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Hotel Review: Selah Garden Hotel

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An oasis amidst the Bustling City

Selah Garden Hotel at night

Selah Garden Hotel at night

Your home like no other

Selah Garden Hotel is located right in the heart of Pasay City where you can find a quick escape from all the hustle and bustle. Its strategic location is ideal for guests to find solace in while trying to find a fine place to relax. “Selah,” which means “a place to rest,” gives justice to its name itself. This is your unconventional yet stylish home in the middle of the busy city.

Selah is equipped with 83 well-appointed rooms which can suit almost everyone’s taste, may it be a loft, a bunker bed-type, or just a simple bedroom complete with amenities and that precious WiFi everyone is looking for.


Selah Garden: More than just a hotel

Warning: This is not your typical kind of hotel where it is usually adorned with luxurious chandeliers and equipped with world class furniture. This hotel is also good for groups that are in for an amazing adventure!

(Some of) Selah Teambuilding Facilities

(Some of) Selah’s Teambuilding Facilities

With its 7-course team building facility, Selah raises the bar when it comes to recreation. It certainly is a one-of-a-kind service in the hotel.

1) The obstacle course starts off with a wall-climbing challenge where you should be able to get the flag from the uppermost part of the wall;

Wall Climbing - Selah Garden Hotel

Wall Climbing!

2) After which, you have to ride in a zip line (yes, a zip line inside the hotel) to get to the next station;

Zipline in a hotel - Selah Garden Hotel

Zipline in a hotel? Why not!

3) Then you will cross over a net bridge (that is quite easy);

4) After, you will have to cross over a rope course;

Rope Course - Selah Garden Hotel

Rope Course!

5 and 6) Upon finishing the rope course, you will pass 2 wooden bridges;

Crossing the wooden bridge - Selah Garden Hotel

Team building facilities in Selah Garden Hotel

7) And to finish off the course, you will have to rappel your way down and you’re done!

Rappeling - Selah Garden Hotel

Free fall!

*Full safety equipment (and refreshments) is provided whenever doing the activity. On average, the whole course will take you about 30 – 45 minutes depending on your group’s pacing.*


Home Sweet Home

Selah Garden Hotel is equipped with 83 rooms that would surely capture your senses (and just sleep on that comfy bed all day!)

Selah Garden Hotel Room Rates | Turista Boy


Ooops! Not just that!

Let’s go SCUBA diving

Selah Garden is so far the hotel I have reviewed that offers SCUBA diving lessons to its guests. In partnership with Dive RAID Philippines, Selah offers a beginner’s course in SCUBA diving. It is also my first time to try this and as you would notice, it is the logo of my blog. So I might as well do it in real life! Yes!

SCUBA Diving Lessons - Selah Garden Hotel

Let’s go Scuba Divin’!

Before we get to the pool for the ‘main thing,’ we were first oriented about the basics of SCUBA diving by Christoferou Chan and Eric Yee of Dive RAID Philippines.

Scuba diving equipment - Selah Garden Hotel

And voila! We were given the apparatus and we immediately took the basic SCUBA lessons. And mind you, Selah is so far the hotel I know that has a 10 feet deep pool for SCUBA enthusiasts and first-timers. Ask the hotel management on how much a course on SCUBA diving in Selah would cost you. Ask them, too, about the open water lessons also catered by the hotel!

Spa by Selah

Relax from the hustle and bustle of the city by enjoying a massage at The Spa by Selah.

The Spa by Selah

The Spa by Selah

Buffet Breakfast

Selah also offers complimentary breakfast to its checked-in guests – by the pool! Spell YUM!

Breakfast by the pool - Selah Garden Hotel

Breakfast by the pool!


That’s a Wrap

Selah Garden Hotel is a hotel which is one of its kind in the Philippines. This is so far the hotel I have reviewed that has a zip line in it (and other teambuilding facilities at that) and a deep-water pool for your SCUBA diving experience. The ambiance of the hotel is very homey as its fixtures and colors are earthy and very light to the eye – in short, relaxing!


Verdict: 9/10

Selah Garden Hotel has been recently (and officially) launched last 31 January 2017. What I also love about this hotel is that they fill their spaces with greens, that is, vertical gardening. It gives me a feel that is much closer to nature. The concept of the hotel is also refreshing as the colors are earthy and are pleasing to the eye.

Lounges by the pool - Selah Garden Hotel

What I just noticed is that the WiFi connectivity is faulty and I sometimes cannot connect to the internet. The staff is also accommodating and knowledgeable about the services and everything about the hotel. I am also amazed that this hotel offers SCUBA Diving lessons, which is one of its kind in the metro. The views from every room are also generous and the spaces are well-defined.


Other Information:

Location / Address:

 2715 Park Avenue, San Rafael, Pasay City

Business Days and Hours:


(Spa by Selah – schedule varies)

(SCUBA diving lessons – upon appointment)

(Buffet Breakfast – 0600 – 1000 H)



Social Media Accounts:

Facebook: @theselahgardenhotel

Instagram: @selahgardenhotel

Contact Details:

Contact Numbers:

Landline: +63 2 511 1331, +63 2 508 9141

Mobile: +63 925 511 1331, +63 917 530 0604

E-mail Address:



Yes, ask front desk staff for the password

Smoking / Non-smoking:

All rooms are non-smoking




Other Pictures:

Bloggers' night with some of Selah Executives

Bloggers’ night with some of Selah’s Executives

Sir Chris Chan on the basics of SCUBA Diving - Selah Garden Hotel

Sir Chris Chan on the basics of SCUBA Diving

Bloggers at Selah Garden Hotel

Selah Stellar Suite

Selah’s Stellar Suite

Let's relax, shall we - Selah Garden Hotel

Let’s relax, shall we?

Selah Poolside

Selah’s Poolside

#WeLoveSelah #TuristaBoy - Selah Garden Hotel

#WeLoveSelah #TuristaBoy

#WeLoveSelah - Selah Garden Hotel

#WeLoveSelah (photo by Marge Gavan of coffeehan.com)



*Selah Garden Hotel provided us with a 2 day, 1-night complimentary stay last 14-15 January 2017. All views found herein are personal and without influence from the owners and/or managers of Selah Garden Hotel.*

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22 thoughts on “Hotel Review: Selah Garden Hotel

  1. Ambuj says:

    I think the 7 step team building facility is the USP of the hotel. It differentiates the hotel from the others in the vicinity.

    1. Yup! It truly is! It really is my first time to encounter such facility inside a hotel! 🙂

  2. Wow Selah Garden is amazing. It’s like a whole holiday in itself. We’d love to check it out. Thanks for sharing this cool place you found.

    1. You’re welcome! Hope we could meet you here in the Philippines soon! 🙂

  3. neha says:

    At a first glance, it doesn’t look like Selah Garden is located amidst the center of the city. It is so green . You rightly called it a green oasis. On top of that the fact that it provides so many recreational activities as well, is an added plus

    1. Yes! And the rooms are just perfect for you to relax in after that tiring activity! 🙂

  4. This is the first time I have seen A hotel offering so many thrilling activities. Scuba diving in a hotel? How amazing is that! I am blown by all that luxury. I am definitely planning a trip to this hotel!

    1. You should, Sandy! This hotel is one of its kind!

  5. Jane says:

    This hotel is just (almost) perfect! You can relax after enjoying all the activities offered by the hotel. Now I have something to look forward to when I go back to Manila.

    1. Uwi na po kayo, ate Jane! Hehehe, This hotel really is good! Hospitable employees, too! The food is also good!

  6. Suruchi says:

    Selah garden hotel looks quite comfortable and cozy. I like that they organize team building activities which will rush your adrenaline as well be fun. I too liked their concept of vertical gardening to give the feel of being close to nature.

    1. Yup! Their vertical gardening installation is also pleasing to the eyes! It feels like you’re not in the middle of a busy city!

  7. Marge says:

    Selah Garden Hotel is indeed a game changer in the pool of hotels in the metro. I mean where else can you go and have this kind of adventure in the city? I am so happy that you were able to enjoy your stay because you had to travel all way from Baguio for this! Miss you Chiki Girl!

    1. Thank you bunch, too, for inviting us in Selah, ate Marge! I want to go back! Seriously! Miss you more ate! See you this April! <3

  8. Nidhi KM says:

    This is fantastic! More than all in one! A full day offfsite can be planned by Corporates. A perfect stay for adrenaline rush, relaxation and enjoyment too! Loved the concept.

    1. Agreed, Nidhi! It’s the perfect spot for everyone to unwind and just relax!

  9. Indrani says:

    Good range of adventurous activities. They do know to keep their guests engaged and interested.
    Loved the place.

    1. Indeed, Indrani. They won’t just let their guests sit down – they make them play!

  10. woah!! this is quite an accommodation! definitely deserves a 9! the facilities are awesome and indeed ideal for team building or a fine staycation with the family… and the scuba diving lesson is probably the first in the metro? hope to stay here next time!

    1. Yes, ate Erica! It’s also my first time to hear about a SCUBA-diving lesson in a hotel in the middle of the metro. Hihihi! 😀

  11. chariza says:

    Hi pwede ba magdala ng food sa selah pag overnight stay? Thank you answering.

    1. Aldrick 'chiki' Agpaoa says:

      Hello po, Ms. Chariza! I think it’s best if you buy food at Selah. Masasarap po food nila dun! But to confirm your inquiry, it’s better to ask the Hotel po para mas sure. 🙂

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