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Aliwan Fiesta 2017 Schedule

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Aliwan: Mother of all Philippine Festivals

It is that time of the year again where the best of the best festivals all over the Philippines will come in one setting. Dubbed as the “Festival of Festivals,” Aliwan Fiesta never fails to draw people in awe as it is the living proof of the tagline “It’s more fun in the Philippines.”

Tribo Basakanon 2014 (For Aliwan 2017) | Turista Boy

Tribo Basakanon 2014 (Photo from www.cebudailynews.inquirer.net)

“Aliwan,” which roughly means “entertainment” in Filipino, gets everyone hyped into the colors and parade of every performance. This annual fiesta features around 5,000 performers from all over the Philippines.

Kalivungan Festival (for Aliwan 2017) | Turista Boy

Kalivungan Festival – Matalam, North Cotabato (Photo by www.wanderingweekendwarrior.com)

Now on its 15th year, Aliwan is getting bigger and grander every year. It is one of the most sought-after events as it gathers different champions from festivals all over the Philippines. Since 2003, contingents from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao sends their “best of the best.” This makes the fiesta a unique platform of showing the Philippines’ diversity through different festivals.


It’s more fun in the Philippines

This unique show of rich culture and tradition promotes the Philippines as a premier tourist destination. This annual 3-day event will exhibit a Grand Street Dance Competition, Grand Float Parade, “Reyna ng Aliwan,” and a Festival Music Showdown.

Aliwan Fiesta 2015 (for Aliwan 2017) | Turista Boy

Aliwan Fiesta 2015 (Photo by DZRH News)

This extravaganza is organized by the Manila Broadcasting Company (MBC), Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP), and the cities of Manila and Pasay. Also, it aims to promote various festivals in the Philippines!

Pamulinawen Festival Float (For Aliwan 2017) | Turista Boy

Pamulinawen Festival Float – Aliwan Fiesta 2012 (Photo by www.outoftownblog.com)

Bahandi-han Festival Float (For Aliwan Fiesta 2017) | Turista Boy

Bahandi-han Festival Float – Alang-Alang, Leyte (Photo by www.rjdexplorer.com)

The myriad of colors, beats of the drums, synchronized choreographies, and that Mardi gras atmosphere will take you away and experience the beauty of the Philippines all in one setting.


Aliwan 2017 Schedule (what to expect)

As the official schedule is still to be launched, here’s what happened in last year’s activities. Traditionally, the fiesta showcases 4 different events in this 3-day Mardi gras:

Aliwan Fiesta 2017 Schedule | Turista Boy

Aliwan Buyers Bazaar: An exchange of different food and finds from different parts of the Philippines. The bazaar runs for the whole duration of the fiesta.

Tugtog ng Aliwan: This is the fiesta Music Showdown Competition.

Reyna ng Aliwan Pageant: This is a one-of-its-kind pageant as the competitors represent the different festivals of the Philippines.

Street Dance and Grand Float Parade: Traditionally, the parade kicks off every 1600 H at the Quirino Grandstand. It will be passing through the whole stretch of Roxas Boulevard and will culminate in a final showdown at Sotto Street, in front of Aliw Theater by 1800 H.

For Aliwan 2017 | Turista Boy

(Photo by www.wanderingweekendwarrior.com)

(For Aliwan 2017) | Turista Boy

(Photo from www.shotnroll.com)


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26 thoughts on “Aliwan Fiesta 2017 Schedule

  1. CARMEN says:

    It truly is more fun in the Philippines! I love our fiestas. Thanks for sharing this post early so we can plan ahead. It’s only few days from now! Looking forward to this.

    1. Yup! Though I haven’t witnessed it myself, I really look forward to Aliwan every year! Sana this year po eh matuloy na! Weeeee!

  2. I live near Roxas and it’s such a shame that I have never witnessed this festival! Hahaha! Have a grand time in Manila, Chiki!

    1. Hope to see you on those dates, ate Mikee! Kaloka! 😀

  3. Hannah says:

    What a great festival, I will add this to my bucket list, because I have to see this with my own eyes

    1. Yes! Mardi gras at its finest featuring (almost) all of the festivals in the Philippines!

  4. cathy says:

    Sayo pa lang naaaliw na ako, eto pa kaya? haha Aliwan word sounds very happy and jolly! But I missed this one! Baket hindi ko man lang to nabalitaan? Yung totoo? haha lucky you always my loves! see you soon! Xx

    1. Hahaha! Yearly naman itey, ate loves! Sana nga makapanood ako this year! Hihihi! Busybells naman tayo as always! Mishu! :*

  5. Darlene says:

    Wow! I didn’t know about this festival. Too bad i wont be there in the PH to witness it. It’s one of my bucket list to see a big festival.

    1. Uwi ka na ng ‘Pinas, ate Da! Hehehe! I haven’t experienced it din naman ever. Sana nga matuloy ako makapanuod this year. Hehehe! 😀

  6. It looks so beautiful, full of color and good energy. Unfortunately never made it to Philipines yet, but I will, and would love to make it in Aliwan Fiesta time 🙂
    Why did they call it Fiesta and not party? Why a Spanish word?!? Just curious!

    1. Just let me know if you will be coming here to the Philippines and we would love to show you around, Fabio! Well, they named it “fiesta” maybe because of the Spanish roots of the Philippine culture. Hehehe ! See you soon, Fabio!

  7. Andi says:

    Idol ah full of festivals recently. I haven’t been to any festivals like this because of the crowd, I am scared. But looking at the pictures, I can feel that there is really fun and excitement going on here. Probably next time i’ll surely watch in person. 🙂

    1. Magandang experience ‘to, idol! Hihihi! Ang gandang makipagsiksikan and all. I don’t know – mas feel ko ‘yong vibe ‘pag ganun. Hahaha! Weird, ‘no? Nood tayo! Next week na ‘to oh!

  8. The Aliwan fiesta looks really spectacular and colourful. The spirit and beauty of the Philippines seems to come to life in vivid detail. The festival seems to assume carnival proportions and it looks really spectacular.

    1. Yes it does, Sandy! The pictures says it all! How much more if we witness it live? 🙂

  9. Fully booked nanaman ang schedule ng lowla!! hehehehe I will stay tune para sa update mo dito.. 🙂 exzzzooiiited.. 😀

    1. Sana nga ma-push ang pagpunta ko ditey, koya! Hahaha! Wala na akong anda! Char!

  10. Reshma says:

    I was fortunate to see some vibrant and grand performances by people from different provinces in the Philippines in Manila and Aliwan festival looks even more stunning from the pictures! I l would love to watch street dance too! Great to know about another festival of the Philippines

    1. Oh! Good for you, Reshma! I have only seen some of the Philippine festivals and I want to witness this to have a glimpse of what I can see throughout the Philippines! 🙂

  11. Erica says:

    it is aliwan for a reason! Indeed very festive! though i must admit i have never experienced being in this festival, but i would like to try in the near future.. hope it wouldn’t be too hot or crowded 😮

  12. Erica says:

    It is “aliwan” for a reason! indeed very festive and if i were to be in this place id be very thrilled… i havent been to this festival.. sadly… but in the future, i want the experience… hope it wouldnt be very hot!

  13. Allan says:

    Hi. Meron pa rin bang performances sa Quirino Grandstand or sa CCP Complex na lang? What time show sa Sabado?

    1. Hello po, kuya!

      Ang alam ko po eh sa Quirino Grandstand magst-start ‘yong parade pero ‘di ko lang po sure kung may field performance sila dun. Sa CCP Complex (Aliw Theater) naman po ang final staging area. ‘Di ko lang po sure kung anong oras magst-start kasi po walapang nilalabas na official schedule ang Aliwan. Pero traditionally, mga hapon po nagst-start ‘yong parade, mga 3-4 pm po. 🙂

      1. John Billy Carilla says:

        Hello po! Anong araw po gaganapin ang Street Dance Competition? It’s my first time kasi and I really want to watch The Aliwan Street Dance Competition. Update niyo naman po ako kung saaan at kailan po. Maraming salamat po 🙂

      2. John Billy Carilla says:

        Thank you po sa update 🙂 di ba sa Saturday na po gaganapin yon?

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