Night Market
Day 2 Taipei Main Station to Ximen Station (Blue Line)
Check in at Backpackers Hostel Ximen
Taipei Rainbow Road
Mengjia (Bangka) Longshan Temple
Presidential Building
Liberty Square Arch + Liberty Square + Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall
Taipei 101
Taipei City Hall Rainbow Lane
Takemura Izakaya
Elephant Mountain Peak
Raohe Night Market
Day 3 Taipei to Ruifang
Train from Ruifang to Jiufen Old Street
Jiufen Old Street
Train from Ruifang to Shifen Old Street
Shifen Old Street
Train from Ruifang to Taipei Main Station
Train from Taipei Main Station to Taoyuan International Airport (Terminal 1)
Taoyuan International Airport (Terminal 1)


*Note that the places, prices, and information written as of publication date and time are true and are given best during my visit. Changes may occur without prior notice. If you notice any changes to the information given above, you can e-mail me here so we can dish things up!*

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