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Bistro Lokal – Dégustation at its finest

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Filipinos are fond of eating, myself included. Yet another delicious experience opened its doors in the City of Pines. Who would have thought of bringing their culinary journey in a whole new different way? Bistro Lokal did just that – serving modern Filipino Comfort Food right on our turf! It is literally a whole new world!

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Bistro Lokal: Fine-dining for Your fave comfort food

Eating is one of Filipino’s favorite pastime and eating your favorite comfort is an added experience. Bistro Lokal’s approach is you having to experience the craftsmanship of their chefs while enjoying the City’s ambiance.

Bistro Lokal | Turista Boy

As their specialty is Filipino “home-cooked” comfort food, it is also but appropriate that they tap local and organic food producers. Their nose-to-tail approach makes sure that all ingredients are used up and nothing goes to waste.

Passion-driven menu

When we were invited for a showcase of Bistro Lokal’s culinary arts, we were introduced to the term dégustation. Their unique tasting menu is one of its kind in the city. Featuring 8-12 courses in one platter, I am sure you will never forget this culinary experience. As this type of menu is their main focus, people will surely understand why the ‘eyes eat first.’
Bistro Lokal | Turista Boy
To have a more personal approach, Chef Miko Dy let their setup have an open kitchen for customers to see and understand how food should be made – The Bistro Lokal way.
Another catch that Bistro Lokal brings to the table is that their passion-driven menu changes over time! This means, you have a chance to taste a different dish when you come back! Every food prepared has its own story to tell and you will definitely feel it once you experience this unique culinary journey.
I personally was amazed on how every detail in the restaurant is put into its right place. From its interiors, to the quality of service, it is an experience on its own. (Do not forget their mouthwatering dishes!)

What you would expect

Bistro’s menu changes every season according to the the ingredients’ availability. To not keep you from reading any further, I know you want to know what they offer! Here are some of Bistro Lokal’s specialties for Spring Season 2020! (Also, do not forget to go to Bistro Lokal and celebrate their grand opening on 22 February 2020!)

Complimentary Salad

Complimentary Salad Bistro Lokal | Turista Boy

Ginataang Kalabasa with smoked Coconut

Ginataang Kalabasa with Smoked Coconut Bistro Lokal | Turista Boy

Organic Caramelized Cauliflower tossed in Chili Garlic

Caramelized Cauliflower in Chili Garlic Sauce Bistro Lokal | Turista Boy

XO Pancit

Bistro Lokal’s own version of the Pancit Batil Patong of Cagayan Province
BL Pancit Batil Patong | Turista Boy


BL Palabok | Turista Boy


Deep-fried chicken cooked in pork fat with organic side dishes (L-R: String Beans with Dried Shrimp and Chili Garlic Oil, Cucumber with Mango Vinegar and Muscovado, and Kale with toyomansi vinaigrette)
BL KFC | Turista Boy

Seafood Sinigang / “Sinigang sa Bato”

This table-side serving is cooked in hot river rocks with lacto-fermented tomato kombucha
Sinigang sa Bato Bistro Lokal | Turista Boy


This all-time Filipino favorite is also a table-side serving with kesong puti!
Bibingka with Kesong Puti Bistro Lokal | Turista Boy

Iced Tea made with Kombucha with Tapioca Straw

Where you would find them

Bistro Lokal | Turista Boy
Bistro Lokal is located along Magsaysay Avenue, just infront of Baguio Central University Annex Campus and beside Andok’s.
For more information, you can reach them through:
Address 307 Magsaysay Avenue, Baguio City
Business Days and Hours 0900 – 2200 H, Every Day
Contact Number +63 945 716 5150
Social Media Accounts Facebook: @BistroLokal2600

Instagram: @bistrolokal

Other information



Smoking Area


Parking Area

Limited to None


5 to 10 minutes from town proper


Yes! Just inform them on their Facebook Page


*Bistro Lokal invited local bloggers in their restaurant last 28 January 2020 to have a glimpse on their Grand Opening Menu and their Valentine’s Day Treat. All views found herein are personal and without influence from the owners and/or managers of Bistro Lokal.*

(Plus, their menu changes depending on the season (and seasonality of ingredients organically sourced) so watch out as I will be updating this blog from time to time!)

We’re born to (eat and) travel!

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