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My Panagbenga 2017 experience

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Panagbenga experience: Separation anxiety at its best

It has been four years since I last paraded for Panagbenga. When I graduated from College in 2013, the separation anxiety was real as I was not ready in letting my Panagbenga 2017 experience go. Panagbenga has been part of my life since my elementary days when I first paraded way back in 2002.

This year (2017), I was lucky enough to have a “Hobbyist” pass to cover the main events of Panagbenga – the Street Dance and Floral Float parades.

I am probably one of the few bloggers who does not have a DSLR of his own. Yup, you don’t need an expensive camera to cover an event! I often use my smartphone when covering events but I think that’s not just enough!

Picture using my Supremo 4K (Review soon on the blog) Panagbenga 2017

Picture using my Supremo 4K (Review soon on the blog)

Luckily, Supremo Philippines provided me with a free action camera for me to use during the Panagbenga! The experience was so great in the end! (Product review soon on Supremo 4K Action Cam soon!)

Well, as I have borrowed a DSLR camera from a good photographer friend, I also bought with me my best friends – my cell phone and my action camera (without a monopod at that!) It is my first time to experience such struggle wherein you just get to use a smartphone and an action camera to post something on your social media accounts real-time (and when your DSLR camera suddenly just does not cooperate.)

It is also my first time to experience a Panagbenga event where I get to cover the parades without me performing in it (talk about separation anxiety at its best!)


Let’s blog this thing!

Fortunately, I have the best blogger and photographer friends around and the ride was just as smooth. We shared the same interests and yeah, we take each others’ photos for that Instagram-perfect shot!

Panagbenga 2017 made my experience a lot of firsts for my fourth year outside of the SLU Marching Band where I used to play and perform in front of the crowd. It is also my first time to shoot performers up-close and get to know topnotch photographers in the field of media and photography.

As a neophyte travel blogger, I get to see how it feels like whenever you cover a major event such as Panagbenga. You get to capture happy moments, tired moments, and even confused or angry moments. You will get to see (almost) everything under the sun.

These experiences made me realize that every event has a story of its own. We just have to be in it and live it.


Panagbenga 2017 pictures!

Grand Street Parade

One of the Contingents for the Panagbenga 2017 Street Dance Parade

One of the Contingents for the Panagbenga 2017 Street Dance Parade

High School Performers during the Panagbenga 2017 Grand Street Parade

High School Performers during the Panagbenga 2017 Grand Street Parade

Renz, one of the so-called "Panagbenga Hotties" Panagbenga 2017

Renz, one of the so-called “Panagbenga Hotties”

Grand Floral Float Parade

The City Government of Baguio's floral float Panagbenga 2017

The City Government of Baguio’s floral float

Baguio Country Club's Game of Thrones-inspired floral float Panagbenga 2017

Baguio Country Club’s Game of Thrones-inspired floral float

SM City Baguio's floral float Panagbenga 2017

SM City Baguio’s floral float

Asia Pacific Theological Seminary's floral float Panagbenga 2017

Asia Pacific Theological Seminary’s floral float

Maybank's floral float Panagbenga 2017

Maybank’s floral float

Lubao International Balloon and Music Festival's promotional floral float Panagbenga 2017

Lubao International Balloon and Music Festival’s promotional floral float

Coca Cola's floral float Panagbenga 2017

Coca Cola’s floral float

Asus Zenfone's floral float Panagbenga 2017

Asus Zenfone’s floral float

Wedding Memories floral float with Carrotman! Panagbenga 2017

Wedding Memories floral float with Carrotman!

GMA Network's floral float Panagbenga 2017

GMA Network’s floral float

NLEx-SCTEx's Beauty of the Wild floral float Panagbenga 2017

NLEx-SCTEx’s Beauty of the Wild floral float

Sitel's floral float with the Trolls! Panagbenga 2017

Sitel’s floral float with the Trolls!

Taloy Norte Farmers' Cooperative's floral float Panagbenga 2017

Taloy Norte Farmers’ Cooperative’s floral float

Jollibee's floral float Panagbenga 2017

Jollibee’s floral float

Department of Tourism and Tourism Promotions Board floral float Panagbenga 2017

Department of Tourism and Tourism Promotions Board floral float

M Lhuillier floral float Panagbenga 2017

M Lhuillier floral float

Philippine Retirement Authority floral float Panagbenga 2017

Philippine Retirement Authority floral float

Valley Bread floral float Panagbenga 2017

Valley Bread floral float

Universal Robina floral float Panagbenga 2017

Universal Robina floral float

Tropicana's floral float Panagbenga 2017

Tropicana’s floral float


Hop along! There are many more adventures that we’re about to conquer! We’re born to travel!


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21 thoughts on “My Panagbenga 2017 experience

  1. Hannah says:

    That looks like an extremely interesting and awesome event, truly something I’d like to experience. Especially with seeing your beautiful pictures as well!

    1. Thanks, Hannah! Come and experience Panagbenga soon here in Baguio City! Would love to tour you around. 🙂

  2. Andi says:

    The Panagbenga festival is really extravagant and it proves itself with your photos. I’ve been to Baguio 2 times already but never attended the festival because I was scared of crowds. But for sure, after I explored all of the places in Baguio, I will surely witness and cover this awesome festival.

    1. I-bucket list mo na ‘to, idol! Dapat next year andito ka na nagko-cover ng event! Hehehe! 😀

  3. Awesome chiki! 😀 Let’s travel again soon.. hahahaha!

    1. Tara kuya Mike! Mindanao naman next! Hihihi!

  4. Marge says:

    Masyadong pinaghandaan ni Renz ang event (wow first-name basis, close kami?! Hahaha…). Until now I still haven’t attended a Pinagbenga festival. Medyo di ko sya napaghandaan financially hahaha… But let’s see maybe next year I can go. Didn’t know you used to be part of the parade, would have wanted to see you perform!

    1. Hahaha! Nako, kung nakita mo lang siya ng personal ate Marge, laglag panty for sure! Hahaha! Next year po ate! Apply tayo ng Media ID. And yep, I usually blow for Panagbenga, ate. Nakaka-miss lang mag-parade! Hihihi!

  5. The event is just so lively and thrilling. The sight is beautiful. The vibrant colours of the flowers and the costumes are a treat to the eyes. I wish I could attend it myself. It reminds me of the colourful parade that we have during Indian Republic Day in Delhi.

    1. Oh is it similar to your Republic Day, Sandy? I would love to witness it then! I can imagine the mardi gras going wild! 🙂

  6. That looks like a great experience! We have something similar in the Netherlands as well 🙂

    1. Wow! Really? Do they use floral floats to be paraded, too? I would love to experience it one day! 🙂

  7. cathy says:

    I lived in Baguio city for a year and Panagbenga festival is something that everyone awaits. Sad for me, I didn’t really have the best timing to see or watch this fest. Only passed by because I remembered I was rushed for work.haha And I must say, bloggers like us need a handy and quality cameras to capture the best moments especially in events like this. Philippines has a lot of beautiful and stunning festivals and Panagbenga is one of them. I miss you Turista boy! Keep that smile! And more happy travels in the Ph! Cheers! xxxx

    1. Agree, ate loves! I miss you more! Hope to see you this April sa open water dive! 😀

  8. What a gorgeous festival. These costumes are so vibrant and colorful. I can only imagine the music too. We’d love to see this. Thanks for introducing this cool event.

    1. It gets grander every year, Vanessa! The costumes and participants get to have more colorful costumes which make it one of the most sought-after festivals here in the Philippines! 🙂

  9. neha says:

    The floral parade is so beautiful. The decoration with flowers is mindblowing. It is like height of creativity. I also like the bright and colorful costumes. Panagbenga parade must be a delight to watch live

    1. Yes, Neha! You should come and experience Panagbenga first-hand! You’ll get hyped! 😀

  10. Christina says:

    What a lovely looking festival. It must also smell so good with all those flowers on the floats. What an amazing experience to be on the other side of the camera as a photographer this time around instead of being one of the parade participants.

    1. Yes indeed, Christina! I just miss performing on the streets, though. I still haven’t moed on, actually. Hahaha!

  11. Indrani says:

    Wow! Love these topiaries. So creatively made. And I find them so similar to the celebrations here.

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