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Le Monet Halo-Halo: A Guilt-Free Culinary Experience

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One of the most recognized Filipino desserts is having a comeback at Le Monet Hotel this summer season! Their famous guilt-free and special Halo-Halo is gracing their tables once again!

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Le Monet Hotel Facade | Turista Boy

Le Monet Halo-Halo: A Special Summer Treat

Every summer, halo-halo is one of the most sought-after desserts in the Philippines. To “beat the summer heat,” Le Monet Hotel is bringing back their special and guilt-free Halo-Halo to guests and visitors alike. This idea of a special and guilt-free halo-halo was conceptualized sometime in 2018 just to complement the cool summer vibes of Baguio City.

Le Monet Hotel Guilt-Free Halo Halo | Turista Boy

Le Monet Hotel Guilt-Free Halo Halo | Turista Boy

Le Monet Hotel Guilt-Free Halo Halo | Turista Boy

With a medley of 15 different ingredients, Le Monet’s Halo-Halo is made more special and unique because of its highland vegetable ingredients. With the inclusion of sweetened sayote, sweetened carrots, ube (purple yam), camote (sweet potato), and mushed pumpkin, their Halo-Halo is really one of its kind in Baguio City. This is the only hotel I know that serves a unique concoction of Halo-Halo in the city.

Le Monet Hotel Guilt-Free Halo Halo | Turista Boy

Le Monet Hotel Guilt-Free Halo Halo | Turista Boy

The guilt-free halo-halo of Le Monet Hotel was conceptualized to maximize the use of highland vegetables abundant in the area and to promote a healthy and guilt-free experience to guests! You can enjoy the Special and Guilt-Free Halo-Halo as their ingredients are sourced locally and all are made fresh everyday! Available for dine in, pick up, and to-go!

Serving Days and Hours

1100 – 1700 H, Daily

Price of Le Monet Halo-Halo

₱ 179 (a la carte)

₱ 199 (buffet)

Other food offerings in LeMonet Hotel

Other than the Hotel’s seasonal guilt-free halo-halo offering, Le Monet also offers their popular and classic Strawberry and Ube Champorado! Available daily at the hotel’s lobby. Alongside their famous resident offerings, I also recommend trying their LeMonet Club Sandwich – a medley of all things you can find in a sandwich, plus a side of potato fries!

Le Monet Hotel Strawberry Champorado | Turista Boy

Le Monet’s Strawberry Champorado!

Le Monet Hotel Ube Champorado | Turista Boy

Le Monet’s Ube Champorado!

Le Monet Hotel Club House Sandwich | Turista Boy

Le Monet’s Signature Club House Sandwich!

Le Monet Hotel Business Profile

Le Monet Hotel Address Ordonio Drive, Camp John Hay, Baguio City
Contact number/s +63 917 526 7049
+63 74 300 6525
Hotel Reservations E-Mail rsvn.lemonet@ahmgi.com
Hotel Website www.lemonethotel.ph
Hotel Facebook Page @LeMonetHotel
Hotel Instagram @LeMonet_Hotel


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